A Mirror Shattered #161 - 162 "Repressed ?"

ON: <<USS Pegasus, Bellerophon's Den>>

Ryylar walked down the corridor and whistled as he walked in. He was going to grab a bottle of champagne for his evening with Kristiana as he walked into the mostly deserted lounge. One or two waitstaff were cleaning up and he waved amicably, walking over behind the counter to pick out a bottle of liquor.

"Pixie, you're tripping, lady..." Alyson told herself as she stuck yet another hypospray full of heroin on her hand. She was sticking those anywhere, and the drugs went straight in her bloodstream. She tried to count them all, but couldn't. She gave up on that, and decided it was time to get back out and face the world. "Pixie...you're not going out there..."

She instantly felt dizzy and disoriented. She held on to the desk, where at least five hypos were left sitting there, with more on the floor. "Oh yeah, definitely tripping..." Did she feel ready go back out? Nop, but she'd do it anyway. She took three steps...and her head hit the floor.

He cursed as he found that the chapagne wasn't beneath the bar. Perhaps in his office. He had always kept a bottle or two stashed there for the purpose of making sure it was on hand for celebrations. He tapped the door chime, believing Alyson was inside.

She heard sounds, she saw lights. Everything was spinning; the room her head. She didn't answer the chime. "Trippin'..." was all she could say. Oh yeah...she was becoming delirious. She didn't move. She just watched and listened. Eventually, she'd just close her eyes...

He thought he heard 'come in.' through the door, but it was rather garbled and he thought perhaps Alyson wasn't feeling well or might have been busy. He tapped in his access code and walked in.

Not feeling well indeed, surrounded by empty hypospray canisters and laying on the floor, Ryylar caught the scent of chemicals on the air, none of which were pleasant.

"Alyssssssson... arrrrre you all rrrrrrright?" He asked her, frowning.

"Kitty!!" Alyson squealed, still sprawled on the floor. She limply lifted an arm to touch her boss' fur, then cocked her head. "Why are...my fingers...blue?"

He leaned down beside her and looked at the empty bags which had a small amount of white powder lining them. Dabbing his finger in it and touching it to his tongue he spit it out when it touched his tastebuds.

"Alyssssson! Wherrrrrrre did you get thissssss crrrrrrrap?!" He snarled as he recognized the taste of chemical drugs, probably some sort of cocaine or heroin.

"Crap? What crap? All I see is sweet...sweet...pixie dust!" she retorted defensively, suddenly finding her mouth dry, and reaching for another hypospray. Luckily, it was one of those she had just discarded a few minutes ago,

He put his foot down on that. Well quite literally on her wrist, pinning it to the floor so she couldn't reach the hypospray. He wouldn't hurt her, but he wouldn't let her hurt herself either.

"Computerrrrrrr accessssss slang phrrrrrasssssse pixie dussssst in rrrrrreferrrrrrencccccce to chemical drrrrrrugsssss." He said and the computer beeped and processed his request.

"The Terran slang term 'Pixie Dust' can refer to either heroin, which is an opiate, or cocaine, which is a narcotic. The slang term is usually employed when both drugs are used simultaneously," the computer answered in its neutral, androgynous voice, while Alyson was trying to squirm her hand from under Ryylar's foot. "Lemme go! I need my sh*t!"

"No... you don't." Ryylar said and tapped his comm badge.

"Ssssssecurrrrrrity to the Lounge... I need two guarrrrrrdsssss herrrrre immediately." He said, looking down at her.

"Yes, I do!" Alyson protested, rapidly turning over to pound on Ryylar's foot, and felt completely dizzy and disoriented again. "Ooh...trippy...weee!!!!"

A few moments later two officers came to the lounge and appeared at the door of the lounge's office.

"Take herrrrrrr to the brrrrrrrig." He said with a nod as they nodded to him and the security guards, enlisted crew members both picked up Alyson and dragged her out of the office.

=/\= Rrrrrryylarrrrrrr to Sssssssickbay... You have a patient in the brrrrrrrig who issssss drrrrrrrugged up on chemicalssssss. I will be drrrrrrropping ssssssamplesssss off with you in the main sssssssickbay.=/\= He reported to which the terse reply of 'acknowledged' was issued back.

By this time, her breathing had slowed down, and was slowly falling into utter unconsciousness. One of the security officers actually had to pick her up. She'd have to be treated fairly quickly. She'd been addicted to this before. Heroin was powerful stuff.

By the time she reached the brig, the medical team was en route and Ryylar was on his way to Sickbay with the case of remaining hypospray canisters in hand to give over for analysis. His other held the champagne. He'd need it to smooth out Kristiana's temper when he broke this little happy bit of news to her.


Alyson `Pixie' Cooper Barwench/Yeoman USS Pegasus

CWO Ryylar Acting Security Officer USS Pegasus