New poll for OF_pegasus

Enter your vote today! A new poll has been created for the OF_pegasus group:

The Crew's Choice Award for the Month July!!! Because of the limited amount of Posts this month we will not elect a POTM but we Will try to find somebody to give the Crew's Choice to! Please Vote for your Favorite and try to do the honorable thing and not vote for yourself ;)! (Poll Closes in 4 days)

o Cmdr. Caelen LaBrie o Lt. Cmdr. Kristiana Petrova o Lt. Kathleen Black o Lt. Hannah O'Driscoll o Lt. Giovanni DiRisio o Lt. (jg) Russell D. Floyd o Lt. (jg) Telek Sulan o Ensign Melina Bradbury o Ensign Andrew Kennedy o Ensign T'Rell o Ensign River Kyle o 2nd Lt. G'ulf-Fey o Warrant Officer Ryylar o Crewman Recruit Alyson Cooper

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