A Mirror Shattered #236&237 -"Technobabble and Girltalk"


Lt. G'ulf-fey paused his reading and rubbed his brow ridge. So much information to study and so much technical data to review for the craft he would be flying. Not that he was worried about that much, after all fighters/interceptors were basically the same. Hot engines with a pilot and weapon systems strapped on somehow. There were some exceptions, like the Klingon design he head about where the pilots lay facing forward rather than sitting up. But mostly they were similar.

He had more worries about the pilots he would command. For they were not the sort of thing he was used to dealing with at all. From what he could gather from the data terminal these were it, unless he chose to shuffle people around and try to train up other crew, a foolish thing at best. Still he supposed if a ship only had a set number of craft having extra pilots might be logical, to ‘bean counters’ anyways.

Still he found himself wishing, even more than usual, that some of his old attack wing had made it here. This group were less fighter pilots than an exercise in ‘political correctness’ for a ‘probably unused’ portion of the ships crew. According to the files he had seen that “Star-Fleet” had little use for fighters until recently and even then the admiralty seemed to prefer capital ships. It reminded him of one of the history-tales one of his instructors had told. Of how Human admirals had refused to see the worth of small, craft till they were forced to during a conflict, some centuries back. Well it mattered little he had a group to weld into a attack wing and he would do it. G'ulf-fey then called up the personal files again these people. He looked over the histories and such of the 3 people.

First there was Sha-dar, the female who by her emotions longed for battle. a quick scan of her data told why. though she looked fairly human she was of Klingon heritage. Unlike most of her people her family she did not have the Large distinctive head ridges and in her case her hair covered almost all she did have. He was tempted to assign her as his wing-mate, but if he did that he would doom the other two to a quick death. No better she fly lead of the second element and perhaps be ready to become the leader should he meet his ancestors.

Next was the one who screamed like a child when shocked. His name was Stockwell and his dossier was the stuff of a bad joke. According to it he had volunteered for fighters after playing holodeck historical fiction simulations. Near as G'ulf-fey could tell he had never actually been in combat., or if he had it was small skirmish only. He was the sort of young , impressionable type that would either excel or get blown up almost immediately.

Finally there was the one who was asleep, and somewhat clumsy when awake. This one was a enigma. Human , but only biologically. He probably knew more things about various aliens and he did about his own people. Even his name seemed somehow contrived Kip Strange. Still his test scores were top rank and the reports of his former commander were good. If G'ulf-fey read this right, had he maintained that test a few more seconds he would have had a foot race between Kip, and Sha-dar to see who could get to the launch cradle first. Only thing was Sha-dar would be in gear while Kip might be in his PJs. Apparently he had done that in drills on several occasions.

=/*\= several hours later =/*\= (just before/during #225 "Headin' Out" post)

“Gud day, I hope everryone slept vell enuf.” G'ulf-fey said knowing they probably had not “Now, firrst and forremost, assignments. I don’t know how yourr last commanderr split you up but I know only one way to deploy a 4 craft flight and that is the ‘finger four’. So I am going to split us into pairrs. Those pairrs will be togetherr, until I see a GUD rreason to change things orr there are losses. Sha-darr, yourr prrimary and Strrange is vith you. Stockvell you arre on my ving and with luck you’ll learn enuf therre to survive past yourr first 90 launches. Now as to the trraining schedule - -“

Then the PA system came on #All Hands, This is the Commander, we are headed for the third planet to deliver Medical supplies, We will be on constant Tactical alert, all Senior Officers, report to your stations#

What ever G'ulf-fey might have said went out the airlock. “Sha-darr, Strrange, suit up! I want you in yourr harness in less than 5, if needed.” G'ulf-fey paused as the ship engaged engines then continued. “Stockvell you and I should be rready as well, if they launch we will be in cradle right after them. I hope that all you are feeling is anticipation, but if you arre scared that is prrobably yourr brrain trrying to help you surrvive. Ignore it, death is merely a step into the grreatest adventurre ever known.”

G'ulf-fey sent a message by data com to the bridge to tell them they had fighters ready if needed as soon as team Shadow was suited. He and Stockwell (who he would call Team Fang) were ready a moment later. Then he set the terminal to copy bridge chatter and had Stockwell draw out meal replacement shakes for them all. A shared driuk with a toast to former comrades, then they settled down to wait for orders.


Lt. (jg) G'ulf-fey Marine Fighter Leader USS Pegasus

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