A Mirror Shattered #116 - "Thief!"

-={On}=- [Convenient Store, 1700 hours]

Andrew loitered near the exit. He glanced around slightly, but not moving his head. Training told him doing that made him look out of place, more suspect to being questioned. No, a criminal could not be like that. A good criminal is one that looks like anyone else, hard to pick out in a crowd. He walked in to the store, and pretended to look at various knickknacks and food. Noticing no one was watching him, he slipped a couple items of food into his jacket. Then he began walking to the entrance, stopping to talk to an employee about not being able to find something in the store. Then he continued out of the store.

Suddenly, a yell. "Hey! Thief! Take that food out of your jacket and pay for it!" Andrew turned, looking confused. A ploy to make him look innocent. "I'm sorry, what was that?" He asked to the employee who shouted at him.

"I said take the food out of your jacket and pay for it." He was within arm's reach now, foolishly.

"Ah I see. Thank you for repeating yourself." He paused, then sudenly punched the man in the stomach and kicked his legs out from under him. Turning to the exit, he ran quickly out the exit.

<Dammit, what went wrong? How was I spotted? I did everything exactly as I should have.> He went around a corner and hid in an alley. When he saw no one run by, he straightened his jacket, pulled out the food, and ate some. Returning the remainder of the food to the inside pocket of his jacket, he walked out of the alley and continued on.

"Excellent. A minor mishap, but otherwise everything went well. That man was foolish. Never get too close to someone, or they'll take an opportunity to inflict pain to get away." He pulled out a PADD with a map of the city. "Okay, I've struck there, there, and now here. Recently, anyway. Can't make my next location obvious, perhaps close by to the second one. They'll think I'm going systematic, and will strike..." He jabbed his finger at a location. "There. We'll see, we'll see..." He continued walking back to his residence, to store his steals of the day, and to plan the next few shoplifts and heists.


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