Blue Ball # 25 - "Parting Time"

-={On}=- [Kennedy Household, Toronto, after breakfast]

Andrew sighed. It was a happy sigh, but also a sad sigh. Happy, because his stomach was full of good food for once, and sad because his time was running out, and he was returning to the ship shortly.

"You're sure you'll be okay? I don't want you getting hurt, son." Mary said to him. Behind her, Johnathan rolled his eyes as he was cleaning up the table.

"Mother, I'm over 30. I think I can manage. Besides, the doctor knows what he's doing, so I should be able to survive off him." He said, sounding quite exasperated, as if this always occurred.

"I know, but I'm your mother. I have to nag you to make sure you stay fine." She responded.

"Yeah yeah... I guess I should be going. I need to put my stuff into my room, replace stuff in my office, and play around in the holodeck." He smirked at the last one. That World War II program won't get the better of him. Never.

"Alright. Have a safe journey back to the Starbase, and keep in touch this time."

"Yes mother, I will. Bye dad. Don't kill someone in your medical practice" He smiled at the running joke in the household and opened the door outside.

"Bye Andrew, don't cause someone to suicide!" He shouted back at him, then the door closed.

[40 minutes later]

Andrew rematerialized in the transporter room of the Pegasus, with his suitcase and bought items in his hands. He strode out to his quarters, and placed his suitcase on his bed. "Hmm... my roommate hasn't returned yet. I have yet to actually talk to him. One of us is always asleep when the other enters or leaves..." Shortly after, he entered his office. First thing out was the 3d chess set. "There, now I'm ready for babysitting the Cait. Perhaps I can change Caelen's mind about the 2 weeks, make it one week... Then I have more time to myself." He pondered this, then restocked some of his personal supplies, stashed another bottle of liqour behind a stack of PADDs, sat back in his chair. He was ready to leave, whenever the others decided to make their return to the ship.

-={Off}=- A return to the horse by:

Ensign Andrew Kennedy Chief Counselor USS Pegasus