A Mirror Shattered: #263 - 264 "Happy Endings"


[Pot of Gold Casino first aid room, 15 minutes after a very pissed off Commander Petrova left]

Ronald Evans was so sensible to decorate a big room as a sickbay. Not as advanced or state of the art as any sickbay, but some clean beds, a few seats, a moderate amount of medical supplies (plucked off the black market) and some rudimentary doctory stuff... Nothing to do an open heart surgery with, but enough to splint a leg or two (or a nose).

And right now, he was happy he did, as he staggered into the room, supported by Artois. He was preceeded by a few goons that were on the receiving end of Commander Petrova's fury, and was followed by a few goons that were on the same receiving end. Yes, one could say, they were significantly dried off, being completely humiliated by a single woman...

"Ow, by doze" Evans moaned, as he took a seat on one of the beds. And yet again he groaned as he was reminded of a rather intimate acquaintence with a certain knee.

['guestroom', about the same time]

Susanna Levy was thinking about going to sickbay, but she had still work to do. She was only stunned by that phaserblast, and although it hurt, it was wearing off quickly enough... She would visit 'the doc' when she was finished with this...

"Well, I guess I know your name already..." she said, looking at the less well trained version of that thunderstorm that just passed through the casino. She saw her wulfing down a rather big stack of sandwhiches and a large mug of milk...

"Heh, you might want to take it easy, or you'll get a cramp..."

"Haven't eaten in four days .." Kristiana 'Mouse' Petrova told the other woman. But she heeded Susanna's warning, and calmed down, slowed down a bit. Frowning. ".. Will he be ok ? .. Will you be ok ?" Kristiana asked the other woman. "She just .. shot you .. Beat everyone up .. Destroyed half the casino .." <tag>

"Yeah, I'll be alright..." Susanna said, rolling her shoulder and winced. "Ow! Or not!... Ronald will be just fine, though, if they can patch up his nose, that is... Serves him right, for scaring that Black girl like that... So, what's your story? First you book into this hotel posing as a starfleet officer, and then you don't even abuse the situation for paying for your room in full as a normal

"Yeah, I'll be alright..." Susanna said, rolling her shoulder and winced. "Ow! Or not!... Ronald will be just fine, though, if they can patch up his nose, that is... Serves him right, for scaring that Black girl like that... So, what's your story? First you book into this hotel, posing like a starfleet officer, turning out to be a drifter with obviously not a dime to spare, yet you managed to pay your bill in full... And just after that, you're offered a job as the boss' ...ahum... personal assistant..."

".. I didn't pay my bill .. " Kristiana admitted, quietly. ".. Someone helped me. He paid for me. He .. helped me with everything." She sighed. "I've been living in the park across from here for a while now. Few years. I'd seen Mister Evans around, and - .. Well .. I'd fallen in love." <tag>

Susanna tried hard, not to laugh, both because it would be inapropriate and because it hurt like hell "In love? With him?! OW!... Aaaah... damn phaserburn..." Then she was reminded of that vacation, when Evans' and her friendship turned to lust, and poofed into non existance... It was only pure coincidence that she and he met up again after the evacuation. "Well, I guess it isn't completely inconceivable... Would you mind telling me who your benefactor was? I must remind you that I have no more reason to hold you here. You are not obliged to answer my questions, and you're free to go... I'm just curious..."

Kristiana frowned as Susanne laughed at her, obviously the other woman considered such feelings laughingly stupid, and she wasn't afraid to rub it in the face of a woman who wasn't at all secure and certain of herself, anyways, a woman bordering on tears, bordering on insanity. She turned away and remained silent, brooding, insulted.

"Huh? What the... Oh, for god's sake... I'm sorry, alright? I didn't mean it like that. If you must know, I thought I was in love with him too, once... It turned out to be a mistake, and it ruined our friendship. I must admit he *is* kinda cute, I just wish he had a little more respect for women..."

".. If he had no respect for women, why would he have sent two of his bouncers after me, with that sweet loveletter .. ?" Kristiana wanted to know. She still sat, curled up, facing away from Susanna. ".. I have nowhere else to go .. I mean, no home .. No food .. No shower .. " she did look a bit dirtied up. ".. No money .. And here's this handsome, successful, sexy, stunning, rich .. " She sighed, just closing her eyes. This wasn't helping.

Susanna smiled mischievously, as she imagined the whole scene. "Leclerc? Oh, this has to be good..." she said, as she took a seat, and made herself comfortable. "Tell me all about it... Please? I'll buy you a drink..."

[Flashback, Park in front of the casino, a few hours before]

Artois and Leclerc were walking through the park, looking for a woman in her mid fourties, rather thin, red hair, probably wearing a white T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans... "Whaddya think this woman owes the boss to actually send two of us after her?" Artois said to his collegue. "Oh I don't know... It's probably in this note he gave us. He did seem a bit tense about the whole deal..." Leclerc answered. "Well well well, speak of the devil... HEY YOU! We want a word with you please!" Leclerc said, as he saw a woman that from the security recording.

Kristiana was sitting dejectedly at the edge of the pond. The water looked so inviting. Sooo inviting. She knew she couldn't swim worth taffee. Which made it look even More inviting. If only she had a heavy rock .. Killed a man, lied to another, stole .. This wasn't her ! Wasn't her, at all ! She was a Nice person. ".. I'm a Nice person, Damnit ! And if you don't believe me I'll - .. " She sighed

Then she heard the shouts, and startled. She quickly jumped to her feet, then almost lost her balance, feeling a bit faint from not having eaten in four days. She saw two goons from the casino barreling down on her, and turned tail and ran.

"Oh yeah, nice going, Leclerc!" Artois called out. We could have snucked up on her, and just grab her, but noooohoooo..." he said, as he started to run after his target. Leclerc answered, as he followed Artois' example: "Oh, give me a break! We've been looking for her for three days now! HEY LADY! We just wanna talk, don't make this hard on us!"

Kristiana ran for what she was worth. Older than the two goons, having not eaten in four days, she made good speed, considering. Alas, her judgment wasn't as good, which she found out when she turned into an alley which didn't go anywhere. A dead end. What she felt she was about to become, as well. She quickly turned around, but was too late. Two mountains of muscle blocking the roat. She just sighed, shaking her head a bit and sat down on a toppled garbage bin. ".. Just make it quick, then. A quick, merciful death."

"We weren't ordered to kill you, missy, that's bad for business... The boss just told us to read you this:" Artois said, as he fumbled in his jacket to find the note. "Probably says how much you owe him..."

Artois opened the note, cleared his throat and started reading... "Roses are... What the HELL?! That's not in my job description!..." He gave the note to Leclerc. "YOU read it..."

Leclerc took the note, looked a bit odd at his colleague, read the note for himself, and started laughing. "You have got to be kidding me... Waaaiit... Nonononono... I'm not gonna read this!" "Well, you're the one that found her and made her run away! It's only fair!" Artois said. "I'll toss ya for it!" Leclerc countered. "Call it!" "Fine... Heads..." Leclerc tossed a coin, caught it, and looked which side was up. "Darn... Heads it is..."

Kristiana just .. sat and stared. She tilted her head a bit, then cringed some as her tummy growled in hunger. She had no idea what was going on, but if they weren't here to kill her, well, that atleast was Something.

"Well..." Leclerc mused, "Seems like you caught yourself a big fish, lady... Here goes..."

Leclerc cleared his throat, and shot a deadly glare at Artois. "What?... I won fair and square!..."

"Yeah yeah...


Dear Kristiana,

Roses are red, violets are blue. That's how most lovepoems are supposed to start. I thought I would begin with something new, but I'm not really good at art...

Let's just say I like you a lot Enough to give you a chance Just come back to me, and I'll promise you a dance.

Kiss, Ronald.

Oh for crying out loud! This is THE worst poem I ever read! Where does he come up with this stuff!"

"Well, I don't know, but I got it all on recording!" Artois semi-joked.

"Oooh, you are dead, Artois!" Leclerc said, before turning back to Kris. "Ok, lady, it says here that we are to escort you back to the casino, if you choose, and you are to be offered a job as the boss' personal assistant..."

Leclerc blinked... "...yeah..."

Kristiana just sat there, dumbfounded. Still. Or again. Or whatever. She couldn't believe what was happening. Her Prince Charming, Her Ronald Evans, owner of the Pot of Gold Casino .. Wanted her ? Wanted to offer her a job ? Though 'Personal Assistant' sounded suspiciously much like 'Piece of ass on the side'.. But hey, maybe it was worth a shot.

She stood up again, looking between the two goons, then gave a slow nod. ".. Alright. I'll come with you." Things couldn't get much worse than what poor excuse for a life she had, out here.

[Present time, 'Guestroom']

Kristiana sighed a bit, finishing her food. ".. Well, that's what happened. And then we came in, and - .. Well, you know what happened next." She'd settled in by now and looked more relaxed.

Susanna's mood had lifted considerably. "Oh, that's golden!" she managed to squeak through her laughter. "Listen, like I said, you are free to go. I could go and check for you if Ronald's alright, if you like..."

She nodded a bit. ".. Yes please. .. Want me just should wait here ?" Kristiana offered.

"I think I have a pretty good idea where he is... Let me check, though..." Susanna said, as she pushed an old fashioned button on the intercom...=/\="Levy to sickbay, am I right to assume that the boss is with you?=/\=

=/\=Pretty much so, Chief... Why?=/\=

=/\=Is he in any state to receive a certain auburn haired guest?=/\=

=/\=Lemme check... ... ... ... Yup, he is... But he said only her.=/\=

=/\=Understood... Thanks=/\=

"Well, want me to take you there?"

Kristiana closed her eyes a moment as she whispered .. "If that other me can be strong .. Then maybe I can be, as well." Before she rose to her feet, determination in her eyes now. "I'm ready." She told Susanna.

"Well, chopchop, come on then, I've got more to do..." Susanna said, but with a smile on her face.

Petrova nodded and followed Susanna.

[Pot of Gold Casino Sickbay, a few minutes later]

"Ow... Dad hurds... Hey, doc, will by dose heal up sdraight?" Evans mumbled from under the bandages that kept his nose in plase.

"Just don't walk into any knees with it, and you'll be fine..." the doc answered, looking how the rest of his staff were handling a skullfracture. A serious injury, but curable, especially because they were at it really quick. "Your gorilla will be down for a few weeks, though..."

"...Smardass..." Evans mumbled. Then the door opened...

.. and Kristiana stepped inside. She cringed a bit when she saw the doctor working on Evans' face, and frowned, approaching tentatively. ".. Ronald ?" She asked, meekly, then cleared her throat a bit and showed a bit more strength. ".. I'm here. I've come to tell you that I loved your letter, and that I accept."

Evans was very glad with that news. He had 'hired' women before, but this time, it felt differently... Nicer. More right.. He looked up and tried to smile. The moment he did, he wished he didn't... "Hey, I'm glad you... OW! Ow! g#$@ Stubid bwokend dose... Imb sorry... I'mb really glad you accebded... Really... come here... Blease?"

Kristiana cringed as he winced and cursed. "Sure .. Just .. Don't try to speak too much, ok ? I'll give you a nice massage when you're done here. How's that sound ?" As she moved behind him, placing her hands on his shoulders, gently rubbing them.

"Mmmm, dad feels good..." Evans just mumbled, leaving today's fiasco behind him... This time, he had the right girl... He moved his arm behind me, to caress the woman behind him...

".. I'll .. Stay with you .. Ronald .." She spoke, hesitantly, after a few more moments, gently pressing into his hand as she rubbed his shoulders. ".. I won't be just another floozy for you to play with. I want to feel special .. Then I will stay." Kristiana quietly added.

"I..." Evans mumbled "I dink I can do dad... Yeah... Id would be a lod less bainfull..."

Kristiana smiled, leaning down to give Ronald a soft kiss on his forehead, still gently rubbing his shoulders. ".. Thank you. For sending your people after me. I think you saved me .. Saved my life."

Susanna stood in the doorpost, looking at the events in front of her... She knew Evans long enough to see he was faking or not... It had been a long time since she could actually say he was genuine, but this came close... She smiled, turned around, shrugged her shoulders, winced, turned around again, and walked back into sickbay... "Ow... Doc? Shoulders hurting..."


Mirror Ronald Evans Proprietor, Pot of Gold Casino


Susanna Levy

(NPC'd by Lt JG Evans)


Mirror Kristiana 'Mouse' Petrova