[USS Pegasus] Pandora's Box #136 - 137 "Big Blue Ball"

-={On}=- [Bridge, USS Pegasus]

T'Rell walked out of the turbolift onto the bridge, he had a good meditation session. He did double the time meditating what he does normally, but he needed it. His fiancée B'Inca joined him after she got a shot from the doctor as well. "Ensign T'Rell, reporting for duty Commander, the doctor thought it would be logical for me to resume duties after I had some meditation." T'Rell walked towards the CO's chair. "Just in time to stable the horse." T'Rell said towards his Commander who was seated in the center chair. Most of the other officers were out to get a shot of anti-virus. "Permission to get back to work, sir?" He said facing the view screen on which stars were passing by.

"Permission granted Ensign, assume the helm... if I am not mistaking you also have communications" they were working on a skeleton bridge crew minus the Tactical officer. That left Caelen, T'Rell and an Ops officer. Caelen waited for T'Rell to sit down "Now then Ensign, get me Starfleet on the line"

T'Rell made a slight bow towards his Commanding Officer and turned towards the helm position. He sat down and first checked the course, he scrolled through a variety of other navigational charts and then stopped at a screen of the exterior of the Centaur class. T'Rell pulled up the communications window in his viewscreen. He pressed in the frequency of Starfleet Headquarters, "Hailing frequencies are open sir" T'Rell said like a real communications officer.

Caelen rose from his chair as the viewscreen changed to the main ops of Starfleet HQ "Good afternoon, sir, Commander Caelen LaBrie requesting a place to dock" he said in an official tone to the Admiral who answered the 'call'

The admiral nodded "I presume the outbreak has been taken care off Commander?" he asked before giving Caelen permission to dock.

"Aye Sir, our Doctor is inoculating the crew as we speak, hence the empty bridge I'm on" Caelen smirked a bit motioning around him showing the Admiral the empty room he was in.

"Very well, you've been cleared to dock, welcome home Commander" the admiral nodded to his comm officer to cut the transmition and the viewscreen went back to a sight of the blue planet.

"The estimated time of arrival 5 minutes and 24 seconds, sir, not including docking time. Then I will be able to start the docking-procedures." T'Rell turned his face looking up to his commander now standing next to him. "Were there any incidents while I was onconscious?" T'Rell asked, not knowing what happened on the rest of the ship, with everyone speaking their thoughts. "It would seem logical on a ship with humans speaking their thoughts, that accidents tend to occur." He continued.

"I broke my little ship..." Caelen remarked casually and then turned to T'Rell a bit more seriously "...some egos were harmed and personal feelings aired... perhaps this was what we needed" he sighed a bit watching as T'Rell made his way around the big blue ball in front of them "So had any good dreams while you were down and out?"

"Broke your little ship sir? Why?" T'Rell asked very serious, as he was eager to repair it for him. "Maybe I should take a look at it sir." T'Rell offered his captain. "Sometimes it can be good to say how you feel, that is logical, and you know that all to well commander." He turned his face back to his console, turning off the 'auto-pilot' and started flying himself. "This is great captain, ever flown this Centaur class manual, sir?" The Vulcan asked his Commander who has had a history of being at the helm.

"Not this one Ensign... but I was on graveyard shift on two ships..." Caelen said making clear that he had his fair share of 'manual' flight hours. "...and I broke it because I needed to throw something and that was the closest throwable thing" "What classes of ships sir?" T'Rell asked interested. The blue planet came closer on the viewscreen, as a Miranda Class flew by.

"In my Fourth year as a cadet, a Galaxy class, the USS Gemini..." he thought a bit more "...then on an Intrepid, the USS Intrepid..." he sighed a bit "Starfleet never was original..." he smirked "...anyway, after that I got posted on a Excelsior, but that was beta-shift... after that I went to Command school to train for an XO's job"

"Fascinating sir, those are beautiful ships. I have models of both ships. They are extremely detailed, I hand-painted them myself, very peace giving work.” A beep indicated that there were 2 minutes left until docking. T'Rell did some pre-docking procedures on his console.

"Well ships seem to come standard with miniatures these days..." Caelen joked before strolling back to his seat "...ensign open the internal com system, I've got an announcement everybody should hear"

"I will sir," T'Rell pressed two buttons and opened the internal com system. A tune played and so everybody knew there was going to be an announcement.

"Crewmen, women and everything else of the Pegasus... this is your commander speaking, I hope that all of you have visited the Doctor for your shots" he grinned a bit at his own remark "We are currently docking with an orbital station of Earth but nobody will leave the ship untill we have the green light of the Doc." he took a moment to let this sink in "additionally, I hope every man, woman and everybody of other genders is Starfleet enough to forget all the things that other crewmembers might have said to you in the past few days..." he smirked a bit knowing what happened between Black and Evans "...unless off course something beautiful has grown from it... Enjoy your time on Earth, LaBrie out"


Cmdr Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer USS Pegasus "I have more NPCs then Kristiana"

Ensign T'Rell Chief Flight Control Officer USS Pegasus "Fascinating"