A Mirror Shattered #127-129 - "Forced to enjoy yourself"


Evans had yet again the night of his life, showing his two girlfriends of this night how to enjoy pleasure most intensively. After a fast breakfast, he already sent them back to the casino, to make him Latinum. It was a few hours later, that he actually arrived, to see how things were going.

Kristiana wandered into the main casino room .. She looked around, not seeing Evans yet. Oh, wait, there he was, just arriving. She glanced at Ryylar for a fleeting moment, as if to find the courage to face the one who has been sending her heart aflutter for a long time now .. And a slow smile formed as she formed a plan. First, she headed to the bar, to get a drink. That was step one.

Ryylar moved like satin over flesh through the crowd. So silky smooth were his movements that most didn't notice him walking through the crowded casino bar, probably not more than twenty or thirty feet away from Kristiana at any given time. He watched her like a predator. A protective one, but a predator nonetheless, ready to pounce on anyone who might try to waylay her.

Evans walked into his casino, scanning the tables, to see if they were not paying out too much. He looked around the busy bar, and saw a starfleet officer he never saw before... Now, there are more of those, but not that pretty.

He decided to let it rest, for a while, though. By the looks of it, she was a commander. Not someone to mess with... He liked his 'targets' easy. He could always use a loyal and good-looking employee...

Kristiana got her drink, and started to approach her 'target' .. in a slightly roundabout way. She edged closer, pretending to watch the gamlbing tables. When she was nearer to Evans, she'd position herself Just Right .. Right behind him .. And cleared her throat a bit.

Evans heard the female voice behind him, and he fell right into her trap... He turned around, and actually knocked the woman's drink out of her hands. "Oh, I'm sorry..." he said, before noticing it was the commander he noticed earlier. "Oh, hello..."

Ryylar watched and smiled, leaning against a wall of the casino non-chalantly, his one eye catching everything Kristiana did and interpreting every move she made.

"Go get him Cinderella..." He said softly to himself as he saw Evans react to her presence.

She eeked as she got the contents of her glass spilled right over the front of her uniform, stepping back, looking totally insulted, dripping wet (she'd chosen a drink that came in a big glass, for this) "What the ! .. Sheesh .." frowning, looking at Evans. ".. Great. I just cleaned this."

"Sorry, sorry, I apologise... Please let me buy you a new drink..." Evans said, in a his trained smooth-criminalesque way...

Ryylar watched Evans apologize and slowly nodded, watching the whole situation as he pushed off the wall and moved slowly through the crowd so as not to appear to be spying. He was going to work the crowd of people a little bit, not wanting to arouse suspicions.

Kristiana heaved a sigh, though it sounded almost like half a snort, as she peered at him, in her best 'you better make up for this' look. ".. Well, this uniform's ruined." Shaking her head a bit. ".. alright, bring it to my room, then." as she turned to walk away, then paused. "room 508."

Evans looked a bit odd... He expected her to consume her drink in the casino, giving him a chance to talk to her, get to know her a bit. "Alright, I'll have it sent to your room, then." he said, a bit disappointed.

She halted at that and gave an exasperated sigh. "... Do you honestly think I will settle for some serving girl to serve me, after this .. disgrace?" Glancing at him, over a shoulder, her expression unreadable.

Evans was not enjoying this, actually... <Who the hell does she think she is?!... Well, she is a commander, better keep her on my good side...> he thought to himself. "My apologies again, ma'am... I'll bring it to your room personally..." And with that, he only had to glance once to the bartender, to get the drink he needed.

She smiled a bit at that and gave him a nod, as she turned and headed back upstairs, to her room .. There she'd unbutton the top of her uniform and pull it slightly down her shoulders, turning her back towards the door, and waited.

It took the bartender a few minutes to reproduce the oversised cocktail that Evans knocked out of Kris' hands, and it was about that long that Kris had to wait, before Evans knocked on the door. "Eh... Commander, Ma'am? I have your drink" <Open the door already, I have things to do...>

Ryylar followed along and when Evans moved to knock on the door to the room he slipped up behind Evans unnoticed, leaning close to hiss in the man's ear as his large paws gripped his shoulders.

"Listen to me you puke faced little maggot. You have a queen in that room waiting on you. You have a chance boy to make it or break it for your own future here. You screw this up and hurt that girl and so help me God I'll haunt your no good bile flushing carcass for the rest of your natural days." He threatened.

Evans almost soiled himself as Ryylar threatened him. He was actually too petrified to say or do anything.

Kristiana heard Evans, and smiled. She didn't hear Ryylar, or she would have stopped smiling. "Come on in, the door's open." she called out, for Evans.

A rather agitated Evans opened the door, and smiled nervously at the woman. "Eh, here's your drink ma'am... Was there something else?" he said, with a smile plastered on his face, but his mind not excactly on good times, rather than tightening security measures...

Ryylar vanished as soon as Evans opened the door. To Kristiana she might have seen a flash of emptiness, as if light were bending and there was a distortion, but there was certainly no Ryylar, just a rather agitated looking Evans holding his drink.

Kris smiled as she dropped her uniform more, revealing her back, well-defined, slender, but toned. Perhaps a slight scar here or there, but other than that, quite goodlooking. "Why, yes. There's a towel over there .. Could you help me get dried off, please ?" She wasn't wearing anything underneath the uniform.

<Wow, what did I stumble into...> Evans thought. He was torn between offering her a towel, because he was the horny little slimeball he was, or giving her a towel because he was the slimy little coward he was. Quite an easy choice, actually... "Eh, sure... Here you go..." he decided.

Ryylar may not have been within the visible spectrum, but he watched and nodded approvingly, deciding that fate could take it from here as he walked through the door and left Kristiana... his mouse... behind. Perhaps in another lifetime, in another reality, the two could have gotten close, become friends, lovers maybe... Preposterous...

"Well ?" She smiled and lowered her uniform a bit more. "I'm not getting any drier here .. " Glancing at him over her shoulder. "Nor any younger .. " she wiggled her shoulders a bit.

Evans gulped... <Get a hold of yourself, man... There's a gorgeous woman here, probably wanting you to make mad love to her, some ninja who wants you to make mad love to her, and me, never shying away from making mad love to any woman... A win-win situation if there ever were one...> So, he did recompose himself. He cleared his throat, and started to gently rub the towel over kris' body.

She mmm'd softly as she closed her eyes and leaned back, smiling, now droppig her uniform completely. Hands reaching down to caress over Evans' side ane behind, as she mentally prepared for a long, long morning of unbridled passion.

And there was Evans, trying his extra best, to not only please himself, bua also his newest trophy, to satisfy that shadow, that would make his life miserable, if he didn't make hers worth while...


Not-Kristiana Not-Commander Not-Pegasus Not-ever thought I'd write about her nude in Evans' arms o.O

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