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[Galor Class Vessel, Right after transportation Telek]

Telek materialized on the transporters, T'Rell was awaiting her arrival with one other Vulcan by his side, just for precautions. "It is agreeable to meet you." He seemed calm, as he was still under the influence of the 'drugs'. He walked up to Telek and reached out for her rank pips, "Since you are on my ship, you are under my command." He took them of he her uniform. "And when you are under my command, you are to wear our uniform." He turned to the Vulcan standing next to him. "Escort her to the 'guest' quarters." He turned away, making his way back to the bridge, saying nothing more.

"That's quite a bold statement, you make. You say I am under you command, yet I serve no others but my compatriots on the Pegasus. How strange in will seem when one supposedly under your command disregards your orders. Enjoy holding on to my insignia while you can... for I might replace them with your ears." She said as he walked away.

T'Rell stopped, but didn't turn around. "Is that a threat? Or a promise?" He said slightly provoking. "Try to control yourself, rest some, for you will need your energy." T'Rell said, before he stepped through the doors.

Sulan remained silent, a slight, dark smile on her face. She let her captors guide her to her 'quarters' without comment.

T'Rell walked from the doors towards the Operations Console on the bridge, he stood next to a Vulcan, "Scan for Jem'Hadar vessels, we have to train ourselves and our new guest.

"Yes sir", the Vulcan behind the console replied, he tapped in a few commands on the console.

T'Rell then walked over the clearly under populated bridge, over to the tactical console. T'Rell checked the weapons, if they had to use them, which wasn't the case most of the times.

A faint beep came from the console the Vulcan was standing behind. "I have located a Jem'Hadar vessel sir, it is 4 hours away at present speed.

"Very well, set a course, I'll be in the guest quarters" He now said a bit more tense. The drugs were clearly working off...

Sulan entered the guest quarters, looking them over quickly. They were Spartan and functional, as she expected them. There was a single bed and a few simple chairs. The walls were uniform gray, and the furnishings practical and functional. She sat on the bed, looking for something to make a weapon out of. There was nothing. The chars, while effective as a bludgeon, would be too bully and slow to use in the prolonged combat she would have to face to escape. She folded her hands in her lap and closed her eyes, in an effort to meditate. Nothing. The only thing she felt was the negative emotions boiling just beneath the surface. She sighed, wondering if these vulcans would try and steal her newfound love for Hannah....

Her eyes widened slightly at the realization. That was what she had been afraid of... That in the effort to suppress her emotions, she would loose her ability to love Hannah. "No, I won't let that happen..." She said quietly to herself as she sat and waited.

T'Rell walked through the corridors of their new ship, over to the guest quarters where Telek was brought. He stood before the door and opened the comm, "Are the quarters to your liking?" He asked a bit teasing. "I will come into your quarters and you will not try to attack me." T'Rell had this feeling she could be able to attack him. "I can teach you valuable things. I am not asking you to give up on the people you love and care about. You are able to return to your own ship in time." T'Rell stated over the comm channel.

"Enter." She said calmly. "I will take no action unless it is warranted. I am willing to hear what you have to say." she said over the comm, as she remained sitting on the bed.

T'Rell entered the room, there she was, Telek was sitting on her bed, quiet, not moving much. T'Rell walked over to her, not making physical contact or speaking. He then sat down in front of her in the lotus position. "Clear you mind of all memories and focus on my voice. We Renegade Vulcans have mastered our emotions, how difficult it may seem, mostly through meditation." T'Rell was meditating, but was paying attention to what Telek was doing. "Focus and meditate"

She hesitated for a moment, her mind thinking rapidly. <why was he here alone? Did he mean her harm? Should I attack him? > There was no logical reason why he'd come alone if her met her harm, so -for the moment- she closed her eyes and followed his direction, confident that she would be able to defend herself should this be some manner of trap. The dark part of her mind continued to whisper warning of hidden plots and potential dangers, and she struggled to ignore it.

T'Rell looked up for a brief second, seeing she had participated in the exercise. "Suppress those negative emotions" T'Rell said "It is very important for you, to know when to use your emotions. Negative for fighting and other situations and positive when handling with the people you trust and care. When you talk with them." T'Rell was trying to help her prepare for the upcoming battle. "If you have your positive and negative emotions under control you may be ready for a test in a few hours." T'Rell was goaling at the fight which will be coming up in a few hours with the Jem'Hadar.

Sulan nodded slightly, relaxing. They meant her no harm here. She could see that now when she looked at it logically.

T'Rell looked up a bit, to see Telek was more relaxed then before. "As a precaution, we have a drug, that was specially synthesized for us, if we have to deal with the friendly humans on the planet. The drug will suppress our emotions, but would make us seem a bit more unfriendly. But when we have to fight we let our negative emotions take over."

"I see. So, this drug will allow us to remain passive among humans, yet, not effect our combat ability. Fascinating." She said, with her eyes still closed.

"Yes, you are correct. In the fight upcoming, I hope you have your emotions under control, so that you can use them to your advantage. "When you will leave the ship, I shall give the recipe for the drug to your ship's physician, so whenever you need it, you may use it." T'Rell stated. "Let us now meditate, and learn to use our emotions."


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