A Mirror Shattered #161 - 162 "Repressed ?"


<Holodeck, USS Pegasus>

Her mood was down the drain, she was angry as hell, and all because of that Vulcan officer, Telek Sulan. "Who the hell does she think she is, questioning my good will ?" She sneered, as she entered the holodeck. "Computer ! Training program Seventeen Alpha. Personal weapon: War-specification Bat'leth. Enemy: Vulcans. Begin." The green-on-black gridlines were replaced by a simple battle arena, with eight Vulcan warriors with varying bladed weapons.

She grabbed her Bat'leth and immediately charged the nearest vulcan, before the alien had a chance to prepare for the battle - a quick slashing motion with her traditional klingon weapon, and the vulcan went down in a spray of green blood.

The second one was a lot more prepared, and blocked Kristiana's attack, countering with a jab of his dagger, but Petrova deflected it with her own weapon. She took a step back, grabbing her Bat'leth with both hands, thrusting it forward, and pushing on - the vulcan blocked the strike, but was pushed back, a dagger not being a useful weapon to block a Bat'leth with. Kristiana suddenly stopped pushing, pulling back a bit, then quickly slashed with her weapon. The vulcan was brought off-balance by this move, and fell, dead.

The third and fourth Vulcans decided to flank her - attacking both from opposite sides. Kristiana quickly saw their plan, and ducked down, then charged straight at one of the two vulcans. Thrusting her Bat'leth upwards, to block his strike, as she put one foot forward and half turned, half leaned away, grabbing his arm, pulling him off balance, using his momentum and her own body to launch him straight into his approaching buddy.

Instantly she pounced on the two Vulcans before they could recover, and her Bat'leth brought swift death to the first one, cutting open his back. The other recovered on time, and blocked Kristiana's strike.

Ryylar wandered through the corridors of the Pegasus at a slow trot. moving about looking for Petrova. Sensors were messing up again internally so he couldn't find her. She wasn't on the bridge, not in the lounge, not in her quarters, not in sickbay, and he certainly hoped she wasn't in the morgue. His mind moved faster and he tried to think of where she might go. He tapped his comm badge and tried calling for her.

=/\= Rrrrrryylarrrrrr to Commanderrrrrrr Petrrrrrrova. =/\= He said, hoping to raise her.

=/\= Petrova .. here .. Go ahead .. Ryylar .. =/\= She panted a bit, sounding as if she's just worked out or something.

He blinked and certainly hoped she was working out.

=/\= Wherrrrre arrrrre you? I wasssss jussssst clearrrrred forrrrr duty and wasssss coming to find you. =/\= He said a bit concernedly.

=/\= Holodeck .. Ryylar .. =/\= She replied. =/\= I'm .. in the .. holodeck .. =/\=

=/\= Mind if I join you? =/\= He asked her over the comm, nervously awaiting her answer.

=/\= Not at - Whoah ! =/\= The sound of metal clanging against metal =/\= Not at .. all .. I'd welcome .. the company ! =/\=

=/\= Thanksssss. I'll be rrrrrright therrrrrre... =/\= He said, jogging quickly towards the nearest turbolift to take it up to the holodeck.

In the holodeck, he'd find a bloodbath. A number of slain vulcan bodies, brutally cut down by a bladed weapon. Their own weapons next to their bodies. Petrova was ahead a bit, dealing death - wielding a Bat'leth, taking on the last few of the vulcan warriors that were threatening her. The program was on quite a high difficulty setting, one that even well-trained security officers weren't expected to pass. And Petrova was being driven back, by her assailants.

When he entered the holodeck his eyes widened and part of him was glad that it wasn't what he had originally thought, but saw that she was about to lose to the onslaught of Vulcans and he ordered the arch command, pulling up a command to have a Caitian longpike generated for him. When it was, he dismissed the arch and joined the fray, running towards her and jamming the butt of the pike into the ground so as to vault up over the Vulcans and gracefully land down beside her.

The vulcans - four remained, four Petrova had already slain - glanced at eachother and nodded, then two approached Ryylar, threateningly, as two went for Kristiana. One Vulcan ducked to the side and stepped forward, aiming a quick swipe of his sharp knife at Ryylar's legs, while another jumped straight at Kristiana - she stepped to the side and brought up her knee, shattering the vulcan's nose, sending him flying back.

The advantage of the Caitian longpike was not in a sharp blade or piercing tip, but in it's length. The first that went for Ryylar swiped down at his legs and he shifted his grip on the pike to jam the butt of it down with a quick strike into the Vulcan's temple, sending him reeling off balance. He turned to regard the other and with one arm swept the longpike around, gripping the shaft of the longpike about at about the mid way point, swinging it wide, but it caused the second Vulcan to retreat or be cut in half.

Ryylar moved forward and swung the pike back around, extending a clawed hand forward as he charged in, ready to strike with his claw. The Vulcan howled back and readied to meet the attack, but Ryylar stooped a meter away and swung the heavy longpike about. The Vulcan, expecting to meet the Caitian in a tackle didn't have time to dodge the backswing of the pike as it gouged into his temple and cut heavily, knocking the Vulcan to the side and the ground, dead before he slammed down.

Kristiana gave a sick, grim grin, bloodlust coursing through her veins, as she rushed forward, ducking and weaving left and right, trying to confuse her two opponents. She made a feint towards the left one, diverting her attack towards the one on the right at the last moment - catching him as he prepared an attack on her - the razorsharp point of her bat'leth pierced skin and bone, tearing into the vulcan's chest - Petrova stopped and turned, yanking on her Bat'leth, shredding the vulcan's chest, as she pulled him around - between herself and the one remaining vulcan, who impaled his buddy in the back with his sword, that he had intended to gut Kristiana with.

Ryylar's heightened senses heard a roar of anger behind him as the remaining Vulcan that he had knocked aside earlier charged forward and Ryylar spun the pike around, jamming the butt onto the ground and stepping on it, setting it against the charge. The Vulcan was far too blind by both the blood from his temple and from his rage and could not turn aside as the Caitian longpike buried itself in the Vulcan's gut with a sickening thump.

The Vulcan's eyes registered surprise as Ryylar picked up the pike from the ground and pushed hard forward with the pike, jerking it back as he did to strip it from the Vulcan's body. The Vulcan was shocked in pain and fell back, dropping his long blade, and Ryylar snarled, howling in triumph as he dropped his pike and pounced, slamming his large bulk down onto the Vulcan and shoving his clawed hand forward, tearing out the Vulcan's throat, splashing himself and the ground in a spray of green blood.

The one remaining vulcan stared disbelievingly at the dying corpse of his buddy, who's back he had impaled himself - then glared at Kristiana - if looks could kill, the Pegasus would need a new Executive Officer - but Petrova wasn't impressed. She yanked her weapon free from the fallen Vulcan and glared back, as the final remaining enemy readied his vulcan sword and charged in for the attack. Petrova blocked his strike - and another - with her Bat'leth, sparks flying. She suddenly dropped down a bit and kicked out with her foot, hard - a sickening crunch as the vulcan staggered, roaring with rage and pain, his right knee shattered.

He took a half a step back and slashed at where Kristiana was with his sword - but too late, the russian had already stepped to the side, and now brought her Bat'leth up, in a deadly strike, cutting through the vulcan's ribs, up through his shoulder, then into his jaw, finally cutting through his skull, in an explosion of rage and raw strength, from Petrova.

She stood there, covered in green blood, panting, chest heaving, but eyes shimmering, glaring - and a fierce rage blazing in them.

He looked up at her, covered in green blood himself as the computer made everything including the blood disappear, beeping and intoning that the level was cleared.

"You know, Ryylar - " Petrova spoke, a grin forming on her face, as the blood covering her disappeared, and she turned to him. " - the psychologist back home always said I had a lot of repressed anger. Well, guess what - I'm no longer repressed !"

"That'ssssss good I'd ssssssay." He said with a smile as he stood, walking towards her.

She sighed, rolling her shoulders a bit. "Computer, end program !" .. The battlefield was replaced by the green-on-black grid of the holodeck again, and the Bat'leth and battle-pike also vanished. Kristiana moved to give Ryylar a tight hug and a big kiss, before just looking at him, at his eyes. "Had an .. 'interesting' meeting with Sulan today. Someone should really teach that miserable, stubborn, pigheaded excuse for a vulcan the meaning of 'co-operation'."

"I ssssssee." he said with a nod and kissed her in return. He held her tightly in his arms and smiled.

"I'm glad you'rrrrrrrre ok." He said with a nod.

"Bah - you think I'm gonna let one of those greenblooded pointy-eared walking breathing computer algorithms get the better of me ?" She smirked, as if the very thought itself was rediculous.

"I meant about what happened with Hannah. And meeting with Sssssulan... I'm glad you'rrrrrre not hurrrrrt." He said softly.

"Oh. That." She sighed a bit and nuzzled him gently. "The console blew up because of a mechanical malfunction. And your replicator isn't poisoned. There were no attempts on either Hannah's or your life. I've already lifted the lock-down."

"Oh... well it cccccerrrrrtainly sssseemed like sssssomeone wassss trrrrrrying to kill herrrrrr." He said with a nod as he held her in his arms and smiled gently at her.

"Yeah, I know." She said, kissing him gently. "I'm just glad that we don't have an assassin onboard." Kristiana smirked a bit. "The paperwork's a bitch, if there had been."

"Oh gee thanksssss." He chuckled, acting as though he took offense to her seriously.

She snickered a bit at that, and yawned. "Ah, damnit. I could use a shower and a good night's sleep. You with me ?"

"Abssssssolutely." He grinned as he gave her rear a squeeze and moved out of the holodeck to make his way to her quarters.

She laughed at the squeeze, and followed after Ryylar. "Mmmm .. Maybe we can play a bit before sleep, hm ?"

He raised an eyebrow and grinned, winking at her as they walked back to her room.

"Maybe..." He jokingly said as he smiled, accompanying her and wondering how he had gotten so lucky.

"Well .. " She giggled softly, almost like a giddy schoolgirl. "I could always order you .. Warrant Officer .. " she added, jokingly.


Feeling better (Brutal violence will do that) by:

Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer USS Pegasus


Warrant Officer Ryylar Morale Officer Acting Security Officer USS Pegasus