Pandora's Box- #138, 139: Suspicious minds

ON: <<USS Pegasus, Brig>>

Ryylar waited as he sat there in his cell. He was hoping that someone would come visit him. Kristiana, Melina, Cooper, the Counselor, hell, even Commander LaBrie would be nice. Just about anything was better than the loneliness.

Sulan enters looking into each cell till she found the Cait, and the offending security officers. She speaks to the officers first: "Attention maggots, I've spoken with Lieutenant-Comander Petrova, and it seems she's already decided you punishments. That is most fortunate for you, because I would have had your positions terminated, and had you deported to Earth." She looks at the Cait. "You are the Cait called Ryylar? I trust you have been treated well?"

"That'sssssss my name. And I've been trrrrrrreated assssss well assssss sssssssomeone can be who issssss ssssssitting in the brrrrrrig." He said, standing.

She looks to the ensign who is guarding the prisoners. "Ensign, lower the force-field, so that I may enter." The ensign does this without question, remembering her training session the other day. Sulan sits on a bench across from Ryylar. "I trust you'll refrain from attacking me? I would find it disagreeable to have to have you shot." She examines the cell seeing only modern toilet facilities. "Would it be more preferable for a liter box to be provided, or, are you comfortable using human toiletries?"

He could only blink at the Security officer entering his cell.

"If you'rrrrrre herrrre to prrrrrrovoke me like yourrrrrrr juniorrrrrr officccccerrrrrsss did, then I'm assssssking you to leave rrrrrright now. I'm sssssssurrrrrre that neitherrrrrrr Commanderrrrrrr LaBrrrrrrie or Commanderrrrr Petrrrrrrova will apprrrrrreciate the idea of knowing wherrrrrrre thosssssse men inherrrrrrrited theirrrrrr attitudes." He said, standing with his hands behind his back, a full head taller than the Vulcan.

Sulan remain seated, casually eyeing him. "The statement was not meant to be an insult, though you may take it as such if you wish. I was simply inquiring as to your preference. Please sit, Mr. Ryylar. Though I have no problem with you looming over me, the ensign there is getting a bit nervous. See how he's constantly fingering his phaser?"

He sat back, not really caring for the headache that a stun setting on a phaser would give him, lounging against the wall of the cell as only a Cait could.

"So, tell me what you'rrrrrre herrrrre forrrrrr." He said with a nod.

Sulan glances at her PADD. Looking through your records, Mr. Ryylar, it seems that you were decorated for valor, in the past. How is it then, that you let my maggots overcome your better judgement?" She folds her hands in her lap, scarred hand over unscarred hand. "Though admittedly, my maggots are rude and uncoothe, for now, I hardly see how such words can result in violence."

"Lieutenant. Do you take prrrrrrride in being Vulcan? Are you a Vulcan firrrrrrssssst and a Sssssstarrrrrrfleet officccccerrrrr ssssssecond?" he asked her.

"Pride is an emotion." She says simply. "What has pride done for you, except land you in the brig and endanger your standing on this vessel?" She leans for ward slightly. "And for what? Foolish sentiment, Mr. Ryylar? If your pride was so wounded, why didn't you kill them and face execution for it? I will tell you why, because your pride wasn't so wounded that you would risk everything."

"Becausssssse capitol punissssshment hasssss been banned by the Federrrrrration excccccept forrrrrr vissssssiting the planet Talosssssss fourrrrrrr. And perrrrrrrhapsssss I phrrrrrasssssed the quesssssstion incorrrrrectly. Which arrrrrre you firrrrrrst? A Vulcan? Orrrrrr a Ssssstarrrrrfleet officcccerrrrrr?" He asked her, dodging the question about pride she had posed to him.

"No, Mr. Ryylar, I refuse to play such games. You joined this vessel knowing we have laws. To think, that you can overrule such laws, even with proper justification undermines the ideals in which the laws are based. Secondly, where does it end, Mr Ryylar? If LaBrie would insult your pride, would he be a victim of your rage? Petrova? Myself? When you you choose reason over pride MR Ryylar?"<tag>

"If you think forrrrrr one minute that I would hurrrrrrt anyone on thissssss sssssship overrrrrr a matterrrrrr of prrrrrride, then you'rrrrrre wrrrrrrrrong. It wassssn't prrrrrride that made me do that. It wasssssss them sssssexxxually harrrrrassssing one of my waitsssssstaff, calling me pussssssycat and ssssstanding up to challenge me and assssssk me what I wasssssss going to do to forrrrrrccccccce them out of my lounge. And by the tone in yourrrrrrr voiccccce and the thingssssss you'rrrrrre sssssaying, I wouldn't be sssssurrrrprrrrrissssed if you had put them up to it." He said, standing once more, but still leaning on the opposite wall. He was thinking of Kristiana and trying to keep his temper in check.

She pauses, for a moment. "You see? Were I anything but a Vulcan _I_ would be insulted by such a statement. Would I be right in assulting you for implyiing that I order my men to sexually harrass an employee of yours? And, I see by your body posture and tone that violence is once again on your mind. Is that not so?" She stands, moving to withing centimeters of him. "Are you angry, Cait? Which will it be, pride, or reason?" She tips back her head, exposing her throat. You have me, Cait. A brush of your claws across my throat would end my existance. I know for a fact that you would move quicker than I could react, being this close. People WILL insult, and anger you. That's how the universe works. Deal with it, or return to your hidey-hole on your homeworld."

"I can't." He simply replied as he reached up and tapped the medal of distinction on his chest.

"Thissssss wasssss given to me aboarrrrrrrd the USsssSsss Rrrrrrhode Island, a Sssstarrrrrrfleet diplomatic vessssel. I wasssss in the lounge with all of the cccccivilianssss aboarrrrrrd when Brrrrrreen terrrrrorrrrrisstsssss attacked usssss and invaded the ssssship. I had to make a choicccccce then. To attack and kill the Brrrrrrreen waving theirrrrrrr disssssruptorrrrrr pissssstolssss and kill them, orrrrrr line up againssssst the wall and be ssssslaughterrrrrred. But what I did made it ssssssso that I could neverrrrrrr sssssset foot on any Caitian worrrrrrrld everrrrrrr again. How would you rrrrrreact to know that thrrrrrrroughout the galaxxxxxy the vasssstnesssss of sssssspaccccce that therrrrrre wassssss nowherrrrrrre that you belonged?" He asked her, his eyes narrowed as he looked at her. He moved and put his hands before him open palmed to show her the universal posture of peace.

She steps back from him. "I, too, am in a state of near exile from my people. In fact, until recently, I've been doing thing that would be considered 'disreputable' to many in starfleet. Just recently, I had to break the cheekbone of one of my ensigns. Not out of anger or pride, but to protect his life. He, like the others in the security team must have absolute faith in my authority. If I allow them to insult and belille me, then, in combat, they will have no faith in me, or the orders I give. Mr. Ryylar, You and I, and everyone one this vessel are working toward something greater than ourselves. Something that goes beyond honor, pride, and emotion. Through the Federation and it's laws, we can become that which all sentient being seek. Perfection. A socety with no such things as outcasts. But to do that, we have to work within the bounds of the laws we create."

"Then tell me how in a sssssssoccccciety that claimsssssss the perrrrrrrfection of rrrrrrridding itssssssself of idiotic classsssss and rrrrrrraccccce rrrrrrrrole intensssssssive conccccepts ssssssuch assssss racccccissssm and sssssexissssm, can therrrrrre be lawssssssss which punissssssh thossssssse who sssssstand up againsssssst rrrrrrracccccissssstssssss and ssssssexisssstsssss? It isssss assssss you might sssssssay Lieutenant... illogical." He finished, punctuating that word.

"Law, is blind Mr Ryylar. Harrassment is harrassment, and assault is assault. Can we forgive, one, and not the other? You cannot answer a crime, with another crime." She sits again. You will give out of this cell eventually, Mr Ryylar, but unless you change your mental outlook, you'll soon be returned here. I would like you to concider joining my security detail. Since you seem to want the universe to be a better place why not help make it so?"

"Sssssssso what wasssss I to do? Allow them to harrrrrrasssss ussss? Call ssssssecurrrrrrity perrrrrrhapssss? They werrrrrre allrrrrrready therrrrrrre and it wassssss fourrrrrr of them verrrrrrssssssusss mine and the Waitrrrrrrrressssssessss word. Who would you believe? Fourrrrrr Ssssssecurrrrrity commissssssioned officccccerrrrrssss? Orrrrrrr two non commissssssioned crrrrrrrrrew?" He asssssked her.

"Is your faith in the command staff so lacking that you could not count on thieir judgement to control the staff underthier command?"

"Obvioussssssly if they werrrrre rrrrrranking officccccerrrrrrssss then theirrrrrrr behaviorrrrrr hassssn't gone punisssssshed thusssss farrrrrr and the command ssssstaff of thisssss vesssssel hadn't taken ssssssssufficcccient ssssstepsssss to dissssscipline them." He said, making an observation. He knew he was right.

"We are in agreement in that respect. But, I now command the security detail, and as such, there will be discipline in ways they have yet to fathom." She stands motioning for the ensign to let her out. "It was agreeable to speak with you Mr. Ryylar. Please consider my offer. You would make a valuable addition to the security team." She exists the cell, and calmly addresses the head guard. "Ensign, please assign a ration of Klingon blood-maggots to all of my security officers who were involved in the harrassment incident. I want them to eat that, and only that for the remainder of their stay in the brig. Also, Allow Mr Ryylar access to what ever food he deems acceptible." She exits the brig without looking back.

He nodded to her offer and watched her leave, smirking as he learned of the security officer's punishment for her guards. It would be a cold day in hell when he would do something to earn her wrath like that.


A provoking JP by:

Lt JG Telek Sulan Chief Security USS Pegasus How about "Blood-maggot a la Pegasus is on the menu today."


Warrant Officer Ryylar Morale Officer USS Pegasus "I don't do things for pride."