A Mirror Shattered #135-137 - "Gagh makes me gag..."


[Deck 7, Room 32, USS Pegasus]

Russell was rudely awakened by the sudden call of the medical emergency. He had fallen asleep in his quarters still in his uniform. He shot up from his bed and noticed he didn't need to change. So he ran straight out of his quarters heading for the turbolift.

Evans was walking back to his quarters, happily minding his own business. His mind was on himself, Kitty and their first kiss. However, when he turned around the corner, it seemed like a bulldozer plowed him over. "Ow! Hey! Woah!" he shouted out, as he fell on his back, breaking his fall with his hands.

Russell knocked over Evans in his hurry to get to sickbay. He almost tripped but kept his balance. He kept running and shouted back at Evans "Sorry! Medical emergency!".

Evans looked up, and saw Russell disappearing into a turbolift. <Ow, that hurt...> he thought, but as he tried to get up, he shouted "Ow, that still hurts!" He looked down at his left arm, and saw a weird angle where it was not supposed to be. "Son of a beach..."

[Sickbay, Deck 6, USS Pegasus]

Ryylar held Hannah's hand in worry as his friend lay there and the nurse did what she could to stabilize and find out exactly what was wrong while they waited for Floyd's arrival.

When Russell arrived he saw Hannah lying on a biobed with Ryylar next to her. Nurse Emerson was checking the status of Hannah with a medical tricorder. "What happened to her?" Russell asked while sprinting over to the biobed and halted next to the nurse, catching his breath a bit.

Ryylar looked up at Floyd's sudden arrival in surprise and hoped he could help.

"She ate ssssssome food frrrrrrrom my rrrrrrrreplicatorrrrrr in my quarrrrrterrrrrssssss and wassssss poisssssssoned." He said in a frantic tone as the nurse handed the tricorder to Doctor Floyd, showing him the readings she had taken.

"Poisoned?" Russell asked looking a bit shocked at Ryylar. "Are the replicators malfunctioning?" he asked while checking the readings on the tricorder.

"I don't know... I thought she wasssss choking on the gagh at firrrrrssssst and then she sssssaid she wasssn't choking. She collapssssssed and I had the two of ussssss beamed herrrrrrrre." He said with a nod.

"Good thing you did that." Russell said. The tricorder couldn't specify what kind of poison it was. Suddenly the tricorder started beeping alarmingly. "She stopped breathing!" Russell almost shouted. "Get me 10cc's of cortolin." he said to nurse Emerson.

Ryylar frowned and squeezed Hannah's hand, staying close to his friend.

"Come on Hannah, don't give up yet." He said softly, watching the middle aged physician set to work. He was a miracle worker to be sure, and he just hoped he could pull out a miracle to save Hannah.

Nurse Emerson handed him the hypo and Russell immediately injected it at her neck. It seemed to have little effect as the monitor behind the biobed showed her life signs were still going down. It indicated that her heart was about to fail under the strain of the poison. "I need 40cc's of inaprovaline." he ordered the nurse again. "She seems to go into cardiac arrest."

At that moment, the doors opened, and a wincing Ronald Evans walked in, cradling his arm. "Ow... shit... Hey doc! What's the big freakin' idea?!" he announced for the whole of sickbay to hear. He was not a happy chief...

Then he saw the lifeless form of a young woman lying on a biobed, and some readings behind her, that didn't need a specialist to be interpreted as 'bad'. "...Oh..."

Ryylar looked up at Evans whom he had only met very briefly before during their crisis with the virus and frowned, wondering what Evans was complaining about before he saw the arm Evans was cradling, bent at a rather uncomfortable angle in the wrong place.

"I said Sorry, didn't I?" Russell snapped at Evans and looked at him. Then he saw Evans' arm and raised his eyebrows. "Oh, I'm really sorry..." he said. "Lake, will you take care of that?" he said to the medical officer who was already walking up to Evans.

"Yeah, well, that's no reason to get all snappy about it..." Evans said, reversing the whole situation, without noticing himself. "OW! Whoa, easy..." he said, as Lake was handling his arm just a bit too roughly, "It's already broken..."

"Yeah yeah, keep your shirt on..." Lake said, also far from amused by Evans' rude entry. Lake checked the fracture in Evans arm. "Hmm, both bones broken in your forearm. How did you do that?" he asked taking scans with a medical tricorder.

"I didn't do anything... I was just walking back to my quarters, minding my own business, when all of a sudden Dr. Russell D. "Bulldozer" Floyd knocked me over." Evans cliché-d. "I can see now why he was in such a huOUWIE!! Do you mind?!careful!"

Lake was correcting the fracture. The bones had shifted too much to be healed with an osteogenic stimulator alone. "Sorry, this might hurt a bit. Would you like something against the pain?" he said.

Evans cringed as Lake was handling his arm. "...yes please... " he squeaked, "...hurting much..."

"Do not move your arm while I get some." Lake said and went over to a cabinet to get an analgesic hypo and a stimulator to quicken the healing process.

Ryylar watched and felt bad for Evans, but turned his attention back to Hannah who was fighting to stay alive against the terrible poison running in her veins.

Russell quickly turned his attention back to Hannah. He injected the hypo nurse Emerson had given him. It had some effect, Hannah's life signs were stabilizing a bit. Her heart started beating again be it rather faint. "She's not out of danger yet." Russell said more to himself as to Ryylar. Then he looked at him "I suppose you haven't brought any of that gagh, right? It could help me determine what kind of poison this is."

"I can get ssssssome forrrrr you." He said, dashing out of sickbay. He would return a few moments later with a handful of the gagh that had caused Hannah this problem.

"Thanks, Ryylar." Russell said. "I'll examine that... stuff right after Hannah's life signs have stabilized." he added with a frown on his face looking at the gagh. He could stand the most bloody wounds imaginable but a bowl of those worms could almost turn his stomach upside down.

Ryylar nodded and stood next to Hannah again holding her hand softly mumbling some encouraging words.

Hannah's life signs were struggling a bit but began climbing slightly. "I think she has had the worst of it." Russell said while keeping a close eye on the monitor.

"That's good to hear..." Evans added. Lake had taken swift care of him. Yet another member of this crew walked around with his arm in a sling...

"I guess I owe you all an apology for barging in like that..." he added softly, hoping that no one would make a fuzz out of it.

"Ah, don't mention it. But watch your step next time." Russell smirked and walked over to the table where Ryylar had put down the bowl of gagh. He could trust Ryylar and nurse Emerson with alerting him of any change in Hannah's condition.

She had been lucky to get to sickbay that quick. If she had been alone in her room she probably would have been dead before anyone would have noticed what had happened.

Russell decided to run some tests on the gagh to see if there were still traces of poison in the squirmy worms. "Gag is a more appropriate name for this stuff." he said looking at it with a slight disgust. He picked up a dead specimen and put it under a bio- scanner to analyze it mumbling "Who in their right mind would eat this?"


A life saving post by:

Lieutenant Jg. Ronald Evans Chief Operations Officer USS Pegasus & Lieutenant Jg. Dr. Russell D. Floyd Chief Medical Officer USS Pegasus & Warrant Officer Ryylar Morale Officer Acting Security Officer USS Pegasus

Also starring: Medical Officer Lake & Nurse Emerson (NPC's by Russell D. Floyd)