A mirror shattered #169-170 - "Back to work..."

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[Sickbay, deck 6, USS Pegasus]

Russell walked into sickbay after his visit to the new visitor aboard, the wolfman G'ulf-Fey and a slight detour to his quarters. He saw his gagh-intolerant patient being up and awake. "Good to see you up again." he said greeting her as he walked up to her.

"Yes indeed." Hannah smiled. "I'm somewhat more conscious than last time we talked, as well."

"Indeed you are." Russell replied. "Let's see if the scans confirm the way you feel right now." he said. He put the med kit he still carried next to her on the biobed and got the medical tricorder from his belt. He started scanning. "How Do you feel right now?" he asked.

"Pretty good." Hannah said, smiling. "My mouth is really dry, though."

The tricorder confirmed her analysis. She had no symptoms from the supposed poisoning or other residual effects from the gagh. Maybe except from the dry mouth. "That seems to be the only problem." Russell said with smile. "I'll get you some water."

"Thank you." Hannah smiled sweetly. "So I've a clean bill of health?"

"Yes, you're fit for duty again." Russell answered and walked over to the replicator. The replicator system had been reactivated after a thorough diagnostic from the engineering crew.

"Glass of water, temperature 5 degrees C." he ordered the computer. After it materialized he picked it up and walked over to Hannah. "It's replicator water. Engineering assured me it's safe." he said while handing over the glass.

"Thanks." Hannah said, looking at it dubiously. She had a sip. "Could you do me a favour and replicate me a uniform as well? I'd do it myself, but this gown's a little draughty at the back, if you know what I mean..."

"Sure thing." Russell said smiling. "The computer will know what size of uniform you wear, right? You might end up with Russell specs." he smirked and ordered the replicator a standard uniform for Lt. O'Driscoll.

"Here's hoping." Hannah said, smiling.

She took the uniform from him, and waited for a second. "Uh..."

"Ah, well..." Russell said. "Why don't I just go stand over here doing something useful while you get to my office and change." he said while walking over to the wall looking supposedly interested at it with his back to Hannah.

Hannah changed quickly, and came out of the office. "Thanks Doc." She smiled "If there's anything I can do..."

Russell turned around after the quick return of Hannah. "There is one thing..." he said.


"You'd better not order any gagh again." he said with a faint smile on his face.

"And I was enjoying it so much." Hannah grinned wryly. "Maybe I'll try to stay out of the sickbay for longer than twenty four hours, also."

"That would be a good idea as well." he smiled. "Not that I don't enjoy the company." he added.

"See you later then, Doc." Hannah said, smiling.


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