A Mirror Shattered #138 - 139 "Introductions"

<ON> <Guest Quarters,U.S.S. Pegasus> <just after #138/139 "Introductions">

G'ulf-fey shook his head, almost like he was shaking off water U-Mans were sometimes so confusing this alpha-female Petrova had said her well being wasn't his concern. Did that mean he wasn't 'Pack' in her eyes or was it more? was it not the duty of all aboard a ship to protect and care for those who 'ran' with them?

It was obvious that she was overtired, and must know it. She should get sleep, for was it not said that a "tired leader trips over things a rested one easily jumps". But then perhaps it was she was Alpha, and couldn't afford to show weakness to an 'unknown'.

But no matter his fate she had given him instruction, and given even her 'blind' nose seemed to detect his scent he guessed it must be worse than he thought. Not surprising really, given even before this flight, he hadn't been as clean as he might like. The sonic showers had been cannibalized weeks ago and his fellows had made it known the smell of wet fur was offensive to them. SO he had been reduced to dry baths. A shower of fine sand, then brushing it all out. Good for the fur, but not very comfortable.

Moving to the replicator and offering thanks to 'H'oos the provider' checked it was working. Finding it was he striped off the flight suit and along with the helmet placed it inside.

"Unit, scan and log measurements, for this equipment. then decompile"

#working. tasks complete, data saved.# It said then added #visitor, be advised clothing replicator is located in the Head# G'ulf-fey nodded and moved toward the shower.

<about a half an hour later>

Feeling much better than he had before and smelling much more presentable G'ulf-fey stepped out into the cabin. and over to the replicator again. Clothing could wait he had his breechcloth and on the whole he preferred to be barefoot. Food was next on his agenda and there would be Meat.

Dinner got he sat down at the desk he activated the computer terminal. He would have preferred to just eat, but he had a final duty to his comrades and comfort would wait as he did so. He could not as a 'controlled guest', he couldn't send things off ship. And he had no doubt that is what he was, and there were guards outside his door. But he could make a request to do so and so he wrote a short message to that department and the person with the delicious sounding name.

After that, he added a second message this one directed to the general location of the Med-bay advising them, of his unavailability to come to them but his 'happiness to have visitors' if they wished

<tag> Dr. Floyd or other in sickbay who picks up the message


OCC: the "delicious sounding name" is Lt. (jg) LaBrie. (dogs and cheese after all) OOC 2: I am assuming sending such a message is possible and if asked the computer would give the name of the "acting" officer in charge of a department.


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