A Mirror Shattered #275 - 277 "Miracles and plans"

OCC: Hey all, sorry I have been quiet for the last while, been a bit busy : “spoken” , =via Comm=,

-=/On\=- <aboard fighters out on battle field>

G'ulf-fey watched his scanner display, confused. According to it the ship was leaving, and nothing had come across his Tactical Information System. He felt a the great fear of all fighter pilots as his computer told him homebase's condition. Shields completely down , engineering damaged, One well placed shot and his landing place would be gone. "no, - - , NO" he growled within his cockpit "this will not happen, We four may not be mighty but even a single flee can kill if it can distract a hunter at the right time"

="G'ulf-fey, to all fighterrs" he said across his comm "Ve need to finish off dese, gnats. Maybe get in a few hits of ourr own"

="Shadow to Fang, looks like we have some more playmates on their way" he heard Sha-dar say "ETA maybe 20 or less, I think we got them angry. "=

G'ulf-fey keyed his comm in response then signaled Stockwell to go to full power again. With the ship moved off he knew the enemy would have weapons available to kill his team and so he used the old defense of fighter pilots for ages, get close enough to the other ship so any shots they took would hit themselves or their own side.

Some Jem-Hudar ships were damaged and the fighters they had there soon became so much junk, but G'ulf-fey knew that his ships were being damaged as well and soon enough the fresh fighters would be here and when they were they would be in trouble, then Stockwell called him his voice in a panic

="the ship"=

G'ulf-fey looked at his Tac-Info-sys and saw what his wingman was talking about. The ship still had shields down but now there were power fluctuations going on across the whole ship. Had he been aboard he would have (probably) known this was intentional but out here they couldn’t know this was to recharge the shields. "Stockvell, vorry about the here. Dey are still dere, and an enemy can kill you while you vatch someding else" he said quickly then sent a prayer to the Great mother that the ship would fly strong again.

Perhaps a minute later Stockwell again made his presence known , but this time it was by flying past his wing and strait toward a enemy heavy cruiser that was coming about. "Stockwell what are you doing?"

="My puter says That thing, is gonna fire all her weapons on the Pegasus and I ain’t gonna let them hit our friends. I think I know how to take it out. Theoretically I can get past her shields if I drop mine and power off"=

" <untranslated> Fool you’ll be killed, you vont be able to get dem back up in time"

=not my plan= then his transmitter went silent and G'ulf-fey did his best to see he had his chance, but soon had to break off as Stockwell was getting too close to the shields. He watched as the human's ship seemed to shut down as if its power-plant had gone dead and then it coasted past the main shields of the enemy ship. Later he would read of the same tactic being used by a shuttle to get past Borg shields to rescue Picard from a cube shortly after Wolf 359. But for now he could only watch and try to stay alive as Stockwell repowered his craft and flew strait at the huge ship.

G'ulf-fey thought he was going to strafe the thing , perhaps hitting some key point ad get out but that was not the mans plan. Instead he seemed to overpower his systems and set all his weapons to hot and then as G'ulf-fey watched in horror drove his ship directly into the other one, Ramming the enemy cruiser in its engineering deck, near its warp core. G'ulf-fey hit his thrusters and got out of there, if that thing went fireball he had no wish to be burned. But as he flew he saw his prayer had been answered.

The Pegasus was back and her shields were up and strong. Maybe his prayer had worked, maybe the great mother had taken Stockwell's death as a sacrifice. Who can say, what was important was the ship lived, the enemy died and he had the rest of the flight to face these new fighters.

"G'ulf-fey to Stygian flight, Fang Two, Stockvell Is dead. He died well and brravely we vill howl for him vhen ve get home. But for now, ve form a single unit. Trrefoil forrmation, we vill fight dem like Klingon and give Stockvell many serrvents to carrry him to his rrest."


Lt. (jg) G'ulf-fey Marine Fighter Leader USS Pegasus

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