A Mirror Shattered #138 - 139 "Introductions"


This is a continuation from earlier posts.


<Main hangar bay, USS Pegasus>

She wandered into the hangar bay just in time to see the wolf reveal himself and introduce himself, and her flight control officer on duty looking flabberghasted. She muttered a soft curse in russian as she headed over, offering a hand in greet. "Lieutenant Commander Kristiana Petrova .. Ship's executive officer. Welcome aboard. Do you require any medical assistance ?"

G'ulf-fey looked at the female that had just entered, <snipped>

"Singed but unhurt." the lupine humanoid said,then smelled the air and wished he had not " Please forgive the rudeness of my abrupt arrival. As well, perhaps I can hope, you might forgive the stench. These Flight Suits are never very 'aromatic' and become all the worse when worn for any length of time."

Then G'ulf-fey looks uncomfortable as if worried about something "hhhugrrr, what happens now, my training was in the field and so some ship proccedures I am unsure of. Is their a SoP (standard of procedure) for cases like this?"

he asked fearing he might be placed in some cell or somethiung "I have a data-file of my history here, so you might know me. From what little I saw you have a fine Sky-den (ship) here. You must be very proud of her, and her kills of the #untranslated# Grey skins."

She looked at the wolf in front of her for a moment, just trying to work through everything, his appearance, his craft, the smell, his words, his unusual way of speaking .. " .. The Pegasus is a good ship. But right now, I'm in the middle of seventeenthousand things to do all at once, and none of them pleasant. So, if you'd follow me, please - I'll assign you to some temporary quarters." She gave two security officers a knowing nod, as she turned and headed towards the exit, fully expecting the anthro wolf to follow her, with the two security officers following him, keeping an eye out.

G'ulf-fey nodds and reaches back into the 'all but scrap metal' of his fighting craft. grabbing a small duffal bag and looping across his sholders , then tucking his helmet under the other arm he follows the officer. "yes the task of "Leaders mate" is a demanding one, or so I have heard."

".. Leader's mate ?" She blinked, not quite understanding that phrase. ".. I'm the ship's executive officer, the second-in-command. The Captain is currently not onboard the ship, so I'm in command right now as acting CO. What military are you with ?" as she headed through a corridor, into a turbolift.

"Ahh yes" he said glad he had used a term that translated the way it did rather than one of the others that ne might have, calling a 2ic a "queen of the pack' was not so insulting than as calling her a member of the "admiunistrative harem' might be. (line break) " I am, or was a member of the "Star Tygers " what the Grey skins called a "terrorist group" but known to the Once Federation as Maquis. They turned out to be not as I thought but we all fought to kill the "abominations" and preserve our freedom and punish them"

"Well, you're onboard a Federation Starship now. There are no abominations onboard this ship." she commented. Adding quietly in thought .. <Save for one, maybe.> thinking about Sulan. "This way please." as she led the wolf through a corridor towards small, simple guest quarters. "I will have to ask you to remain inside your guest quarters until the CO returns, and can deal with you. You can use the sonic shower to get cleaned up, and the replicator for food or clean clothes." as they reached the door.

"thank you, It will be good to wash the stink off." he bows slightly "and I am pleased to hear you have no infestation of those who are an offence to the life force of the skys. The so called "spoon heads" were bad enough but those that came from the 'other realm' are much worse. Abomination is a not fitting name for them, but I have no other." he steps inside , then pauses and asks "I will remain here, until you or the Capt allows me to leave. But if you need me my sword is yours for the using."

"I'll level with you .. You're an unknown entity, introduced during a difficult, possibly hostile period of time. I already have a great many things to deal with, and it might be a little while before we get around to taking care of you. For now, you are a guest onboard. I'll have some engineers work on your craft. When you want to leave the ship, contact me, and I'll have you escorted back to your fighter. But until that time, you are to remain inside these quarters, instead of roaming around the ship. Agreed ?" Petrova spoke perhaps a little bit harsher than she intended to, but she had a lot on her mind, and was still a bit weak from Sulan's attack.

"That is what I just said, was it not?" he said then made a sound that soundded like 'panting' but conveyed the idea of a laugh "as for that which is left on the flight deck, well if you engineers can use anythingt heer they are welcome to it, I may not be a builder, but that it got me down in one piece I thank the gods for."

"I am a thing unknown in the presence of enemies. That this is not a prison cell is a blessing, but if I might ask, are _you_ well? you seem in need of rest if not more" he cocked his head looking at her resiting the urge to take her scent and find out if she were ill. instead he stepped back so she could seal the door if she chose.

".. My wellbeing is not your concern." she tiredly replied, as she stepped back. "I will have the doctor come by to check you over for any disease, injury or anything else. In the meantime, welcome onboard, and enjoy your stay." Petrova gave the furry pilot a nod as the doors closed with their trademark shussh sound. She posted the two security guards outside the door, as she tiredly turned and made her way back towards the bridge.


Welcoming aboard, by

Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer USS Pegasus


G'ulf-fey (pilot) Guest USS Pegasus death to the grey skins