A mirror shattered #143 "Hope and Faith."


[The Third Planet in the Badlands]

Faith limped into the old and shabby sickbay, created from scraped together starships and duct tape. Although a cybernetic implant should be like the real thing anyone that actually had one will tell you otherwise. It was never the same a biological leg "Doctor!" she shouted in the dim lit sickbay "Sulan?!" she added to make sure the right one came walking up to her.

Sulan looked up from treating the Johansen girl, and dashed with her medical kit toward the sound of the voice. "What is the matter?" She asked quietly, weariness giving her voice a sight edge of irritation to it.

"Its that damn implant again, it's been nothing but a pain in the ass..." Faith complained walking to the nearest empty bio-bed, she had been a Fighter Pilot in the war and quite some time after it was officially over as well. Until the accident claimed her leg, she tried flying again but she never really recovered, mentally.

"And you awakened half my patients for that?" She breathed deep to calm herself. It was not the woman's fault her leg was bothering her. As far as the shouting went, it could be forgiven as a case of nerves. She pulled out a battered tri-corder and began scanning the woman. "Tell me what has transpired?"

"A long and deep nagging pain crawling from the lower leg up to the upper and even up my spinal column..." Faith sighed deeply, she really didn't want to bother the Doctor with this, she had always been a strong and independent woman and now she couldn't do anything without being checked on every two hours.

Sulan fought the urge to frown at the tricorder's readings. "It appears that your body is attempting to reject the implant. This is most... unfortunate." She studies the woman's face, unsure what more she could say to her. Would she need comforted? "I-I have a immunosuppressant that should slow the process, but if it is what I believe it to be, you will need more help than I can offer in this facility."

Faith closed her eyes and sighed deeply fighting back tears and shouts of disbelieve "I..." she slid off the bed again "...give me that stuff and then I'll be on my way..." she said, if there was nothing she could do then Faith didn't want to be in the way, knowing that in these times there were always people that needed the Doc's help more.

"Just a moment..." She said steadying the girl. "I... could attempt to remove the implant. Or perhaps a cure will make itself apperent with time. There is no need for negative emotions." She put her arm around the girl hesitantly. "If there is something that can be done, it shall be... Fear not."

"I am way past Fear, Sulan..." Faith reacted "...just give me the suppressant... somehow I feel that if something went terribly wrong and I died... I should embrace it, not fear it... not after what happened in the past 8 years..."

"That is... a logical frame of mind." Sulan said, shocked at the girl's matter-of-factness at the prospect of her own demise. It was almost Vulcan-like in it's cool logical tones. "You mean, you are not afraid to die, then?" She injects the girl with the immuno-supressant. "How can one so young, be so jaded?"

"I have nothing left worth fighting for... nothing worth dying for..." Faith shrugged a bit "...war does that to families and individuals... it's doesn't discriminate... everybody is a victim"

"Life has only the meaning we give it." Sulan gestured around the packed and filthy sick bay. "This is my reason for continued existence. This, and the hope that the people I treat will be able to live free, and have children under free skies. I want to live to see the day when a child I treat has no knowledge of war. You too, should have a reason to wake in the morning."

"I do have a reason to wake in the morning..." Faith said stubbornly "...but it isn't to fight for freedom anymore... the reason I wake up in the morning is to make sure this world is still here..." a sigh from the former fighter pilot "...I heard the Dominion eradicated a resistance cell on Earth" she changed subjects.

Sulan nods silently. "Perhaps. I'm sure those men and women died bravely. The thing we should remember is that evil always falls eventually. No matter how strong is seems at the time. Good and reason, shall always triumph over savagery and evil. I really believe that to be true." She finished the scan. "What other news do you have for me? I seldom hear of any news outside of this sick bay."

"Rumors are that the other resistance cell will try a large scale counter offensive and requested help from the Badland Planets..." Faith shook her head a bit "...They are also rebuilding the Pegasus again after it had been in a fight with Jem'Hadar fighters... apparently it brought back another Pegasus... a Centaur class one."

Sulan nods again absently. "Ah, some former federation trying to recapture old glory days by renaming their ship after heroes? I sure it's just a scrapheap with warp engines. Probably bad ones at that. If you get a chance, tell whatever medical staff they have up there that I'll give them whatever medical supplies I can spare. Also, the quartermaster is willing to trade out surplus steel in exchange for medicine, if they have any." She pauses. "What shape are they in? Usually a new arrival wants to see the healers right away. Usually just after the engineers get through with patching their ship."

"It is said the Centaur class Pegasus is from another Universe... a universe where the Federation has won the war..." Faith shook her head "...maybe it's just wishful thinking though... maybe they are former federation trying to recapture old glory..."

Sulan nearly dropped the tri-corder. "Wait a moment... From another universe, you say? So, it's logical to assume that their ship is in perfect condition, correct?"

Faith nodded slightly "If they aren't at war then yeah, you would think so..." she replied, but she was just going by rumors and it could actually be wishful thinking by hopeless men and woman on this godforsaken rock.

"But... but... then... then... They would have a fully stocked sick bay... and... I could..." She sits on the corner of the girl's bed to keep from falling. "Is there any way you could confirm this information for me?" She asks quietly, while breathing deeply. It would be a mistake to allow herself hope. "If it is true, then treating you would be a very simple task."

Faith nodded slowly "I think I could get some more information" with the same limp she came walking in Faith would now make way to the exit again "Don't get your hopes up Doc, in the past years I've heard a lot of legends return..." she sighed as she rounded the corner "...let's just hope this one is right... for all our sakes"


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