A Mirror Shattered #74, 75 - Small lessons

ON: <<USS Pegasus, Sickbay>>

Ryylar stood off to the side now that Kristiana was better and had made her way up to the bridge to retake command of the vessel. He was not standing by the door, that was for certain. Too easy to take him by surprise if an intruder came through the front door, no, he was near the back, well out of the way. Here he could hide if need be and fire from behind cover, taking any potential intruders by surprise.

Kitty didn't notice Ryylar standing off to the back as she made her slow way to the Sickbay doors, step by step, using the cane for balance. Her face was pale, and her hair was 'no longer regulation'.. she hadn't bothered to put it up again. It flowed over her shoulders and back, long and straight, the new bangs fallen all awry. At least she didn't look like the victim of a vampire attack...

He blinked and looked to Kitty, moving towards her as he noticed her looking not at all well.

"Lieutenant... arrrrre you all rrrrrrrrright?" He asked her as he approached.

Kitty blinked and startled slightly, hearing a voice addressing her.. she turned and then smiled, recognizing Ryylar. "No, not really... but I'm on my feet, at least. I've got to check on Engineering, to go the bridge... report in. I don't know all of what's going on, but it's got to be bad."

"You need to be in bed, I'm ssssssurrrrrrrre that Doctorrrrrrr Flloyd would kill me forrrrrr letting you leave. And no one likessssss to kill a kitten." He said, moving towards her to turn her around and cracked a joke as he tried to lead her back to a bed.

"He gave me the cane and let me up." She didn't back up or turn away.. she just remained standing, looking up at him. She would be fairly easy to unbalance if he tried to lead her... using the cane mostly to stay on her feet. "The captain is down, and I'm the second officer, plus the most competant engineers in my department are..." Her voice choked slightly and she fell silent.

"Krrrrrrisssstiana issssss on the brrrrrridge and you have helped trrrrrrrrain yourrrrrr sssssstaff, ssssso I doubt that they arrrrrrrrre not competent." He said firmly, standing back and not trying to lead her.

Kitty stepped back a little so that she could lean up against the wall for a moment. "What's our situation, then.. do you know? The last thing I remember, we were in battle. I felt the ship shaking. Is it over? Have any more starships arrived to help us?"

"Nothing that I know of... we'rrrrrre not in a battle orrrrrrr in any trrrrrrrouble forrrrrr the moment. Caelan let me out to help. Lieutenant Ssssssulan went ape and trrrrried to kill Krrrrrrisssstiana and attacked me." He said with a nod, recapping things.

"Tried to what?" Kitty blinked and shook her head slightly. "Does this mean we don't have a security chief either? Who's running Security? Come to think of it, who's running Engineering?"

"We have ssssssomeone rrrrrrunning Tactical asssss farrrrr assss I know... Lieutenant O'Drisssssscoll isssssn't herrrrre. But Ssssssssulan I believe isssssss incapaccccccitated." He said with a nod.

"Who's running Engineering?" Kitty frowned, repeating her question. "Do you know if it's been decontaminated yet?" She paused for a moment, realizing that Ryylar wasn't exactly bridge crew or anything. "...did you know it had been flooded?"

"I don't know... I wassssss locked in my quarrrrrrterrrrrrsssss until not too long ago." he said with a grimace, indicating he was the wrong person to ask about ship status.

"Oh." Kitty gave him a wry smile. "We had damage in Engineering and the entire place flooded with radation. I stayed with two other engineers to finish the repair and get the ship moving again. I don't remember how that ended, but we must have finished it, because the engines are running. I hope I remembered to do the whole checklist before starting them back up." She was starting to sound a little bit more like herself. "It'll be kind of weird, going back and finding out what I did, that I don't remember. But anyways... Yeah, they've probably rerouted Engineering controls through the bridge, and you know I've got to go up there and lend a hand."

"Then let me esssssscorrrrrrt you." He said firmly. She might be leaving sickbay, but he wasn't going to let her make the trip alone.

Kitty smiled at that, reaching out her arm. "I'd appreciate that. Thanks." She seemed to be remembering something. "We all pull together, and we all go home..." And then the smile faded. "Except... we don't all go home, do we..."

He smiled and patted her arm as he took it.

"We will... everrrrrry one of ussssss will go home." He said with a solemn nod, slowly leading her out.

Kitty made better time now that she had some extra support, leaning a little on Ryylar's arm and using her cane to keep her balance. She glanced down, tears forming in her eyes. "Not all of us... We... we lost Rogers. One of my engineers.. one of the ones who stayed with me, who helped us finish the repair. He died of severe radiation poisoning... I woke up thinking things were going to be okay... but they're not."

He turned and looked to her.

"Everrrrrrryone will go home in differrrrrrent wayssssss." He said, tapping her chest where her heart was.

"Rrrrrrogerrrrrrsssss will go home in herrrrrre." He said simply.

"Jussssssst asssss if I werrrrre to die, Krrrrrrissssstiana would take me home in the same place." He said with a nod.

Kitty looked at him for a moment, then paused to wipe her eyes before any tears fell. "I don't understand..." she said simply.

"Theirrrrr memorrrrrriesssss, ourrrrrr frrrrrriendssssshipsssss, ourrrrrr happy timessssss, ourrrrr sssssad timesssss arrrrrre all carrrrrried with people when we leave." He said with a soft and reassuring smile.

"Oh.. I think I see now." Kitty nodded slowly. "He was such a good engineer... anyone he knows would be proud of how he... died. ...Thanks, Ryylar. I think I knew... but I think I needed someone to tell me." Their progress had taken them nearly to the bridge by now. "I think I can make it in from here. I didn't take you away from an important duty, did I?" she asked, frowning slightly.

"Krrrrrrisssstiana orrrrrderrrrred me to rrrrrreporrrrrrt to sssssickbay asssss a guarrrrrrd and a ssssssecurrrrrrity officccccccerrrrr, but I doubt she would be mad forrrrrr me esssssscorrrrrrting the acting XO to the brrrrridge." He said with a nod.

"Acting XO?" Kitty blinked at that, looking alarmed for just a moment. She hadn't really let that all sink in. "In addition to Engineering?" She subconsciously tightened her grip on her friend's furry arm as she experienced the automatic complete loss of confidence. "Me?"

"That'ssssss what ssssssecond officccccerrrrrr meansssss isssssn't it? When the CO orrrrrr XO arrrrrrre incapacccccitated, the ssssecond officcccccerrrrr becomesssss the acting XO." He said, explaining what he thought was the proper execution of the chain of command.

"Well, yes," Kitty admitted. "Yeah. I.. I'm sorry, that wasn't very... well... I just didn't think.. I mean, me, I'm... Uh, never mind." <One thing at a time, Kitty, one thing at a time.> She took a deep breath and smiled, releasing his arm. "Thanks for the escort. I'll be okay from here."

"I'd prrrrreferrrrrrr to ssssstep on the brrrrrridge if you don't mind." He said with a nod.

"Oh, I don't mind." Kitty smiled.. then chuckled a little. "There's someone you want to see?" she guessed.

He chuckled.

"Besssssidesssss me neverrrrr having sssssseen the brrrrridge, I wanted to make sssssurrrrrre Krrrrrrrissss wassss ok too." He said a bit sheepishly.

Kitty smiled cheerfully and nodded. "I understand. I don't mind."

He nodded and escorted her up onto the brig, stepping out only enough to smile at Kristiana who gave him an approving nod as he escorted Lieutenant Black to her station.


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