A mirror shattered #76 - 77 "Briefings and instructions"


<Bridge, USS Pegasus>

After a long and tiring journey, and with the help of a friend, Kitty finally made it up to the bridge of the USS Pegasus. Ryylar had taken the opportunity to help her to an empty station so that he'd get the chance to peek at Petrova. She sat herself down with a vast measure of relief and placed her cane aside, tapping at the control panel in front of her and bringing up Engineering controls.

Kristiana glanced over as she heard the turbolift doors and shot Ryylar a tired smile, pleased to see him taking care of things. She looked a positive mess, with half the front of her uniform bloodied, her neck and lower half of her jaw stained red as well, her hair a mess, parts of her uniform dusty and torn, and some bruising on her visible skin. But none of that took anything away from the other look that she radiated - the look of a Woman On A Mission. "Lieutenant .. " she gave a nod to Black. "C'mere a moment, so I can give you a briefing on our current situation, and you can tell me the state of engineering."

Lt. Black looked up at her superior officer for the first time, having been too occupied with getting to a station to notice when she'd first entered the bridge. She blinked and gasped, her hand going to her mouth in alarm... and then blinked again and looked at Petrova for long enough to realize that the woman really was not in the process of toppling over. She nodded and picked up the cane again, rising and making steady progress over to the other woman. As she did so often, Kitty said the first thing that came to mind. "I could watch things for a little while, si-..ma'am.. if you want to.. change..."

".. What I Want .. Lieutenant .. Is your report on the current state of engineering, and the ship's main systems, please." Her voice remained calm, though it was obvious that Kristiana had a measure of difficulty in maintaining her composure - partly due to bloodloss, partly due to the anger over the whole incident that Caused the bloodloss - and partly due to the fact that she was SO drugged up that it was a complete miracle she wasn't doing a raindance in her underwear. No, instead, she managed to maintain her professional, in-control look.

Kitty frowned a little and nodded. She was beginning to feel as if she was entirely out of her depth. Not unusual, whenever she was getting orders from Petrova. But usually she didn't have the same amount of nagging fear. "Engineering is nearly finished decontaminating. The engines should run fine, warp and impulse, but they'll be a bit rough... you've.. probably already noticed that."

"One phaserbank is damaged," Kitty continued, remembering the messages she'd seen just as she'd sat at the console to check Engineering. "It'll be out of commission until someone goes down there and fixes it. Otherwise, I think we're pretty much set."

Kristiana nodded. "Thank you, Lieutenant. Good work. How is your crew ? And yourself ? I understand that engineering was heavily contaminated with radiation, while crew was still inside .. "

"That's correct." Kitty nodded in return, smiling at the bit of praise. "Most of us got out immediately and reported to Sickbay. They're all fine. I stayed behind with two others to finish the repair. One of them is still in Sickbay.. I told him to rest up. The other..." Her voice choked slightly and she forced herself to put the man's face out of her mind. She'd lost engineers twice, now, and she really, really didn't like it. "He didn't make it."

Petrova frowned at that and reached a slightly bloodstained hand out to rest on Kitty's for a moment, as if to offer support. "I'm sorry .. I know what it's like to lose a man under your command. It's never a fun thing."

"N-no, no, it isn't. ...Thank you." Kitty took a deep breath and nodded, closing her eyes and lowering her head, then looked up again. "As for myself.. I'm... on my feet. The doctor said that I would slowly feel better over the next few hours. He used a cell regenerator. Are.. you alright, ma'am?" Stupid question, she thought. <tag>

"I am .. capable of doing my job. For now." was Kristiana's telling reply, as she turned her attention back to the viewscreen. It displayed Starfield at warp, always an intruiging sight - and the saucer-section of a Prometheus-class ship, evidence of damage on it's outer hull. "Well enough to brief you and give you instructions, before my medicine wears off and I'll be on my way to sickbay again."

"Understood." Understood, yes, but Kitty was suddenly nervous, looking at the other ship. "What's gong on?" She focused on the word 'instructions'. Petrova was going to give her some. She could follow them. She'd be alright if she did that.

".. I'll start at the beginning. You remember that anomaly ?" Kristiana glanced at Black. ".. Turns out that it was a portal, or gateway, of sorts. It dumped us into an alternate universe, where the Dominion War is still raging, and going poorly for the Federation. Our ship, the USS Pegasus, Centaur class, was destroyed eight years ago in this reality, saving several civilian transports from destruction. The ship we are currently following is what's left of the Prometheus Class USS Pegasus F, under command of one Kayim Falor."

Kristiana winced a bit, rolling her shoulder some, before continuing. "As far as we now know, most federation survivors have made it into the Badlands. Mister Kayim is leading us there, now, and I expect to arrive there any moment. LaBrie and I have agreed that we will help this alternate federation in any way we can, short of pledging ourselves to their cause - if the situation truly is as I expect it to be, one more Centaur class won't make that much of a difference anymore, anyways. We will help them, though, in any way we can, while we continue to look for a way home. But when we find a way home, that will become our main priority. Any questions ?"

"...Uhm..." Ok, that was a Good one. If anyone except Petrova had told her that, she probably would have laughed and said it was a good joke. Kitty ran the narrative through her mind twice and then nodded. "What are my instructions, and how long will I be 'in charge'?" That seemed to be a good place to start.

".. Your instructions .. " Petrova sighed a bit, before continuing. " .. Are to continue doing your best as Acting XO as well as chief engineer. Your main priority will be to ensure the safety of this ship, while co-operating fully with Mister Kayim. Both LaBrie and myself are injured, and at this moment, less than capable of commanding a ship into a possibly hostile situation. But I will remain here for as long as I can, and hopefully LaBrie will be fit for active duty before I have to go back to sickbay." She turned to look at Kitty again. ".. We made you our second officer for a reason, Lieutenant. That reason is, because we are both convinced that you are the right person for the job. That you have what it takes to pull this ship and crew through."

Kitty smiled and nodded. "Thank you... that means a lot, to me. I'll take care of things." Then her mouth spoke before her brain had a chance to veto. "You can go ahead to Sickbay now and rest. I can handle this."

"I will go to sickbay when I am no longer capable of functioning as acting CO, Lieutenant." Petrova winced a bit as she turned her attention to the viewscreen again. She found it surreal - all of it - but mostly the fact that they were now following the Pegasus F .. "I have my pride, you know. If only to show that ... Vulcan .. that this 'old woman' isn't going down without a fight."

"I think..." Kitty said admiringly, "..you're the toughest person I know... except.. for my grandfather." That last bit, 'my grandfather', was spoken with decided reverence. Then she smiled wryly, understanding just a little too late how that could possibly sound, and made the possible misunderstanding even worse by opening her mouth again. "But-you're-definitely-a-lot-younger-than-him," she added.

Petrova blinked and smirked at Kitty's first comment. Then laughed at her second. "Well, that's good to know .. " Snickering and smiling a bit, before wincing slightly again. "One final thing .. Under No circumstances is this ship to be crewed by anyone but our own crew, Lieutenant. They can put an observer or two onboard if they wish, but our own people are to remain in control of the ship. For obvious reasons, ofcourse."

"I'd agree with you." Kitty nodded readily. "I think.. I'd feel VERY uncomfortable with letting some alternate-universe person pushing buttons... even someone from Starfleet. At least, I wouldn't want them fiddling with my engines."

Petrova nodded again. "Exactly .. " as she sighed, deeply, and leaned back a bit, trying to relax, waiting for Falor to contact them with further instructions.


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