Re: Pandora's Box #131, 132, 133, 134 - "Next!"


[USS Pegasus, a rather crowded Main Sickbay]

It was like a standing reception, only people were not really having fun. Security had have to break up a few fights already, after the people in that line had said a few things too much about someone in the same line within hearing distance. In other parts of the line songs were heard being sung with the meagrest of interest, only to keep thoughts away from things, that could lead to fights, only adding to the uneasy atmosphere. At least the line was moving quickly, but it would still take the better part of an hour before everyone would have disappeared into sickbay, and come out again, a lot less talkative, but a lot more happy... In the back of a line was a Romulan mumbling a song to himself loosly translated to 'I put a little jar of lard on the table', followed by "...and I know I am gay... DAMN!" Several people in line turned around and looked at him, some because of the curse, some because of what came before it.

Nalash looked around a man in a yellow uniform that was in front of her to see who it was that cursed and just admitted he was gay... probably for the tenth time today "poor guy... and it's all my fault..." she whispered to herself straighening up again and restart the count on how manny hairs were on the neck of the man before her.

Lt. Black was actually one of the few people being very quiet. Had she found a way to control her thoughts? Unlikely. Her thoughts were scattered sufficiently that none of them were clear enough to speak. After a while of listening and looking around, she did speak, quietly. "I hate long lines. I should probably leave and come back later." She glanced along the back of the line and noticed the woman behind her. "She's prettier than I am," she commented quietly and without rancor.

Evans was on his way to the sickbay, as he turned the corner and saw the immense line in the corridor. "Oh no, you have got to be kidding me...", he said. And as he reached the end of the line, seing who were accompanying him there he said it once again, slapping his forehead "Oh no, you have GOT to be kidding me... Not that it's bad to see you, it's just not that comfortable in this state. Not that you wouldn't know, but it's just that I just can't seem to shut up... Nope, very hard... 1, 2, 3..."

Nalash snickered a bit looking over her shoulder "It's not as bad as walking in on me while I was changing..." she then realized what she had said "...not that you ever did such a thing" she added hoping at least somebody would believe her.

"Or as bad blabbing your biggest secret out every five seconds... You know, the one of me being homose-APIENS! Not gay, I AM NOT GAY! Just different... AARGH!" was what Letek added to the conversation.

Kitty listened and frowned, glancing back and forth... and replying to just about everybody, her voice quiet, but just barely able to be distinguished. "You what?" she said unwillingly as Nalash let loose her bit of bombshell. She then closed her eyes, blushing just slightly. "None of my business, none of my business, none of my..." She heard Letek's contribution. Who couldn't? She blinked and her next words came out a little louder and clearer. "So? Why do you keep saying that and then denying it over and over? Nobody's going to dump you out the airlock for it." Then she winced and sighed, putting her hand to her head. "I hate crowds."

"Yea, well, guess who he fancies... You've got some stiff competition... ARGH! I need that cure SOOO bad!" Evans added to the conversation. "We could also just try to Shut up" Nalash sighed a bit and now fully turned around to Evans "I'm sorry Lieutenant..." she hessitated a bit "...for giving you this virus" "Oookaay, that sounded a bit odd," Evans said "Eh... nothing happened! She just lost her balance putting her pants on! Oh man... This doesn't work at all, does it?"

"None of my business, none of my... It doesn't matter much anyways," Kitty said, as that last bit of conversation got through. "It's probably why I never date. Everyone else is prettier and more stylish. I'm just a silly engineering geekette with a cello. Whatever would anyone be interested in me for?" She sighed. "I wish I hadn't said all that. Ah well." Nalash looked around Evans "you're not ugly... I bet there are guys just dying to date you... Isn't that right Evans?" she pushed Ronald teasingly not knowing what happened between the Chief Ops and Engineer earlier in sickbay.

Evans looked at Nalash, at Kitty, at Nalash, at Kitty again, at Letek and finally at Kitty... "Eh... Ah screw it! Kitty, I like you. I like you a lot. You could even say I probably love you... Nalash is just eye candy... I mean... You're probably pretty good at whatever you do, Nalash, but I don't know you. You're just a hot babe... Eh... You know what I mean..." "And as for you, Letek, you're gay, so what... It's just that I'm not... Eh... Yeah, that sounds about right..."

"I AM NOT GAY! Oh, wait... I am... I'ts OK to be gay in Starfleet... Just not on Romulus..." Letek blurted out and followed up with that odd lard-song of his again...

Nalash had turned around again "story of my life..." she commented to herself, she had always been seen as the hot girl and never as the good friend or even serious relationship ' know Sublieutenant..." she got the attention of the Romulan exchange officer "...if you ever change your mind about the Gay thing I am willing to get to know you better"

"You.. do? I mean.. I kind of know you do.. because you said it in Sickbay.. kind of... I guess... I have kind of a low opinion of myself," Kitty said in reply to Evan's confession. "But I do like you, and I have for a while... and I'd like to get to know you better. I've thought in recent days that it would be neat to ask you if you could teach me more about automobile engines. I don't know much about them, but I'm really interested in finding out. But then I think I'm not brave enough to ask. Uh.. but.. I just did... Oh well, it's not like I'm doing much worse than most of the people in line." Kitty smiled wryly. "I really didn't mean that last part the way it sounded."

Ronald Evans did something that was completely not Ronald Evans. He stepped in front of Kitty, and spontaneously pulled into a tight hug. He immediately released her again, not wanting to invade her personal space for too long, and said with a wide grin:"I would love to tell you more about automobile engines... And not just that silly thing that is supposed to be powering that silly car of mine."

Letek looked at Nalash:"I would love to... Well, get to know you, that is... Now you talk about it, changing my mind about being gay too... Makes life a lot simpler, not having to pretend and all... Ngj... jar of jar of jar of jar of lahahard already on the table..."

Kitty blinked and gasped in surprise at the hug, but she didn't object. She blinked and then laughed out of sheer relieved happiness, her dark eyes sparkling. "That sounds absolutely wonderful. I can hardly wait." She smiled brightly, then tilted her head a little to the side. "Does everybody call you 'Evans'? Is that what you still want me to call you, too?" A sigh of relief as Ronald saw that Kitty reacted well to his hug. "Well, my front name is Ronald or Ron... But friends, enemies and superior officers tend to call me Evans... I don't know why, but then it's not something I really care about anyway... As long as the dude has a name..."

"I'm sorry... I didn't mean to sound rude... just trying to make conversation" in all the talking and blurting out things Nalash didn't notice that it was almost her turn to step up and get the injection, they had entered sickbay some time ago. "Finally salvation..." she whispered to herself trying to look and estimate how long she had to wait still.

"Evans, then. It's easier to remember," Kitty said without thinking, then chuckled a bit. She was minding this less and less. "This is probably in the top ten of most interesting days I've ever had. It certainly isn't in the top ten worst list."

Evans actually blushed at that last remark.

"Thanks, I guess..." he said, smiling brightly. "I would really love to take you out for a lovely diner some evening, and spend a VERY romantic night with you... Oh darn! I didn't mean that! No wait, I did mean that, I just didn't mean to say that out loud! ARGH! Russell! Hurry up!" Kitty blushed badly at Evans' unintended comment. "Uhm..." She chuckled. "I'll have to get something to wear, when I'm visiting my grandparents on Earth. I dumped most of my nice dresses when I switched vessels. Starfleet only lets you bring a certain amount of luggage, and cellos are heavy.. I stashed most of my stuff between the neck and the case. Just soft stuff, that wouldn't damage it. Heh. Is it my turn yet?"

Russell heard his roommate Evans complaining out loud somewhere in the long queue of anxious crewmembers. "Wait for your turn, Lieutenant. There's enough for everyone." he said somewhat loud in his direction while curing another crewmember from the darned disease. Letek saw the end of the line, and the beginning of the light at the end of the dark tunnel:"Finally I can stop telling people that i'm gay... ARGH! Hit me already... If not with a hypospray, do it with a large freight train!" Russell heard a lot of remarks from people who very much liked to get rid of the disease. But the remark by Letek was a first. He injected te Romulan with the cure and smirked "That was the hypo. Freight trains are down the hall, to the left."

As the medicine kicked in, Letek shook his head... <Whoa, what a rush... Wait a second, I didn't hear anything...> "I'm cured... YES! Yey! No need for that freighttrain! Thanks doc!" he exclaimed...

Nalash was getting anxious now as there was only one big sturdy yellow shirt between her and the cure. "Come on... don't hog it all for yourself" Nalash complained a bit as the guy in front of her took a rather long time recieving the injection. The guy finally recieved and injection and walked out of the line back to the exit "yes!" Nalash shouted in exitement moving closer to the Doc "hit me doc..." she said excited " I glad this is over..."

"Like I said, there's enough for everyone." Russell said to keep the peace. With everybody in the back still speaking their thoughts, it was quite a mess. "OK, Hank, you're good to go." he said to the officer standing in front of Nalash. "You're next. I'm not sure it works on Orions, though." Russell joked. "ohw it better work!" Nalash reacted to the Docs joke, not taking it to well.

"I'm sure this'll make you feel better." Russell said while injecting the hypo in her arm. "You might feel a bit lightheaded in a second or two." he said warning her for the sudden brain freeze the medicine caused. Nalash felt another shiver across her back <Now let's hope it works> she thought, she actually thought again! "Thank you Doc!" she exlaimed before a small kiss on his cheek as an additional thanks.

That was a first for Russell too. "You're welcome." he said to Nalash with a smile on his face. Then he turned back to face the long line waiting and said "Next!" like he was a market salesman.

Nalash pranced out of sickbay a reborn girl "Woohoo!!!" she shouted before eying a crewmember <you're hot...> "it feels good!" she winked at the crewmember before passing him and making way to the science labs, to wrap up the experiments she was conducting on the box.

Ronald gave Kitty an encouraging push in the back."You're next... Only fair, as you were in front of me, and that means you're first... Oh bother... Just a few more seconds..." Kitty chuckled. "Thanks. Believe me, I'm ready. More than." Then she looked up at Russell. "Oh... uhm... I'm sorry for yelling at you, earlier," she said, looking embarrassed. "I was just frustrated and tense." "No hard feelings." Russell smiled. "I wasn't at my best either." he said while injecting Kitty with the cure. "This situation caused a lot of stress for everybody. Some thoughts are just thoughts for a very good reason." he winked. "Anyways, you're cured."

"Yeah, though in my case, there hasn't been much difference. My grandmother used to tell me I needed to replace the switch between my brain and my mouth." Kitty chuckled, then closed her eyes as she was injected. "Thanks.. Wow..." She shuddered and swayed slightly at the sudden 'brain freeze' rush. "I'm ok I'm ok..." Then she took a deep breath and nodded. "Thanks."

"Hello my dear roommate... Would you mind and hurry up giving me a shot too? Like, as soon as possible?" Ronald said to the doc, actually being in a rather good mood... "You're welcome." Russell said to Kitty and turned back to the next patient, Evans. "You seem in a good mood, considering the circumstances." he said to Ronald smiling. "Here you go." he added while injecting the hypo in his arm. "It comes with a slight rush. Goes great with Tequila." Russell grinned.

"What do you mean? What does this have to do with... Whoa! Never mind..." Ronald said, as the medicine kicked in. "I believe you now know what I meant by that." Russell smirked. "Thinking some bad thoughts already?" he asked slightly amused while the next patient was already standing in front of him, waiting for the relieving shot.

Kitty snickered from where she was standing, off seperate from the line, watching. "If the cure didn't work, I'd have said something by now." "I'm sure this only cures the thoughts spoken as the result of the disease." Russell said while he turned around and faced Kitty. "I don't think the switch your grandmother was referring to has been set otherwise. If it does, let me know." he said smiling. "There could be a huge market for it." he smirked while injecting the ensign next to him. "There you go. Next!" Russell said to the next person in line.

<I could kiss you right here and now doc...> Evans thought to himself.<Oh no! I didn't say that... Please don't let me have said that... Hey wait, I didn't say that...> " I didn't say that!" "I heard you, Evans!" Russell smirked at Ronald. Evans turned very pale at that remark, and it took him a few seconds to realise that the doc was rattling his chain... "Very funny doc!" He said, a bit annoyed at first, but he saw the humor in it pretty soon... "Thanks doc! Come on, let's go, Kitty... Have a bite to eat..."

Kitty smiled brightly. She'd been half afraid that their tenuous relationship would vanish like summer mist once the cure had been enacted. "Sounds good to me! Thanks, doctor!" as she stepped up to join Evans.

Russell watched Ronald and Kitty walk out of sickbay togehter. <Maybe this disease had some positive effects after all...> Russell tohught to himself. Not a lot of time to ponder, the queue was still very long. With a faint smile on his face he said "Next!"


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