A Mirror Shattered #265 - 266 "It begins."


<Bridge, Deck One, USS Pegasus>

Caelen sat in the center chair, the read outs on his arm console bringing him he disturbing news that they were closing in on the fight ten minutes late. "They must think we betrayed them, dumped our problem and took off" he said to Kristiana, but loud enough for everybody to hear. Then he got the message about the probe, they could just launch it before getting into range and using their cloak. He tapped a few buttons and saw the sensor pod fly off in the direction it was programmed to "let's hope it helps you find a way back" he whispered to himself.

Kristiana narrowed her eyes slightly. She was showing some bruises and cuts, but atleast her leg was mended again. "Tactical, what's the situation ?"

Tactical replied. "Battle is underway, ma'am. One Dominion Gunboat destroyed. Another heavily damaged. One renegade starship destroyed."

Kristiana nodded, glancing at Caelen, before speaking again. "Alright, helm, drop us out of warp. Tactical, sound red alert. Battlestations. We're going in hot."

"Initiate Cloak" Caelen ordered, raising his voice to top the alert klaxons "Let's hope they didn't spot us yet..." he added with a sigh. This was not good, "...target the lead ship and get me T'Rell on the line..." he looked at the helm spotting his Helm Officer "...the mirror one."

The viewscreen changed to show the Vulcan Officer known as T'Rell, on a bridge where some damage can be seen. = Please keep it brief, Commander. We are busy. = The vulcan spoke, as always, getting straight to the point. Kristiana simply raised an eyebrow and glanced at Caelen again.

"We thought you might appreciate some help..." Caelen stood up from his chair and motioned the Tactical officer to get ready "...Give us some targets... lead us into battle... we have some tactics of our own but I'd much rather have you do the leading..." it was his grounds they were fighting on after all. "...drop cloak and prepare to fire!" he then ordered his Chief Tactical Officer before turning to Mirror-T'Rell.

= Your assistance is appreciated, Commander. We are being attacked by the second Dominion Warship. If you could draw their fire, we will be able to proceed with our own objectives. = and abruptly the channel closed.

"Tactical, lock on to enemy vessel, prepare firing solution. Quantum torpedo's, full spread." Kristiana spoke as she rose to her feet, expression grim.

A full spread of quantum torpedoes shot towards the Dominion Warship, the biggest of the bunch, it wasn't there when the Renegades had last checked but right before they called the Pegasus they had detected it, getting them into some serious shit. "Evasive pattern Omega" Caelen ordered his Helm officer "we want to attract their attention not their torpedoes" he looked over his shoulder to Hannah O'Driscoll, his Chief Tactical Officer doubling for Chief Security at this moment "Keep an eye on internal sensors, for all we know they've found a way to penetrate our shield modifications" the Lieutenant Complied. Several shots impacted the shields and Caelen had a hard time trying to keep standing, but he didn't sit down, he walked to his CONN and Ops officers and looked over their shoulders.

Somehow visual reassurance that everything was still going within safety parameters was more soothing. "Commander..." he then turned on his heels towards Kris "...didn't we find a fatal flaw in the designs of these vessels?" he pointed at the Dominion Warship.

"Yes Sir - Whoa !" Kristiana stumbled and flumped back into her seat as the Pegasus took another hit. "Primary Antimatter Storafe System Support Braces are made of Viterium, Sir. A powerful delta radiation burst will liquify them." She explained. ".. The problem is creating a burst powerful enough and delivering it at the exact right spot."

Caelen smiled, although his Helm officer was capable and probably up to date better on this vessel he needed to do this "We're in a Centaur class, Commander..." he tapped T'Rell on his shoulder motioning him out of his chair, looking shortly to the side he ordered Ronald to make the modifications needed to the Deflector dish "...and please hurry it up... we aren't made to dodge bullits of five Jem'Hadar vessels" truth be told they weren't even built to dodge one.

".. And That's a freaking Dominion BATTLESHIP." Kristiana remarked. "You must be either brilliant or daft if you think you can do this." She narrowed her eyes, looking at the viewscreen, the massive ship dwarfing the Pegasus in Every respect. ".. I'm betting on the first, though. Modifications complete, Sir. Give the word."

"Fire whenever you think you're at the best angle..." Caelen said before taking the Pegasus in on high Impulse, he knew what had happened to the USS Valient he just hoped that they, as a more experienced crew. Dodging most fire but being hit by several more the Pegasus' shields were under heavy strain from the attack. "Shields are down to 29 percent" Hannah shouted across the bridge, getting a bit more damp as there was a rupture in some conduit spewing out smoke.

"Re-routing tactical control .." Kristiana spoke. She wanted to take this shot, herself. Eyes fixed on her console, narrowed to mere slits, finger hovering over the button. The ship buffetted with another impact. "Keep us steady !" She snapped, gritting her teeth .. Then .. Her finger jabbed down on the button, a pulse thundered from the deflector-dish, ripping through space, grazing the support struts - causing damage, but not enough.

"Damnit ! Evasive action !" Kristiana cursed. The Dominion Battleship wheeled about to pursue the nimble Pegasus, the movement causing the damaged struts to snap. ".. Target ship disabled, Sir !" Kristiana blinked, not believing it, herself. She scanned the enemy battleship again. ".. Confirmed. Target disabled. Weapons offline, shields down, engines down !"

"Moving on People" Caelen barked to dull the cheers around him, wheeling the ship around to face the next Dominion fighter. They were hit again, shileds dropping to 6 percent "This might be interesting" he whispered to himself "all available power to the shields" he ordered as a second dominion fighter got into a defensive position to protect the target vessel "launch the fighters! T'Rell take a shuttle and get to the surface with a security team... try to destroy as much as you can find" he ordered the Vulcan on his ship, who in turn dashed off to the turbolift and disappeared.



Medical - incoming injuries, no casualties. Do your thing ! Engineering - Damage control and as much power as possible Ops - keep the power flowing... and help out Engineering where needed Helm - you were just ordered something... security go with them. Fighters - you have just been launched, do what you do best Science - in the middle of all this chaos try to find a way home with the telemetry you're recieving Strat Ops - give us options, tactics, anything that might help us Diplomatic - I will contact you ASAP!

Mayhem by:

Commander Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer USS Pegasus


Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer USS Pegasus "That's a freaking BATTLESHIP !"