Blue Ball #26 "Wispers in the dark."

[On] [Local Metro Park, San Francisco, Earth]

Dusk was setting over the park. Scattered family were finishing games of Frisbee, packing up the leavings of the meals they'd shared on blankets under the trees, or generally doing the things families did while enjoying each other's company. A young girl of no more than seven was insisting upon helping her mother put away the volley ball set that they'd set up earlier in the day. While not far away, two young lovers were quickly getting some last kisses in before the light faded. While fifty yards to her left, a man in his forties was trying to teach his canine how to fetch a stick. She could hear his patient instructions to the animal, even thought she knew it's lacked the cognitive ability to understand more than the tone of the words themselves.

She watched all of this, under from under the hood of her Vulcan meditation robes. In the fading light, her scars were hidden, and she was simply a normal Vulcan, watching the humans as the day faded into night.

<So this is humanity.> She thought as she watched each of them as they went about their business, unaware of her scrutiny. For a moment she could understand why some vulcans would choose to remain among, and even mate with humans. Perhaps it was the mother's gentle smile as the little girl continued to help her but things away, or the young lovers who seemed to have complete faith in each other regardless of the perils of the universe. Or perhaps it was even the human training the dog. He never seemed to loose his patience, no matter how many times the canine failed to do as he wished. This is what she sought to understand. The human nature. Humans seemed to prosper, regardless of their remaining locked in the throws of emotions. How was this possible? Vulcan help regardless, why hadn't the humans destroyed themselves long ago? She shook her head slightly, still failing to grasp humans and their natures. She felt a wave of frustration, which she immediately suppressed. Would she ever understand them, as other vulcans seemed to so easily?

The park was completely empty when she was brought out of her musings by the light sound of footsteps approaching. She turned to see a young ensign of not more than twenty sit next to her. The girl had short blond hair pulled back into a small pony tail. Small sapphire earring decorated each ear. She watched the sunset with an expression of someone who was thinking of the past. "It's going to be a beautiful night, isn't it?" The Ensign asked shyly, smiling. "Indeed." Sulan said absently, as the last of the sun set behind the trees. "It was most fortunate that the day remained cloudless."

The girl suddenly leaned over and whispered into Sulan's ear: "I'll bet you never saw anything like this when you were living with your folks at T'marr monestary, did you, Sulan?" Sulan jerked in surprise at the mention of her name and managed to have the dagger that she'd hidden in a wrist-sheath halfway out before the girl whispered again her her ear. Sulan didn't understand what had been spoken, but suddenly her body when as limp as a rag doll, and the dagger fell harmlessly from her slack fingers, hitting the bench with a clatter.

The girl continued to whisper in her ear. All trace of innocence gone, replaced by a condescendingly mocking tone. "Six months ago, I never would have managed to get this close to you. Your getting weak Sulan!" The girl sneered.

The girl put an arm around Sulan and pulled her close, in a semi-hug that held no love, only a mocking contempt. "Did you really think you could leave us so simply? That we would just LET you walk out on us, Sulan?" The girl whispers, the pure joy of having someone at her mercy plain in her voice. She picks up the dagger and examines it. "You've made this yourself, I see." She turns the blade over in her hand, admiring it's keen blade. "Excellent work. Light enough for throwing, yet strong enough for stabbing and slashing. Truly a work of art, my dear."

She lowers Sulan's hood, and turns the Vulcan's head to face her. "Your such an arrogant bitch, you know that?" The girl sighs. "Just leaving it all for some rat trap of a starship. And for what?! So you can play house, and pretend your a good federation citizen?" The cold laughed, mirthlessly. "I wonder what your little friends would think, if they knew everything about you? Do still think they'd want you as their Chief of Security? I highly doubt it!" The girl pulled her even closer, fully embracing her now. Oh Sulan, what are we gonna do with you, huh?" The girl said sarcastically. "Section 31 doesn't think too highly of deserters, my dear..." She whispered, holding her face centimeters from Sulan's

Try as she might, sulan couldn't get any of her muscles to respond. She could only stare at the girl, while the rage exploded within her. If only she could mover her head just a little she could rip the girl's throat out with her teeth. Or if she could raise her arm she could crush the girl's throat with a a single hand. She could almost feel it. The look of shock that would be on her face while Sulan strangled her, finally fading to the glazed look of death as her neck snapped under the pressure...

"Oh, your trembling Sulan. Are you angry? That's not very Vulcan like. I wonder what your thinking about right now, hmmm? I bet it's nothing pleasant huh? But think about this: I f I wanted to, I could leave you just like this. Trapped in your own mind, unable to speak or move. I wonder how long you'd sit here before someone discovered you? You spend what, a good two hundred twenty years in a mental institution before you died of old age? Or better yet, if I wanted, I could slice you to ribbons with your own dagger and you wouldn't be able to lift a finger to stop me. How high is the Vulcan threshold of pain anyway?" She slowly dragged the tip of the dagger across Sulan's cheek and she felt warm copper scented green blood wash down the side of her cheek and neck.

Sulan stared directly into the girl's eyes, her rage banishing any fear. She's personally end the girls life, when the chance arose. But before she'd let the girl die, she would completely destroy the girl's mind!

"Ohhh! Your giving me SUCH a scary look!" The girl slaps Sulan. Hard. "Don't look at me like that! I don't like that look." She holds the dagger under Sulan's left eyelid. "Lower those eyes or I'll cut them out." Sulan looks away, her rage increasing to almost the mental breaking point. "Much better." Said the girl, patting Sulan's head. "you know your place with me, that's good!" She lowers that dagger. "As I was saying, 31 want you to come back to us on your own. If we wanted to take you, we could have, but we want you to know that we own you first. We've got to break that little spirit of yours, Su..."

The girl strightens Sulan's body, so it's facing forward again. "Here's the deal: There's built in safeties in your mind that keeps you from leaving us for too long. The longer you stay away from us, the more mentally unstable you'll become. It will start with growing feeling of anger, followed by increasing levels of violence. Finally, you'll end up a mindless raving lunatic!" The girl laughs again, the sound almost physically painful to Sulan. "That means, all your 'Vulcan logic', all your new friends, your position as Security Chief, none of it will mean anything, because your friends will run from you like you've got the plague, when they see how nuts you get."

The girl leans in close, kissing Sulan on the forehead. "Come back to us Su, we miss you so. The sooner you accept that we own you, the easier it will be for you, my dear. Oh, and before I forget, I'm going to keep this little dagger as a memento. You don't mind do you? I thought not." She girl whispers more strange words into her ear, and Sulan gradually feels control beginning to return to her. The girl gets up and casually walks away. "Your little friends can help you, Su. Remember that!" She disappears in the darkness.

After a few moments, Sulan is able to stand. Touching her cheek, her hand comes away, slick with her own blood. At the sight of this, a little of the rage she'd been holding in escapes, and she smashes her fist into the bench, breaking it's wooden seat into splinters with a wordless cry.

She hits her com badge. -/\- This is...S-Sulan...One to bean up..." -/\- Her voice is raw and shaking from the effort to bring herself under control.


Telek Sulan (Acting) Chief of Security U.S.S. Pegasus "When I'm done with her, she'll wish she'd never been born. I swear it."