A Mirror Shattered #130, 131 - "First Kiss"


[USS Pegasus, Deck 7, just ouside room 32]

Evans had promised to walk Kitty home, so he had indeed put on a shirt and some slippers. He was walking arm in arm with his superior officer, one who didn't mind.

Kitty thought she was the lucky one, walking arm-in-arm with who she still considered to be the cutest guy on the ship. She had a lot to think about, though, so she remained quiet until they were nearing her quarters, when she finally spoke. "I could probably run another check... and find out if either my mother.. or father... well, the people who Would have been my mother and father, over here.. are still alive."

Evans looked at her. "You aren't taking this very lightly, are you?" He was actually a bit worried about her. "Kitty, you are who you are, and as far as I know, everybody who knows you, likes you..." he tried to comfort her.

Kitty smiled a bit, though she was still thoughtful. "Yeah... my head says that you're completely right. But... it's still nagging at me. It's.. kind of a shock. I mean... have you ever put something like a puzzle together, piece by piece, with no clue what you're doing for ages, and suddenly you look at it.. and.. the picture just sort of Jumps out at you?" She gestured with her free hand as she spoke, because she was just geeky like that. "I guess it's the first time in my life that the picture really jumped out at me. It's kind of sobering hearing that you probably weren't meant to exist."

Something dawned in Evans' head. "You do realise that the universe where you *were* born is far better of than where you weren't?"

Kitty blinked at that, then smiled. "Thanks, Evans," she said softly. "I really doubt I had anything to do with that... but... I appreciate that." She looked up at her door. "Uhm... Want to come in?"

Evans hesitated. "Are you sure? I don't want to intrude..." He really didn't want to screw up now... Kitty smiled. "It's perfectly safe. I don't share quarters, and I don't own a black lace playsu-..." She paused and blushed. "Uh.. Yeah. I didn't mean to say that." She chuckled slightly, still embarrassed. "Sometimes I think I was born with that odd infection. But really, it's safe, and I don't mind."

Evans really wouldn't have minded that playsuit, actually, however even he felt it just wasn't time for that yet. "Well, ok, for a little while..." He gestured Kitty to go first, and followed her inside.

Kitty entered the code for her quarters and the door opened. She stepped inside and waited for him to enter. They were small quarters, being a small ship and one of the few single units, but they seemed adequate for her. The room had some personal touches... he probably could have guessed it was her room even if he hadn't known before he entered it. A bright patchwork quilt lay on top of the plain regulation blanket on her bed. There were a couple of pictures hanging, pretty paintings of boats on the water and coastline. One larger frame was made up of several varying sizes of circles and squares, each containing a family picture. The white-haired woman in several of the pictures must be her grandmother.. bright blue eyes, a face with few lines and much character, cheerful and loving. The white-haired man must be her grandfather, an old sailor-type with a thick beard, blue eyes, and a weathered face. The corners of his mouth drooped down.. much like Evans'. There were a couple childhood pictures of a pretty Asian girl in various stages of growth... Kitty, of course.

In the corner, on the other side of her bed, was a massive case. It looked as if it could contain a large midget. It was nearly the largest thing in the room and drew the eye. It appeared to be wooden and was shaped almost like a small casket.

"Nice..." Evans commented. Evans looked at the many features in this little room, but even Kitty could see that his eyes focused on the case the most. After all, he was a curious person. "If you don't mind me asking, what on earth is that?" he said, as he pointed to the big case.

Kitty smiled brightly. "That's my prized possession, the one I gave up most of my luggage for, at least until we got to Earth and I had a chance to get some stuff from my room..." She walked over to the case and undid several complicated-looking locks easily before opening it and revealing her cello, cushioned well in a carefully-designed interior. It really was a beautiful instrument, made of some sort of honey-colored wood, golden dappled shades of grain. "I'm glad I've got my own quarters. I don't know if a roommate would have put up with it."

"That bad?" Evans joked grinning "Sorry, couldn't resist... You're probably better than me playing the keyboard..." "I didn't know you played." Kitty looked up, curious now. "For how long? What kind of music do you play?"

Evans chuckled a bit... "I've played the keyboard on and off for years... I did master 'Frere jaques', and recently played some rock and roll with the captain... Poorly..."

"A dabbler." Kitty smiled. "Most of what I know was written on Earth before the sixteenth century. The rest is... well, mostly a few Apocalyptica remixes of classic rock groups. My grandmother started me on the instrument when I was a little girl." She gently touched the neck of the cello with an obvious affection. "I play almost every day." "Would you play some for me?" Evans asked hesitantly.

Kitty blinked.. and smiled shyly. "Sure." She lifted out the cello and took out the bow. "I might be a little rusty. I missed a couple days." Not bothering with taking down her usual chair, she sat down on the edge of her bed, gesturing with her bow, silently offering Evans a seat further down on the bed... Out of 'bowing range'. She tightened her bow and rosined it well with quick, practiced strokes, then plucked each string, tuning it accurately by ear. It was an old ritual for her, comforting and calming, nearly as significant as a Vulcan entering meditation.

Kitty smiled as the last note on her cello string rang true and took a deep breath, then closed her eyes. She positioned her fingers, readied her bow, and began. It was one of her favorites, an Apocalyptica remix of a Metallica song, "Nothing Else Matters," and she simply played the main 'voice' without accompaniment. The world seemed to ease away, with all of its troubles... she didn't need to speak or cry... the cello sang for her, first a soothing melody, then becoming rougher-edged as the song sped up. Playing a cello wasn't only more preparation-intensive than one might think, but it was more athletic as well. She balanced the huge instrument between her legs, swaying as she drew the bow back and forth, her fingers occasionally moving fast as lightning on the strings as she caught every single note in perfect pitch. She was obviously enjoying herself incredibly as she continued, letting the emotion of the day out in the strong melody of the song.

Evans was just mesmerised by the song of the cello, and the form playing it. There was really nothing that needed to be said or heard at that time, except for the music.

Kitty eased out the last part of the song, letting the pace slow again, each note expressing her own confusion better than she could do in words, each tone mourning for her. Finally, she ended the last note with a feather touch on the strings... and lowered the bow, remaining silent for a moment before finally opening her eyes and looking up at him. "...Did it come out alright?" she asked with a shy but pleased smile, as she started unscrewing the tip of her bow, loosening it.

"Huh? what?... Oh... It was... gorgeous..." Evans stammered. For the second time this day, he was completely lost for words.

Kitty chuckled quietly, gently settling the cello back into its case. "I'm glad you liked it. I like to play my cello before I go to bed... it relaxes me." She did indeed look more relaxed, more together than before. "I feel like.. well.. I have problems, but I don't have to let them get me down. At least, I can try."

"That's the spirit..." Evans said, "You really shouldn't drag yourself down so much. You really are quite talented... And beautiful..." Kitty closed the case and sat back down on the bed, closer this time. She smiled at both compliments, but turned a bit pink. "I don't know why I do sometimes. I really do have a good life... I'm very lucky." She looked at him for just a moment and then leaned forward, daringly.. at least, daringly for her.. to give him a quick kiss on the cheek.

Evans put his arm around her, and gently kissed her back, slightly misinterpreting her actions, and their lips met. He felt his heart pounding like it had never before.

Kitty's eyes widened at the sudden kiss being more than she'd intended... her own heart was pounding, but she didn't break the kiss immediately, either. She blushed when she did draw back, but her eyes were shining, and she was smiling a little. She couldn't help smiling, the way she felt at that moment.

Evans looked at Kitty, and saw her smile. He felt warm inside, as he finally saw his girlfriend relaxed *and* happy. They just sat there, Evans' arm around her shoulder, and his other hand holding hers. He looked at her in silence. The perfect moment. He sighed. "I guess I should be going soon... It's getting late." His heart almost broke, trying to say that.

"...yeah..." Kitty blinked as if coming out of a reverie. She smiled softly, taking a deep breath. "Wow..." she said, and then out came the part she hadn't fully intended to say. "...first kiss." Did she mean the first time she'd ever kissed him in particular? No... it was deeper than that. She let go of his hand, but reluctantly.

Evans couldn't help but feel honoured. However, it was time to leave for now. He slowly got up as he released her. "Well, I've gotta go, I guess..." He had already determined that this was where this evening was to end. "It was a lovely evening." he finally said, talking about the dinner, the talk in his quarters, and of course the small concert in hers...

"We'll have to do it again sometime... without the being-upset-about-my-lack-of-existence part." Kitty chuckled lightly, rising to see him to the door like a proper little hostess. "Sorry for keeping you up so late."

"No problem... I'll just send you the bill..." he said, as they both got up. He pulled her into a final hug, and whispered "just kidding..." into her ear. He released her, and walked to the door. "I'll see you tomorrow..." he promised.

"No problem... I'll just send you the bill..." he said, as they both got up. He pulled her into a final hug, and whispered "just kidding..." into her ear. He released her, and walked to the door. "I'll see you tomorrow..." he promised.

"We see each other almost every day... We work on the same little vessel," she teased, smiling, closing her eyes in the hug, then watching him go. "Good night..." And she waited until he was out the door before giving a slight squeak of delight, picking up her pillow off her bed, squeezing it tightly, and dancing around the room like a love-struck teenager.

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