A Mirror Shattered #122&123 - "H.O.P.E."


[Secret H.O.P.E. Headquarters, Earth]

Jennifer walked through the dim lit cave, she couldn't believe that a few centuries ago this could be the hide out for the most wanted man on Earth. Well actually, she could, because even now the Dominion had trouble finding them and putting an end to their rebellion. The expertise that some Bajorans brought with them and the will to survive were stronger than the Jem'Hadar patrols. "Russell?!" her voice echoed off the walls as she slowly walked deeper into the cave system "Russell, are you there?" she stepped into what they made to be a sickbay, for a rebellion it seemed rather advanced, although it wasn't as hygienic as a sickbay on a starship it did the job, especially with the most skilled physician in Starfleet on the job, or at least Jennifer thought so.

Russell heard Jennifer calling out for him outside his makeshift sickbay. He was checking his inventory of medical supplies and looked a bit worried. Although the resistance had nicked the entire supply of medical goods from the remains of Starfleet HQ, almost all of it had been used. Of course it wasn't supposed to last six years... That's what it had been, more than six years of rebellion against the Dominion oppression. "I'm in here." he called.

"Have you heard about the Yanks yet?" Jennifer walked closer to Russell and hugged him "Somebody sold them out... they didn't stand a chance... all dead or in those Damned prison camps..." a tear rolled from her eyes, she might not have known anyone in the American resistance, who hid in New York's old sewer system, but they were just like them. She pulled back a bit and looked at Russell "With every day that passes we need a miracle, more and more..."

"Yes, I heard." Russell sighed. "If I ever get my hands on the one who sold them out..." he said very angered and balled his fists. "I would have a perfect organ donor!" he added on a grim tone and slammed his right fist on the biobed he stood next to. The floor beneath it wasn't level so the biobed trembled when he hit it. He sighed again heavily. "Yes, we sure could use a miracle by now." he said. "Any word on retaliation? We can Not let this go unpunished."

"The Brits are trying to initiate the biggest assault since May 2380... Aussies are in and so are the Asians..." Jennifer leaned into Russell and kissed him "...they are awaiting our response... and then we are to meet at the normal place..."

Russell put his arm around her and pulled her close. "May 2380, a glorious battle. We almost regained control of the planetary defenses. If only..." he sighed and continued "Let's be very careful. For all we know we're all walking right into a trap."

"If it were then they wouldn't have sent this..." Jennifer handed a PADD with a clearance code only two people in every cell knew "...they have also contacted the smaller cells but no response, the meeting is in two hours... so we better get to work to get that transporter to work covertly again" she looked down a bit "I hope we can pull this off, it would be good for morale... and our numbers..." Back in 2380 they had doubled their forces with the attack, although they had high losses the ends justified the means.

"I hope we can fix the damn thing." Russell said looking a bit worried. "Last time it was barely able to bring us back here without being traced." With the limited amount of spare parts and other makeshift repairs it was a miracle the transporter still worked. "Is the objective the same?" he asked.

Jennifer shook her head "No, it isn't..." another sigh from the Bulgarian "...we're going at it the blunt approach this time..." she wrapped her arms around Russell's neck, a weird chain of events had brought them together and in these caves, in the north of Afghanistan. "...We're using a Spiked club in stead of a scalpel..."

"I'm not sure if that's a wise course of action." he said while embracing her and looked deep into her eyes. He could drown in them but sadly there was no time. "I believe small covert operations are far more effective... Oh well, we'll see what they have in mind."

Jennifer nodded "We have little choice... I already told them we were in..." she looked down a bit embarrassed, after last time she had promised to let him in on everything they would be doing but she was almost sure he would agree with this and want to get back at the Dominion scumbags.

Russell carefully lifted up her chin to look her in the eyes again and smiled a bit. "So you decided that for me... again...? You do know what trouble you got us into last time? We were lucky to make it back here alive." He then kissed her and said "Don't worry, I'm in. We'll make sure they'll pay!"

Jennifer nodded slowly while untangling from his embrace "That we will..." she stated before turning around "...Emerson! Lake! Palmer!" she shouted and the names echoed off the walls of the caves "To the Transporter pad!" she ordered, they needed to get it working and transport to the meeting place at the exact time that was put in the request for meeting, because if all the resistance cells would transport at the same time they had a bigger chance of not being noticed.

Russell looked at her with a smile on his face. That was what he admired her for, she took charge and got the job done. It were her rash actions that got them into trouble but her determination had gotten them out of nearly impossible situations. He sure hoped she would get them out of this one.


A rather vague but H.O.P.E.ful post by:

Dr. Russell D. Floyd (Mirror) Cell Leader H.O.P.E. Tora Bora Mountains "For God's sake, Jenn. I'm a doctor, not a rebel!"


Jennifer Floyd (Mirror NPC by Caelen LaBrie) Cell Leader H.O.P.E. Tora Bora Mountains "It is possible to fail in many ways...while to succeed is possible only in one way."