A Mirror Shattered #157 - "Walls hurt, apparently"

<Seting - A few mins Before Petrova's lockdown>

<Location Ship's Library, USS Pegasus>

Melina sat at a console working away she sighed and looked up for a few seconds and went back to the console. She murfed a little and continued. From what she was reading it would be possible for the weapons the science crew had constructed to work. But she had a nagging doubt in her mind.

"Computer is it the possible the intervention created by Captain James T Kirk caused the rise of his counter part to emperor within the mirror universe?" Melina asked.

"Unknown at this time" replied the computer.

"But it's possilbe Colonel Kira said as much" Melina said to herself.

She took a breath tp calm down, dealing with the computer could be exasperating at times.

"But their Spock stated it was Kirk's fault that the Terran Empire became so weak that the Alliance could over run it. Computer given the current data of this universe how long will it be till the Dominion over run the Alpha Quadrant?" asked Melina.

"Two years, six months" answered the computer.

"What if we give the 'Federation' the weapons we have constructed and scematics to build others?" replied Melina.

"Unknown, data to extrapolate not available"

"Damn...alright I need more data perhaps a visit to this Federtaion planet might be helpful. That file I found on myself weas a little edgy for my liking" Melina said to herself.

The Caitian stood and made her way from the library and towwards transporter room one. She found a Ensign on duty and liked her lips.

"I'm going down to planet please let Mister Ryylar know about this" commented Melina.

"What if he needs to contact you Ma'am?" asked the ensign.

"On my combadge 133.67 megacycles" replied Melina as she stepped up onto the transpoter pad.

The Ensign shrugged and guess Melina knew what she was doing.

"Energize" Melina said.

Before the transporter effect claimed her she thought of Kirk, perhaps it was time someone changed the rules. They needed more information and this copy of the 'Federation' was not giving the whole picture. It was time someone found it.

<Tag Ryylar>

Lt Melina Bradbury Cheif Science Officer USS Pegasus