A Mirror Shattered #117 - "New Developments"


[Dominion Ship O'Driscoll, Main Bridge.]

"Subcommander O'Driscoll!"

O'Driscoll turned, to see First Arak'Agar standing behind her.

"What?" she snapped angrily at the Jem'Hadar commander.

"We have a report from an attack ship two sectors from here. They engaged the USS Pegasus, and..."

"Agar." O'Driscoll said haughtily. "Is there any point ot what you are telling me? Why should I care if they engaged the Pegasus? Intelligence indicates that the Paris is the most likely ship to lead us into the Badlands, and..."

"Subcommander! The attack ship said that there were..." the First's words were cut off by a gurgle, as O'Driscoll slammed her fist into his windpipe.

"That was for interrupting me, First." She said, smiling sweetly. "Now, what was it you wanted to say."

The Jem'Hadar gave a hacking cough, and then, recovering, struggled to continue. "There were...two Pegasuses. One was a Centaur Class - a ship we've never seen before. They destroyed the Attack Ship easily."

"Nonsense." O'Driscoll scoffed. "The Remnant hasn't had the ability to manufacture ships in years. And I highly doubt they would keep a ship hidden - they cannot afford to." She turned away from the First dismissivly. <Perhaps a Klingon ship, repainted...or one that they captured...a ship they've discovered? This doesn't make any sense.> She turned back to the First. "Agar!"

"Yes, M'Lady!"

"We will immediately change course for the location of this incident. Order Battle Group Alpha to accompany us."

"Yes, M'Lady."

As he moved to order the maneuveres, SubCommander O'Driscoll walked to the front of her Bridge. She looked out of the large viewing panes at her assembled Task Force. "Magnificent..." she whispered. Since her defection two and a half years ago, her stock had risen swiftly in the Dominion. Skilled in manipulation and deceit, the information she had brought with her, and her intimate knowledge of Federation Remnant strategies and capabilities had brought victory after victory for the Dominion. She had risen swiftly through the ranks, and had been granted her own Strike Force, taked with the final destruction of the Remnant. She had even had the lead ship in the group named after herself, a nice little touch.

This new threat was worrying though - she had had no indication of any new or hidden ships when she was with the Federation, and the thought that they could have manufactured a new one since was inconceivable. She shook her head slowly. This would have to be investigated closely.


Subcommander O'Driscoll Task Force Commanding Officer DS O'Driscoll

"This seems worth investigating..."