A mirror Shattered #120, 121 - Hall conversations

ON: <<Corridor outside the gym>>

Melina padded along near the gym, she past close to the entrance and was making her way to holodeck one, she carried her honor blades and was unsure what she wanted to do.

Ryylar exited the gym, resolving to meet up with O'Driscoll again after checking a few things out and nearly ran smack into Melina as he rounded the corner.

Melina feel to the floor she was glad she'd kept the blades on her back and sheathed in their scabbards "Hello Ryylar we'll have to stop meeting like this"

He chuckled and stood, shaking his head and reaching down to help her up.

"Well you ssssssseem to enjoy rrrrrrrunning into me." He said with a bit of a smile.

Melina took Ryylar's hand and smiled as he helped her up. She sighed softly.

"So you been the gym I guess...what do you think the Captain will do now?" she asked.

"I don't know exxxxxactly." He said with a shrug as he stood there talking to her. He honestly had no clue what LaBrie or Petrova would be doing, or what the next step was. He only knew that they were doing their best to get the Pegasus back home.

"I thought I'd look into their computer files I mean this version of the Federation...seems home is a interment camp and I...I'm dead..." commented Melina.

"I've been hearrrrrrrring morrrrrrre and morrrrrrre thingssssss like that. Lieutenant Black doessssssn't even exisssssst in thisssss world." He commented with a nod and a thoughtful tone.

"How about you...seems I went out in a blaze of glory...from what I found out I was a fighter pilot...I even got a Federation Star...posthumously. From what I found it seems I destryed a Jem Hadar warship by ramming the bridge" Melina said softly.

"Ssssssoundssssss like an honorrrrrrrable death... I haven't ssssssseen the file on myssssssself yet, orrrrrr I sssssshould ssssssay my alterrrrrrnate..." He said with a nod.

"I guess there's a few like Lt Black...I'm not sure how they handle it...I always wondered what I'd do if I had'nt joined the science division" replied Melina.

She continued walking and looked to Ryylar.

He nodded and followed her, deciding to just share pleasant company that wasn't revolving around Sulan for the moment.

"I think you've made quite well forrrrrrr yourrrrrsssself herrrrrrre." He said with a small smile.

Melina blushed softly "Thank you...that was sweet of you. I was wondering what it's like down there..they seem scared of me for some reason. I mean we could have a little shore leave right?" asked Melina.

"I don't think that'ssssss entirrrrrrrely ssssssafe... Thissssss mirrrrrrrrorrrrrrr univerrrrrrssssssse isssssss rrrrrrrrough. Rrrrrrrrrememberrrrrrr the one that Kirrrrrrrra Nerrrrrryssssss found? If thissssss isssss anything like that, then we may be welcome to ssssstay, and they'll neverrrrrrr let ussssss leave." He said solemnly.

Melina blinked "I think you need to read your records Ryylar it was Captain Kirk that found the Mirror Universe due to a transporter malfuction in a Ion storm"

Melina pursed her lips "Maybe your right but do you think I can't look after myself?"

"Kirrrrrrk may have found it firrrrrrrssssst, but when Kirrrrrrrrk found it the Klingonssssss and Carrrrrrdasssssssianssssss and Bajorrrrrrransssssss hadn't crrrrrrreated an allianccccccce. And of courrrrrrsssssse I think you can look afterrrrrrr yourrrrrsssssself, but I ssssstill don't want anything to happen to you." He said with a shrug.

Melina blinked "You don't want anything to happen to me...why do you care you have Petrova" she replied.

She found Ryylar confusing at times, Melina like most Caitians came from a species that knew how to fight and had for a while been much like the Klingons of the twenty second century. "Your a very confusing Caitian you know that Ryylar?"

Ryylar stopped and turned, giving her a hard cold stare.

"Jusssssst becausssssse I love Krrrrrrrissssstiana and carrrrrrrre forrrrrr herrrrrr doessssssn't mean we'rrrrrrre not frrrrrrriendsssss and I don't carrrrrrrre about you Melina..." He said icily. Her comment about why did he care truly cut him to the heart and he stalked off.

Melina ran up to Ryylar and cupped his right shoulder in her hand "I'm sorry that was uncalled for"

"I may be with sssssssomeone elssssssse Melina, but I sssssstill carrrrrre about yourrrrrrr well being and yourrrrrr happinesssssss." He said with a furrowed brow and a serious look.

Melina chewed her lower lip "I..know...maybe in this reality we knew each other. I wonder if my counter part made much of a diffrence?"

"I'm sssssssurrrrrre ssssshe did." He said, hugging her gently and patting her back.

Melina murred softly at the hug "Hmm a vain glorious way to go...my mother would have been proud no doubt"

"I don't know, but I know I'm prrrrrroud of my univerrrrrrsssssse'sssss Melina." He said with a small smile and patting her back.

"I think your the only one, my mother never could understand the scientist she bore into the world. I was supposed to be the next generation of starship commander for my family, it's the family line and after Wolf and all well that just compounded things. She never forgave me chosing the science branch over command"

"Well if you had chossssssen command overrrrrrr ssssssccccciencccccce, we wuld neverrrrrr have met, sssssso I'm glad you chossssssse sssssscccccienccccce. I wouldn't have met a good frrrrrrriend if you had chossssssen command." He said with a nod.

Melina smiled and leaned up slightly and kissed Ryylar's lips "That's for being so nice...now how about we go find out what your doppleganger has been doing?"

He moved out of the way so the kiss hit his cheek at the last moment, not wanting to cheat on Kristiana.

"I'd love to, but I'm on duty and I have sssssssome prrrrrroblemsssss that need invesssstigating firrrrrrssssst." Ryylar said a bit seriously.

"Problems..?" Melina asked. "The only problems I know of aboard ship are we need to find a way home. Which I am working on and Sulan, who by all accounts from the genral crew members that I have heard...well there's no way of putting this nicely. If we where back home Sulan should be commited, not very Vulcan seems more Romulan. I'd be suprised if she wasn't heading for the Rehabiliation Colony on Elba II or such. Not the metion of striking a superior officer"

"Well that isssss parrrrrt of what I'm involved in ssssssssolving." He said with a slow nod.

Melina chewed her lip a little "I've never liked doing this..pulling rank that is...I'm ordering you to becareful Warrent Officer Ryylar. Starfleet Regulations are very clear about striking a superior officer"

He smiled softly.

"I'm being verrrrrrry carrrrrreful, but therrrrrrre arrrrrrrre thingssssss I'm worrrrrrking on rrrrrrrright now that could cosssssst ssssssomeone theirrrrr life." He said with a nod.

"I hope it's not your's Ryylar...I'd..miss you" replied Melina

"Not mine, at leassssst I hope not." He said with a smile as he patted her back.

Melina hugged Ryylar tight and smiled. "Can I at least ask you to do nothing Sulan asks...I did hear from one of the brig guards you'd been going to see her"

"I can't prrrrrromisssssse that assssss I'm allrrrrrready doing sssssssomething sssssshe'ssss assssked me to do." He said slowly.

Melina sighed "You shouldn't shes...dangerous..what did she ask?" questioned Melina.

he female Caitian didn't like where this was going at all. Sulan seemed fromwhat she had heard and the state Petrova had been in to be more than dangerous. She suspected Sulan had a unbalaced mind "You should get her past history looked at" adviced Melina.

"Ssssshe asssssked me to make sssssssurrrrrre herrrrrrr frrrrrrriend O'Drisssssscoll wassssss ok." Ryylar said, giving her the half truth.

"Hmmm now there's a name I 've heard before. Wasn't her father the traitor?" Melina questioned. "I guess it don't follow she or he will be anything like the father" Melina looked down. "If I find out your lying to me Ryylar I'm not sure we'd remain friends...I don't like liars...a starship depends on trust without it...well things happen. I can trust you right Ryylar?"

"You know you can... but I wassssss asssssked by O'Drisssssscoll herrrrrrrsssssself not to talk about it. But don't worry, we'll both be ok." Ryylar said with a nod.

"Yeah well if I wake up dead we'll be having words" joked Melina.

"If you wake up dead I'm ssssssurrrrre we'll have a lot morrrrrre than worrrrrdssss." Ryylar joked back.

Melina snuggled against Ryylar and kissed his cheek. "Hmm well I have time in holodeck one booked, not for the faint of heart 'The Battle at K'Tor Ridge' Qo'Nos in the year of the third emperor...I don't suppose you wanna...join me?" asked Melina with a little hope in her voice.

He smiled a bit and patted her shoulder as he hugged her.

"I rrrrrrrreally need to be going. I'm ssssstill on duty." He said sadly.

"Maybe some other time, or is the bloodwine to strong for you?" Melina teased.

"SSSSome otherrrrr time definitely." He said reassuringly before he trotted off to get on with his duty.

Melina sighed as she watched thre retreating form of Ryylar, she smiled softly and giggled "He'd be a good fighter if he'd let his inhibitions go now and again" she commented and then stepped into the waiting holodeck.


Ens. Melina Bradbury Cheif Science Officer USS Pegasus


Warrant Officer Ryylar Morale Officer Acting Security Officer USS Pegasus