Blue Ball #19 - 20 "Back to the grind."


<Logcabin, Russia, Earth>

Her nude body stretched lazily in the warmth of the fire, though that was completely overshadowed by the lingering warmth of their soul-sharing. She marveled at his strong, nude, furry form, lazily running a hand through the fur on his chest, noting the slightly different color, and thinking that all this was just perfect.

He smiled in return to her, moving over to roll upon his side to face both her and the fire as he wrapped a loving arm about her waist as he kissed her neck.

"I love you Krrrrrrrisssssstiana." He softly whispered as they basked in the warm glow of both their actions and the hearth embers.

She'd nod, smiling, returning the kiss .. A hand running through his hair, she watched his hair drape and move, with shining eyes. "And I you .." before she frowned a bit and gently nuzzled him again .. Lazily rising to her feet, yawning and stretching again.

He smiled and looked up with admiration at the firm female body before him in the orange and red flickering light of the fireplace as he too decided to stand. As much as he didn't want to admit it, it was time for him to get back to the brig. He stood and pulled her into his arms, holding her body close for one last passionate embrace as his lips pressed to hers before releasing her so the two could get dressed.

"Waah !" shed just leaned over to pick up her underwear again when he grabbed her and pulled her into a tight embrace .. Giggling a bit as she wobbled to maintain her balance, exhausted both for having been up and active for the past 20 hours, but also for the wondrous sensations of the last 6 hours of those. She murrred softly as she kissed him back, arms wrapping around him, one hand cupping his behind, the other stroking his tail softly as she closed her eyes and just enjoyed the moment.

"I needed that..." He said with a grin, explaining his actions as he smiled and slipped on his pants to his civilian clothing.

She giggled softly and poked him. "Silly cat." ruffling his hair a bit .. Starting to get dressed as well. "If we leave now we might still be back in time." as the realisation dawned on her that she'd be putting him back in his cell, first thing upon their return. She played with the idea of stealing the shuttle and eloping with him, for a few moments before casting it aside.

"All rrrrrrright dearrrrrr." He nodded and slipped on his shirt and grabbed his jacket, slinging it over his shoulder as he used one of the hearth pokers to adjust the embers so they would naturally die out without causing a fire.

Kris needed a little more time to get dressed - bra, panties, shirt, pants, socks, shoes, jacket, wintercoat .. "Just two more days, hon .. I'll keep visiting you, though .. And you'll have these memories to keep you warm .. And those two days will be over before you know it .. "

"Hey .." She'd poke his nose, giggling softly. "You're a regular charmer, always with the compliments. You'd best watch it or I'm gonna get a Goddess-complex or something." as she finished getting dressed, made ready the cabin, then headed for the shuttle.

"You mean to tell me I haven't given you one allrrrrrrrready by worrrrrrssssshipping the grrrrrrround you walk on Krrrrrrissss? Well then I guessssss I'll have to trrrrrry harrrrder..." He said with a chuckle as he reached over and took her hand, squeezing it in his paw.

"Ha !" she laughed. "One woman who thinks she's a Goddess onboard the Peggy is enough, thank you .." meaning ofcourse her least favorite vulcan, Sulan. She entered the shuttle and started her up, the engine slowly powered up with a soft, barely audible whiiiiiine.

He smiled softly and nodded, sitting in the copilot's seat, sighing heavily.

"Well when I get out, you'll have to come down to my quarrrrrrterrrrrrssssss if you want to sssssssee me, I won't be able to ssssshow up with a bottle of champagne at yourrrrrr doorrrr for a couple weeksssss." He noted, reminding her he was under house arrest for two weeks.

"Eh .." She waved him off, dismissively, at that last bit. "Knowing Caelen and our Counselor, you'll convince him that you're not a slabbering murderous lunatic within a few days, and they'll sign your release and return to duty." as she took off and started back for space. Giving a low fly-by of her family's farm, and her mother's grave - looking at both, one last time, before heading up again.

"I think I've done that allrrrrrready. He came forrrrr an initial meeting and the two of ussssss deccccccided that the bessssst way to passsss the time he'ssssss going to be sssspending babyssssssitting me wassssss to play chesssssss." He said with a nod.

"As long as he remembers that he can send in his report to Caelen as early as he wants, so you might get out earlier. You don't have to spend two weeks playing chess if he can convince Caelen to let you out on good behaviour, earlier." she added matter-of-factly as the air outside the shuttle started to get darker and thinner .. They were on the edge of space now.

"Well, you and I and well jussssst about everrrrrrry officcccerrrrrr I talk to exccccccept Ssssssulan sssssayssss that I did the rrrrrrright thing and that I'm not rrrrrreally a dangerrrrr." He said with a shrug.

"Only a danger when you have to be." Kris added. "Which .. is a good thing. I think you'll make a splendid security officer, Ryylar. You spoke with Sulan .. Everything is arranged ? She wants you in her team ?"

"I don't know. If I had to give an opinion, I think she sssseesss me assss a loosssssse cannon. Sssssshe'sssss eitherrrrrrr afrrrrrraid of me, orrrrrr ssssshe hatessssss me forrrrrrr kicking the ssssssnot out of herrrrrr officcccerrrrrsssss and not giving herrrrr the pleasssssurrrrre. Eitherrrrr way ssssshe orrrrrderrrrred only Klingon bloodworrrrrrrmsssss assssss a meal forrrrrr them and orrrrrrderrrrrred the guarrrrrrd to give me whateverrrrrrrr I wanted inssssssstead of prrrrrrrisssson rationsssssss." He said with a shrug.

"Then you must have made a good impression on her .." Kristiana scowled. "She's got a superiority complex big enough to fill the alpha quadrant. Thinks herself superior to anything that walks, talks and breaths." She narrowed eyes a bit as she headed for the docked Pegasus. "She insulted you, to me - asked if you understood federation standard, or if she should use small words so you could understand. She thought you were someone's pet instead of a full member of the crew. I told her that I'd have her hide if she ever insulted you or any other member of my crew again, like that. I do NOT tolerate such things among my crew."

"Sssssssshe assssssked if I wanted a litterrrrrr boxxxxx insssssstead of the ssssstandarrrrrrd brrrrrrig bathrrrrrroom facccccilitiessssss and made out my attack to be a matterrrrrrr of prrrrrride and ego." He said with a bit of a snort.

"Heh .." Kris smirked a bit, then opened a channel. "Pegasus, shuttle Paramount. Requesting docking clearance." a half a moment later a voice would respond. "Roger that, shuttle paramount. You're welcome to dock in bay one. Welcome home." Kristiana turned to Ryylar "If she doesn't change her act and changes it Soon, she'll find herself on a one-way trip out of the ship. And I'm not even gonna drop out of warp for that, either."

"Well I'll keep you inforrrrrrmed when sssssshe'sssss adminissssterrrrrring my sssssecurrrrrrity examsssss forrrrrr the academy." He said, indicating he was indeed going to go through with becoming a security officer and really turn his life around for her.

She gave a nod as she gently piloted the shuttle into the Pegasus' main shuttle bay "I know .. And .. You're doing all this, for me. It's still a bit overwhelming .. And I just hope that I can be worth it."

"I'm doing it forrrrr ussssss Krrrrrrissssstiana... I want morrrrrre than anything to be therrrrre with you forrrrrr the rrrrresssst of my life. I can't do that if I'm kicked out of Ssssstarrrrrfleet. Ssssssso I do what I mussssst in orrrrrrderrrrrr to ssssstay with you." He said with a nod.

"Same difference." as she gently set the shuttle down and killed the engines. Turning to face him, looking serious and a bit guilty. "I really hope that I can be worth all that .. That I can make it worthwhile for you. So much you're giving up .. So much you're changing .. Just for me, for us - it's overwhelming for a girl .. "

"You'rrrrre my angel and the firrrrrrssssst perrrrrrrssssson in my life that hassssssn't sssssscorrrrrrned me forrrrrrr who I am. You love me forrrrrrr it. That issssss worrrrrrrth anything. Besides. If you werrrrrre in my sssshoessssss I know you would do the ssssssame assss well." He said to her.

".. Would I ?" She furrowed her brows a bit, reaching a hand over. ".. I'm old, Ryylar. Almost 40 .. I've been the way I am, for as long as I can remember. I'm not sure I Could change, if I tried. I'm still amazed that you like me, despite my age, despite the fact that my skin doesn't fit as tighly as it once did, and my boobs and ass are starting to sag a bit .. "

He smiled softly and kissed her deeply as he held her in his arms.

"Yourrrrrr maturrrrrrity issssss what issssss attrrrrrractive Krrrrrrisssstiana. You have a beautiful body and I am verrrrrry much in love with you. Now, let'sssss get me back to my ccccell beforrrrrre you get into trrrrrrouble." He said with a smile.

She closed her eyes and curled up a bit in his arms, looking for shelter, kissing back .. Would nod a bit reluctantly "Yeah .. That's probably a good idea .. " as she broke their embrace and exited the shuttle.

"Assssss much assssss I'd like you to join me dearrrrrrr, I don't think Commanderrrrrr LaBrrrrrrie would be happy, orrrrrr let usssss sssssharrrre a cccccell." He said.

She gave a nod "Well, let's go .. " as she started towards the brig. The guard let them through, and Kristiana frowned a bit as they reached his cell. ".. Two minutes late, but I'm sure Caelen won't make a big issue out of it .. " A huge yawn ".. I hope."

"I hope not too..." He said, moving to the back of the cell as the guard put up the forcefield, that damned wall of power between him and the only thing in his life he cared about at the moment.

She reached to tap the forcefield, flinching a bit as it discharged into her finger. ".. Hey .. You'll be out of here before you know it." A soft, sad smile. "Well .. I'm gonna go catch up on sleep."

"All rrrrrrright dearrrrrrr. Have a good night." He said with a nod.

"Love you .." She spoke quietly as she turned to walk away. Some of the other prisoners - most notably the security guards - wolf-whistled at her "Ice queen got laid !" one exclaimed. Kris shot him a viscious, feral look, that made him cringe. Then she was gone.

"You everrrrrr call herrrrrrr that again and I'll give them everrrrrry rrrrrreasssson to thrrrrrrow me out of Ssssstarrrrrfleet and lock me up forrrrr good you jerrrrrksssss... asssssuming of courrrrrrsssssse they find yourrrrrr bodiessssss." He snarled down the corridor to the men insulting his lover as he moved to the back of his cell and laid down on the cot to try and relax.


Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer USS Pegasus "The Ice Queen has melted"


Warrant Officer Ryylar Morale Officer USS Pegasus "There is no murder without a body."