A Mirror Shattered #194 - 'Fish out of water'

~New quarters of Lt. JG Deacon, USS Pegasus~

Maggie Deacon was at a bit of a loss. Standing in the middle of the room that'd been assigned to her, she stared around the space for a short time as if waiting for the other shoe to drop. She'd been taken off world and dropped on a ship bigger, cleaner and in a hell of a lot better repair than any she'd been on her entire career in Starfleet. It was surreal just standing there in a room that was a heck of a lot bigger than the bunk she crashed in on world and somehow she was supposed to occupy it.


Still there was a sonic shower and it was calling her name. A fully stocked bathroom, a replicator: this was heaven! She hadn't had this kind of a treat since back home in Cocodrie- back when Cocodrie still existed. Stripping down she let her patched up uniform and worn through boots be cycled off by the replicator in exchange for new versions, save for her jacket with its many patches which couldn't be replaced no matter what. Her necklace of tags and mementos was laid on the floor next to the shower and her arm brace atop that.

It felt glorious to be clean and to put on clean clothes. No holes, no stiff seams to scratch at the scars on her arm. Maggie ordered up a bowl of soup and a glass of water from the replicator, intent to sit for a few moments and just enjoy the silence. After eating however the itch to move was too great and Maggie found herself pulling her unruly curls back into a tight braid and wandering out of the room. She put the deck and room number to memory before walking away down the long hall, gawking like a tourist.

-------- Lt. JG Magdalena "Maggie" Deacon Displaced Diplomatic Officer