A Mirror Shattered #202,203,204 - "Rude Awakenings"


[Ready Room, Deck One, USS Pegasus]

Caelen rose from his desk chair, after all that news, both good and bad, he needed a stroll. He walked out of the ready room and onto the bridge, looking out the main viewer, which was showing the planet he came back from earlier today. He walked up to his Chief Operations, it seemed as if he was playing that card game again. "Lieutenant..." he said in a low tone of voice as he stepped closer. Seeing that actually he was reading a message "...no personal love letters on your console, Lieutenant" he added most likely to Evan's embarrasment. But as he scanned through the message the last line sprung out 'hasn't been answering her comm.' he frowned.

Another trademark "Njg!" could be heard, as Evans was once again rudely awakened from his thoughts... "Quit sneaking up on me like that!... Eh I mean, Yes sir! ...Eh, No sir! Oh... dang again..." He decided to just fess up, as Caelen most likely already read the whole message... "...It looks like Kitty.. Eh... Lieutenant Black hasn't reported to duty yet..." he answered...

Caelen cocked an eyebrow and looked slightly up "Computer locate Lieutenant Black" "Lieutenant Black is in her quarters" the computer responded in her semi-happy monotone voice. Caelen then tapped his combadge =/\= Commander LaBrie to Lieutenant Black, please respond =/\= he said eagerly awaiting a response.

There was no response, of course. Kitty had said, half-asleep, "Turn it off, turn it all off" and the computer had obediently muted all sounds coming to her quarters. Her comlink was among them. Nothing broke the quiet violins still playing the Brandenburg Concertos over and over and over again.

Caelen sighed and tapped his Combadge again closing the line "Evans, you're with me" he ordered turning on his heels, as far as he knew they still had a rabid Vulcan on board, not to mention an oversized Canine. He stepped into the turbolift "Speed Evans, Speed!" he said almost mocklingly waiting for Evans to get into the lift.

"Yes sir!" Evans replied. "I'm here already... Where's the fire anyway..." he added in a much softer voice...

The doors closed behind Evans en Caelen made sure a phaser was attached to his belt "We have a Vulcan who can't controll her emotions, a six foot wolf..." he let those things sink in a second "...and a Lieutenant not responding..." he took a second to order the lift "...Deck Three..." and then turned back to Evans "...there's the fire"

Evans tensed visibly, and noticed his lack of armament... "...Glp... Point taken, sir... Will we pass an arms locker on the way?"

"No need Evans..." Caelen reassured him "...ever since I went on the away mission I have been a bit tense..." he explained the phaser on his belt "...and I was top of my class in marksmanship..." <twenty years ago> he added in thought. The doors of the lift opened and Caelen took a big step out, "What room is Lt. Black's?" he asked, revealing the only reason he actually took Evans with him.

"Eh... I think it's this way, sir... Lemme check... Computer, guide us to Kitty's quarters..." " There is no person by the name of 'Kitty' on this ship..." the computer answered happily... Evans just groaned... "Kathleen black, then..." he added... "Kathleen Black's quarters are in the corridor forward, the second door to the right..." the computer answered

"Thank you Lieutenant" Caelen said keeping in a sigh and the additiona sarcastic 'for your expertise'. He followed the lights to the door of Kathleen Black's quarters "Computer override doorlock, authorization Caelen Alpha one eight Kappa eight" the magnetic seal on the door gave a clunk as it opened and the doors hissed open, immediately letting out a gentle melody of some kind of string orkestra "Computer, lights" he ordered as he stepped into the, not so tidy, room "stop playback" he walked further into the room and found Kathleen Black, his Chief Engineer and Second Officer in her bed, she simply overslept.

"Not so tidy" was a good description of the room, though it didn't seem that she often kept it that way. The only clothes on the floor were the clothes from the previous night, uniform and 'underthings' making a trail towards the bathroom. Kitty was sprawled out sideways on her bed unelegantly, the sheet and blanket mostly covering her... a leg stuck out, bare to the knee, where it was covered with the blanket. She was half-curled with her pillow, it seemed... The computer was displaying a message on the terminal windows merely saying that all sounds had been muted. Kitty was very faintly, extremely cutely snoring.

Evans walked in after his CO, and saw Kitty softly snoring away... He was clearly relieved to see his girlfriend alright. He walked up to her, and shook her shoulder... "Kitty? Wake up... You're late..." he said gently... Perhaps a bit too gently...

The gentle shaking didn't seem to help "Lieutenant Kathleen Black" Caelen suddenly barked in his deep sinister voice, ohw how he loved his job.

Kitty made a slight noise like "mmm" as her shoulder was gently shaken... but her captain's attempt got a better response. She startled awake, gave a short shriek, arms and legs suddenly flailing... and she tried to get up, run, and salute at the same time... Or something like that. The result was that she fell off the far side of the bed, disappearing from view with a muffled *thump*.

Caelen just smirked with a satisfied feeling "good afternoon Lieutenant" he simply spoke, the smile not fading from him. He remembered how his bunkmate back on his first assigment always did this to him... and now Lt Black had to pay for that.

Evans looked at Caelen with mixed feelings. He just scared his girlfriend to death, but her reaction was priceless... He could almost hold back that snicker, but not completely...

"Ohhh..." Kitty groaned. "Computer.. dim lights, one half..." She started to try to untangle the blanket, only to stop as she slowly remembered that it was the only thing hiding her underwear. Try a different trick... She wound it around herself, pulled part of it over her shoulder, and tucked it in like a toga. Then she rose unsteadilly, blinking, looking first at Evans and then at her captain. She blinked and blushed badly.

<Oh, that looks lovely too... Is there anything that would not look beautiful on her?> Evans thought, well and truly in love... "Wow..." he murmered...

"You are about three hours late, Lieutenant..." Caelen said with a frown, trying to hide his amusement as much as possible "...had you not given such a great performance I would have had to discipline you..." he now smiled broadly "...however, as I assume your embarrasment is big enough already I will ignore it this time"

Kitty blinked, still tired and now utterly confused. "Three hours? That can't be... my alarm.. never went off...." Part of her mind noted to whom she was speaking and added an obligatory "Sir." She sat down on the bed, shaking her head a bit, her hair a complete mess. "...but I don't.. remember... setting it, either..." she said softly, perplexed now.

Evans discretely pointed at her monitor... "Eh, looks like you turned everything off, except for some ancient piece of music. We tried to raise you with the comsystem, but it was turned off as well..." Evans elaborated further "And with a rabid Vulcan and a 6 foot wolf on board, we were getting a *teensy* bit worried..."... He showed how teensy, by leaving a little gap between his thumb and indexfinger...

Caelen gave a firm nod "I'll leave you two to it then..." he clasped his hands before turning on his heels and stepping out of the room, but right before the doors closed he stated "...don't take too long Evans... I need you on the bridge" with the doors behind him closed he couldn't see the carnage he left, but the mere knowledge that he left one was enough to make his day.

"...what?" Kitty kerblinked, the thoughts finally beginning to work through her head. "What!? Hey!" But it was too late.. he'd already left. "But..." she protested, though she wasn't entirely sure about What.

Yet another fire was precieved by a ship that was randomly passing by the pegasus, misinterpreting Evans' glowing head for a raging inferno... "Eh... I... Well, at least we have the captain's blessings..." Evans tried to joke, only worsening the situation...

"For What?" Kitty asked, confused and amazed at the same time and feeling rather silly sitting there in her underwear... A blanket just didn't feel as concealing to her as regular clothing.

"Eh... You, almost naked, except for a bedsheet, and us two having a relationship and... Well, I guess I *could* spell it out, but I don't think I have to, do I?..." Evans sighed, slumping his arms, secretly longing for what Caelen had insinuated...

"N-no, I guess you don't." Kitty blushed again. "What does he think of me, anyways?" she asked as a rhetorical question, rising and picking up her hairbrush.

=/\= Making any progress yet Lieutenants? =/\= Caelens voice all of a sudden came across the comline, knowing that they either were still staring at each other or were doing exactly as he had insinuated. Hoping for the first off course, although the latter wouldn't make it any less fun to interrupt them.

Evans angrily tapped his combadge: =/\= Oh shut up, you... eh... Sir... We... Oh nevermind... =/\= Evans looked at Kitty, and reached out a hand to touch her one bare shoulder, but he stopped himself, and dropped his arm again... "Do you want me to give you some privacy?" he asked

=/\= Yes please... =./\= Caelen reacted as Evans forgot to terminate the comline =/\=...I need you on the bridge and your significant other in Engineering... Three hours ago, Caelen out =/\= the doors to the bridge hissed open and he stepped out making immediate way to his center chair, he had some bussiness to take care off with the Renegade Vulcans, hoping they would be able to help Sulan.

Kitty blinked, watching Evans' reactions to her and to the captain... she smiled and shook her head. "It's ok... it won't take long to freshen up... if you're not uncomfortable staying? It won't take me but a couple of minutes." She frowned at the Captain's last words. "Uhm... If HE won't mind," she added wryly.

"Oh, he owes me..." Evans hissed... "Bigtime"

"I've just managed to annoy him again," Kitty said with a sigh, picking up the uniform that she'd previously laid out on the dresser and heading towards the shower. The toga-like blanket slipped partly off of her other shoulder and she just let it.. she'd be shedding it soon enough.

"Nah, I don't think so... It's just one of his... eh... Ahum... Eh..." Evans stammered with eyes like saucers.

Kitty half-turned, looking over her shoulder.. if he had wanted to touch a bare shoulder, he now had his choice of two. "One of his what?" she asked curiously, and then stepped behind the partition Just as the blanket was beginning to slide off, showing absolutely nothing more while somehow giving the impression that she had dropped the blanket right in front of him. The blanket lay crumpled and half-dragged on the floor, and the sound of the shower started up.

Evans shook his head:"...Eh, one of his practical jokes. I guess he would have dragged me out of your quarters by my collar, if he was really mad..." In a softer tone, one he meant for her not to hear, he added "Don't ever do that again, if you don't want me to ravage you right there and then..."

Kitty showed no sign of having heard that second tone... Or of not having heard it, for that matter. A long silence followed, which she broke by saying, "Do you think I'm in trouble?"

"No, I really don't think so... He already said he would let it go this time... And he should, considering what you mean to this ship..."

"I only try my best..." Kitty said, and the smile could be heard in her voice. "But I really don't know how I overslept like that. But at least my headache is gone now." The shower stopped and faint sounds could be heard as she stepped out, still hidden behind the partition, and started getting dressed.

Evans saw Kitty's shadow move behind the matte translucent partition... He gulped, and mumbled "...My god, you look beautifull..." He shook his head again..."Eh, I mean, that's all you can do, and I know for a fact it's enough... Considering you almost gave your life..."

"That was part of my job," she said calmly from behind the partition. "And if nobody else did it, we might have been space dust..." Then she stepped out from behind the partition, in uniform, brushing her hair back into order, smiling softly. "...Beautiful?"

<And sexy like hell!> Evans thought, yet he managed to downplay it to "Eh, yes... Very beautifull...", turning red again...

Kitty stepped closer, smiling. "Thank you..." she said softly, leaning in past him to put the hairbrush back and pick up an elastic. She deftly braided her long hair, securing it with the elastic, looking up at him as she did so. "Ok..." she said, her voice still soft. "I'm ready."

With her shoulder clothed, Evans dared to touch it... He gave her an encouraging squeeze... "I guess I should go back to the bridge then... Will I see you after our shifts end?" he asked, moving his head to hers, to kiss her cheek...

"Sure," Kitty said, then closed her eyes as he kissed her cheek. She moved in closer, reaching out to initiate the hug this time. "We can catch supper... or meet in the cargo bay with the car... or meet on the holodeck with the boat."

Evans wrapped his arms around her *again* and responded "...Supper sounds nice... Hamburger and french fries? I'll even throw in a milkshake... And you have got to show me that boat sometime..." He enjoyed the hug intensely, now knowing that Kitty likes those too...

Kitty closed her eyes again, leaning her head on his shoulder, drawing strength and comfort from the embrace for a moment before drawing back and nodding. "I'll meet you on the holodeck. You can see the boat... and we can get our supper at a nice little place I know of in the area... Hamburger, fries, they even do milkshakes."

"I think I can live with that... Yah, it'll do..." he said softly.

"It's a date, then," she said with a smile. She liked saying that. "I'll catch you later." Feeling energized and elated, Kitty turned, stepped out of her quarters, and glanced over at him one more time before heading to Engineering.


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