A Mirror Shattered #157 - "Walls hurt, apparently"

-={On}=- [Streets, 1800 hours]

Andrew continued walking along the streets at a leisurely pace. A criminal knows that after a crime, the police look for those who appear nervous. He continued walking along, until he heard "HEY! YOU!"

Andrew didn't turn. Attracting attention to himself would cause their suspicions to be true. He did, however, increase his pace to a power walk. When the yell was repeated, he stopped, and felt a tap on his shoulder.

"Yes, may I help you with something?" Andrew said without turning to see who it was who touched him. Human contact repulsed him.

"Yeah, would you mind telling us where you were around an hour ago? Your profile matches that of a thief we're looking for." Andrew turned, and saw that it was a police officer who had stopped him. Behind him were 3 others waiting in case of a sudden movement.

<Intriguing. They don't surround me in case I'm the wrong guy. But I'm the right guy. They've given me a means of escape.> "Well, what if I don't comply? This is unlawful, last I checked."

"Well, if you did nothing wrong, then you won't have any issues with showing us what's in your pockets. Now please, don't make this difficult."

"You don't want difficult, eh?" A twisted smile began appearing on Andrew's face. "I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I won't be able to comply with that." And with that, Andrew turned away from the officer, elbowed him in the stomach area, and began running. He heard the yell of pain from the officer, followed by the footsteps of the others chasing him.

<I can easily outrun them. I've practiced for escapes in holodecks, my muscles are perfectly tuned.> He glanced behind him, and saw the distance between him and the officers increasing, even though his pace was slowed by him looking behind him. "HA! You'll never catch me! I'm too go-" Despite all his planning, his boasting about his muscles, he forgot to factor one thing into his escape. The speed of which he was going compared to the distance between him and a building in front of him. With a sickening crunch, Andrew ran headfirst into the building, and knocked unconscious with a broken nose, his great escape ended with his capture.

[Flash to USS Pegasus] Andrew snored loudly on his couch, too lazy to go back to his quarters. He was awoken with a start, similar to the yellow alert on the previous mission, by the order that the ship was locked down. At the exact same moment the mirror Andrew ran into the wall, Andrew landed on the ground with a dull thud. He stood up, rubbing his arm due to the landing, and realizing he was locked in his room, cursed loudly, then circled to his desk. There was nothign he could do, and it aggravated him to know this.

<Dammit, couldn't they at least let me go to sickbay to see if I could help in some way? A psychologist can't do much stuck in a room that no one can enter...> He leaned back in his chair, and grabbing the bottle of alcohol, began drinking his time away.


Getting wasted and busted at the same time

Ensign Andrew Kennedy Chief Counselor USS Pegasus

as well as

Andrew Kennedy Common thief with a superiority complex Apprehended Not the USS Pegasus