A Mirror Shattered #173-175- "Evaluation times two"


[USS Pegasus, Cargobay one, berth 2]

Ronald Evans was knee deep in complete and utter junk. The ship that G'Ulf-Fey brought to the Pegasus was worth it's weight in tin foil. The power supply was completely drained, and was damaged because of the extreme depletion, the life support systems were shot, and the thrusters were laughable. At least the one that was still connected was... Structural integrity was still there, but only in theory. He could remove external panels with his breath alone. He shook his head and was about to recycle the whole lot into the replicator, when his badge chirped...

Andrew was slightly intoxicated, enjoying his time in the lounge. He couldn't remember what he had said, but at least one person was glaring at him. He glanced around, and pulled out his PADD to look at his to-do list. He noticed that Evans still required a psychological analysis. <This'll be intriguing> he thought quietly. He ordered up a coffee to try and sober himself, even though he knew it doesn't help in any way. He tapped his combadge to alert him that he was making a "house" call. =/\= Ensign Kennedy to Lieutenant Evans, I'm coming to wherever you are, prepare yourself for an evaluation. =/\= He said, then asked the computer where Evans was. After receiving that intel, he set out for the cargo bays.

<Oh great... I really needed that...> Evans thought. =/\=Yes, sir... =/\= he just replied, wading through a well cooked wireloom he pulled out...

Kathleen Black finished putting the panel back on where she was making a complicated repair. She yawned slightly and stretched, then sighed. She closed her eyes for just a moment, lost in thought, then rose and started wandering to the cargo bay. She really wanted to get a look at that fighter wreckage before it all went away.

Andrew continued walking to the turbo lift, not really paying attention to where he was going. He was lost in thought, and then he ran into Kitty. "Watch where you're going you could have..." <Oh crap, I've been outranked!> "What I... mean to say... is I'm sorry I ran into you, lieutenant." He said, then offered her help to get up by outstretching his hand.

Kitty squeaked in surprise as she was easily knocked down... not having nearly equal mass. She blinked at his outburst, blinked again at his second response, and let him help her back up. "That's ok..." she said slowly. "I was thinking. Uhm... are you okay?"

"I'll be fine, nothing major. How about you?" He looked at his PADD, which had come out of his hand as he walked into Kitty "Hmm... it seems your evaluation still needs to be done. I'm on my way to do Evan's, I could do yours at the same time, if you aren't busy."

"I was just taking a break. Evaluation?" Kitty blinked again.. and blushed. "Has.. there been a problem with my work?" She immediately tried to think of everything she'd done in the past few weeks, looking for 'the wrong part', and shrugged just slightly, not sure what she 'must have done'.

Andrew let out a short laugh. "Nothing wrong with your work, just I've been ordered to give everyone a psychological evaluation to make sure they're capable of their job, and to update the current evaluations done by Starfleet. Well, we might as well get to the cargo bays, and not keep Mister Evans waiting." He began walking, watching behind him to see her reactions and if she was actually following.

Kitty followed, an expression of relief on her face. "Oh, ok. I don't mind that, ask away. Is he down there? I was just going to check out the alien wreckage." She blushed again, slightly. This time it wasn't embarrassment or worry.. it was the simple reaction of a 'schoolgirl crush'.

"Computer says he is, I trust the computer. Most likely he's investigating the wreckage as well." They stepped off the turbo lift, and walked into the cargo bay. "Hey, Lieutenant! If you're done playing with metal, I need your brain!" He shouted across the bay to Evans.

Very colorful language could be heard coming from the cargobay, as the doors opened. Evans was just recovering from tripping over one of the wires in the loom that were not degraded to pulp yet. "I'm over here, trying to test if this wire loom is 'Al Dente'! Stupid piece of junk..."

Kitty smothered a snicker at the colorful language and the explanation. "It has to cook for no longer than ten minutes," she called back, "...and you're frightening the Marines, I think," she added wryly and with no small amount of humor in her voice.

"Well, than we can safely say that these ones are WAY overdone..." Evans responded, sounding a lot less stressed all of a sudden, hearing the voice of his girlfriend. He got up, and looked at the couple that just invaded his workspace... "Oh, hi..."

Andrew watched, staying out of it for a moment, watching them together. <Interesting...> He began writing notes on his PADD, making simultaneous analyses. {Both Kitty and Ronald show affection for each other, making the other feel less stressed while performing their duties.} "Okay, so who wishes to have their brain examined first?"

Kitty chuckled at Evans' bit of joke and hurried forward to look at the wreckage. "I want to check this stuff out. Uhm..." As answer to Andrew's question... "It doesn't matter to me, I don't mind either way."

"Well, ok... You go first then..." Evans responded. He was NOT looking forward to this at all...

{Evans seems to be hostile to the idea of the evaluation, asking his girlfriend to go first.} He wrote, then looked over at Kitty. "Very well, since you've been volunteered, I guess you're first."

"Hey! that's not what I meant!" Evans responded to Andrew's conclusion. "I mean... Eh..."

"Uh, ok..." Kitty said half-absently, dropping to her knees and looking up at the wreckage. "Go ahead, ask away," she said in a tone of voice that suggested she was entirely familiar with 'evaluations'.

"Yes... well... based on your initial reaction, I'd say you don't want this to happen at all. I think I'll prolong the suffering, and make you wonder what I'll ask you." Andrew replied, looking slightly evil as he said it. He turned to Kitty. "Okay, what I'll ask first is if you feel that you are capable of doing your daily tasks in engineering to complete precision."

"Very well. I'll ask the same starting question I asked Miss Black. What do you think makes you capable of performing your daily tasks?" Kitty sat up for a moment to think about that. "I'd say it's my record that speaks for me. I mean, nobody does their job to Complete precision... nobody can get That good all the time. But I think I do as well as anyone."

"Yup... I can vouch for that..." Evans added, feeling a bit left out...

{Feels confident she can handle her tasks, modest enough to say she can make some flaws.} "I see, and when you make an error, what goes through your mind?"

"Uh.." That gave her pause. She took a deep breath and just spoke honestly. "Uh, usually.. 'how could I have been such an idiot?' A-and then.. uhm.. I, well, fix it. And if it's caused problems elsewhere, I fix them. And if it's caused problems outside my 'jurisdiction', I let the appropriate people know as soon as possible and I own up to it."

{Owns up to any faults she creates, feels guilty about it, then goes about fixing it if possible} "Okay, makes sense. Explains why you're shief engineer. What about your friendships with other crew? Clearly, we know about your friendship with Evans here, but what of the others?"

Kitty gave a shy, amused chuckle about that. "Well, I spend a lot of time in Engineering, you know? But I'd count Petrova as a friend, and I see Ryylar fairly regularly for chocolate coffee, and, well... I don't have a Problem with everyone. It's a good crew. I like it here.

"Petrova?" Evans asked with wide eyes... "Are we talking about the same one?" he added.

{Feels she gets along with all the crew, or the ones she has had contact with.} "Clearly, Evans here does not agree with your comment about Commander Petrova." He snickered as he said this.

"Well, she's really nice," Kitty answered Evans. "And so confident!"

"You are yanking my chains, right? I mean, it's really great and all, but... Petrova? How?!" Evans asked in complete amazement. He wasn't angry, he just couldn't believe anyone could consider that ill tempered tyrant as a friend... He just couldn't...

"Well..." Kitty admitted quietly, "I'm not sure what the captain thinks of me. I mean, I'm sure he must approve of my work, because he hasn't offloaded me. But I can never figure out if he really does approve of me or not. It confuses me and I feel like I'm always messing up my words around him."

Andrew pulled up Evan's evaluation. {Feels that Commander Petrova cannot be befriended. Possible anger with something she has done. Investigate further.} He noted, while listening to what they were saying.

"Anyway, getting off the topic of Petrova and the possibility she can have friends... is there anything you would like to add, Kitty, before I make Evans cry for mercy?" He grinned as he said this.

Evans just gulped, and started to genually look a bit worried...

"Uh..." A million of things raced through her head, but she finished off by shaking her head. "I don't think so, no." And she became very glad that the 'blabbermouth disease' was over.

"Very well, you may now go and play with the charred remains of the fighter. As for you Evans", he turned and faced him, "the fun is just beginning. Ready?"

"No, but I guess there's not a lot I can do about it..." he mumbled... He sighed and just added:"Well, let's get this over with..."

"Well, I'm good with plasma flow and energy systems... That's the most pressing issue when the ship's facing abnormal situations... All the paperwork I have to do as a chief ops, inventories for example, can be taken care of at my own leisure... Yeah... That's about it..." Evans said, pretty proud of a rather clear answer...

{Feels he is competent to deal with abnormal situations, takes his time on less pressing tasks, possibly to ensure they are accurate.} "I see. What made you go into Operations? Reading your bio, I see you're pretty all rounded, so you could have gone into just about anything, if you put your mind to it."

"Eh... Well... I dunno... I just excel in plasma theories... Ops and Engineering have the most to do wit that particular nieche of science... I guess I chose Ops above Engineering, is that Ops has a bit more command elements in it... I think... Not too much..."

{Chose ops due to ability with plasma theories, ability to have more power of what goes on.} "And what of your friendships on board the ship? Command crew, the doctor... anyone else?"

Kitty glanced up at this part. She wanted to hear this!

"Well, Kitty, obviously... I guess I regard my roommate as a friend, even though he *did* break my arm..." Evans glanced at his still slung arm while saying that... "The CO seems to be a nice guy... Played some tunes with him in the holodeck. I suspect him of wanting to start a band with me and Russell. All we need is a drummer..." He thought some more. "That big cat... What's his name? Rowan... no... Rowler? Ryylar! That's it... He appears to be a likeable fellow... I just can't figure out why he's so close with Petrova, though... Oh, and there's Letek of course... He really freaked me out a while back, hitting on me... But he's been acting very professionally, the last few weeks. Nice guy..." "Hm, looks like I have more friends than I thought..." Evans realised.

Kitty just made a slight noise almost like a snicker at that last bit.

"What?" Evans reacted to her snicker...

"Well, of course you have a lot of friends," Kitty said as her simple answer, now half-hidden in the wreckage she was examining with interest. "You're so likeable."

"Am not!" Evans retorded with an almost resentful tone... "I am?"

"I've always thought so..." she admitted, her voice slightly muffled.

{Feels secure with his friendships aboard the Pegasus, realizes he knows more people than he thought.} "I can't tell why Ryylar is close friends with Petrova, that's for them to reveal when they want." He then responded to what had been said between Kitty and Evans. "Evans, you wouldn't know if you're likeable. It's hard to tell when trying to figure it out yourself. As for the friends, you get close to thsoe you work with, I suppose. Expect more friends soon enough."

"Thanks... I think..." Evans said, mentally looking around for another Evans he might have been talking to...

She shouldn't have. She really shouldn't have. Maybe it was the long day. Maybe it was the relief from not being the one under the microscope. But Kitty popped her head out long enough to look over at Evans again. "....and-you're-cute," she added, and then ducked out of sight again.

If there happened to be a porthole in cargobay 1, berth 2, other ships might have been mistaken the red glow for a fire. In reality, it was Evans turning a redder shade of red than thought humanly possible...

"Eh... Yeah... That too..." he stammered. If they were alone, or in a more appropriate situation, he wouldn't have hesitated to return her compliment with a vengeance, but with a shrink mere meters away from him, he completely clammed...

{In conclusion, Evans and Black both seem quite capable of performing their tasks, and are able to do it efficiently, and with some happiness involved.} "Okay, any last closing remarks from either of you? If not, then this is over, and we can get on with our lives. Oh, and the blushing from the comment will not be added." He said with a smile on his face.

"That's a relief," Kitty said wryly, finding it easier to speak when she was half-hidden in the wreckage.

Evans also relaxed visibly at the last remark from Andrew. He never would live it down, if Caelen read that report...

"Oh, one last thing Evans. What about your contact with Petrova? From what I hear in the lounge, you seem to have a shaky relationship with her."

"Oh yeah... You could say that... Well, to be honest, I really have no problem with her, but she seems to be angry with me... I guess it was that time I told her to get out of the restricted area... She was wearing civvies, and I never met her. It was right after I blew up a console she was working on. Cost me a note on my record... I still think that was unfair, actually... Evans continued... "I have had some run-ins with her since, her threatening me, and me offering her to throw me out of an airlock, and that sort of thing... No, one could say we aren't the best of bosom buddies..."

"Alright, I'll just put that your friendship with Petrova is purely professional, sound good? That way it won't look like you hate her, or she hates you."

"Look, I don't hate her! She hates me... And she scares the hell out of me, that's something completely different..." Evans elaborated...

"Don't worry. I won't make it look like you hate our XO. You have nothing to fear on that, since I expect she will be reading these at some point in time. Anway, if we're done here, I need to go do an evaluation on a nurse, then go drinking." Andrew smiled at the last part, there was still a bottle open with his name on it at the lounge.

"Heh... Now that sounds like a good idea... If only I had the time..." Evans mumbled...

"I don't think you need any more to drink," Kitty said bluntly, still half-hidden in the wreckage, thinking about being run down and speaking before the 'mouth filter' kicked in.

"Yes, well, I think I'll need it after today. A bunch of evaluations being done, stress builds. Hangover won't be nice, but whatever. See you two around." And with that, he began walking out of the cargo bay.

"Okay... That was odd... " Evans said more to himself than anyone else. He then continued searching futilly for salvageable parts from Wulfie's Wreck... Only to find his girlfriend...


Salvaging, drinking and embarassing done by:

Lt. Kathleen Black Chief Engineer USS Pegasus

Lt Jg Ronald Evans Chief Operations USS Pegasus

Ensign Andrew Kennedy Chief Counselor USS Pegasus