A Mirror Shattered #24,25&26 - "Into the Wild blue yonder"

-={On}=- [Main Bridge, Deck One, USS Pegasus]

Kristiana was on bridge duty .. She had other places she'd rather be, but she couldn't duck out of this one. Someone capable and of rank had to be on the bridge - especially since recent developments surrounding a certain chief security. Time was passing painfully slowly, to her. Only five more hours and twentythree minutes before her shift was over. Then one of the consoles bleeped. "Conn, report." Petrova rose to her feet, frowning. "Incoming signal, Ma'am. Emergency channel." She frowned and stepped forward. "Put it on speaker."

A heavily bodged message came through the speakers "Th-... is the USS P-....... Ca-...-ing ...-or any .......... vessel, we a-..... un- ...-er at-....-ck by a J-...... ...-ighter. I .........-eat, we are un-.... atta-.... ...-y a Jem'Had-... fight-..." a man, appearing to really be in distress and a hint of hope in his voice that someone would hear his plead.

Petrova blinked at that "Jem'Hadar - I thought we kicked their asses. Helm, set your intercept course, maximum warp. Conn, tell them help is on it's way, set your long range scanners, show me what's out there. Tactical, set yellow alert." She narrowed eyes and watched the main view screen.

"Yellow alert, aye." Hannah said. <Jem Hadar? I would've put us in red...ah well - at least there's no klaxons.> Hannah's fingers seemed to blur as she scanned the area around them.

Melina heard the order for the yellow alert she started a sensor sweep of the sector the ship had entered. "Reading an anomaly, readings are sketchy, I'm picking up a very odd reading like nothing I've seen before. Scanning the anomaly it's self, energy waves are off the scale, some disturbance to subspace...much more than that I cannot be sure Commander" commented Melina.

Caelen saw the lighting in his ready room change to the silent yellow alert. He looked around a bit confused before hitting his combadge =/\= LaBrie to Commander Petrova, what's going on? =/\= he asked, wondering if there would be any lifepods floating around here.

Petrova frowned more. Last time they went after distress signals she got her shoulder blasted by some Romulan named after an old 20th century earth drink. "Put it on screen." she commented, before tapping her comm badge =/\= Distress signal, Sir. It mentioned Jem'Hadar, I've set yellow alert and changed course. We're scanning a strange anomaly at the source of the distress signal. =/\=

=/\= I'm on my way =/\= Caelen said determined before rizing from his chair and walking onto the bridge, "Jem'Hadar? didn't we kick them back to the Gamma Quadrant?" he wondered out loud and turned to the Tactical "Can you verify, Lieutenant?"

The Chief Tactical officer shook her head to Caelen. After which he turned around again and looked at the anomaly where the distress call seemed to originate "Ensign Bradbury..." he spoke to the Science officer "...is it safe to enter that?" he asked.

Melina looked to her scans and checked on a few items "I think so sir, but I'm still getting that unusual energy signature, exactly what it is I don't know I suggest we proceed with caution Captain"

Caelen looked at his XO "Suggestions Commander?" he asked, wanting to know if it was a mistake going in.

Kristiana sat back down on her XO's chair as Caelen entered the bridge, effectively making her useless. Atleast she could watch the pretty pictures ! "I suggest we move to red alert, Sir." She told him. "We have no idea what's in there."

Melina turned in her seat "Sir we should launch a class nine probe, endangering the ship for what might be a subspace echo of an event that has already taken place might be fool hardy sir"

Caelen then nodded to his Chief Tactical to make it so and walked to his chair to activate the PA "We are reacting to a general distress call, Report to Battle stations on the Double" he then turned to his Chief Science "suggestion noted, Ensign, but if it is a real distress call I can't risk losing that vessel." he finally sat down his in chair. "Helm take us in at a steady half impulse and prepare for evasive maneuvers"

T'Rell gave a nod "Half impulse, Aye Sir." as he steered the ship in. Kristiana furrowed brows, simply watching.

Melina raised an eyebrow "Sir are you sure Starfleet regulations with anomalies is pretty clear, a probe should be launched first to find out if what we are seeing is reral and not just some upstream event from damage to local subspace"

"The Captain knows the regulations, miss Bradbury .." Kristiana defended her CO. "But we're responding to a distress call concerning a possible Jem'Hadar attack. Any time we waste studying a probe's readings might cost federation lives."

Melina let out a soft growl "The Captain's first duty is to his or her ship and the lives aboard it. Command school one oh one...Commander"

"Thank you Ensign for the refresher Course" Caelen bit at the Science Officer "you can file an official complaint After we saved those lives" he leaned back in his chair and watched the view screen as they steadily flew into the anomaly, to save the allied vessel, because any enemy of the Jem'Hadar was an ally of the Federation.


Getting into trouble by:

Cmdr. Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer "Refresher Course 101 for Ensigns: the CO is Always right..."

Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer "Refresher course 102 for Ensigns: so is the XO .. "


Engsin Melina Bradbury (Acting) Chief Science Officer "Kitty don't want to go boom"

USS Pegasus