Pandora's Box #129 "Training Day"

Melina sat down at her small desk in her quaters, she sighed softly and relaxed with her elbows on the table.

"Computer start recording" Melina said softly.


Personal Log Ensign Melina Bradbury Stardate 59790.2

I know don't know who's worse at the moment. I normally find humans..difficult at the best of times. I never have understood them completely. Not even my own father.

How do I talk about my own people, Caitian's have in the past fought wars and one single world war. That nearly devestated my subspecies...I'm between two worlds and when they collide, boy do they collide. For time without reason we have banned...I mean our leaders the United Clans of Cait... I know that the act of fighting is seen to be beneath us, but why do we still have a warrior system. The use of claws is very much banned but I sometimes question that myself. It is not that was have forgot to fight far from it. We have chosen ..the peacefull way. Cait has in the past pulled out of the UFP because of various things including the Cardassian Wars, and the recent Dominion war. But when it came to our home world threatened by the Borg we changed our tune. We fought every way we knew...and still we lost over six thousand of our people. It was a wake up call to my generation.

I have looked thought the Cait information net, it's rather helpful when your mother is a retired Admiral from our space fleet. I looked up a single individual named Ryylar. From what he as said to me and what I have read it seems that his last ship had been boarded by the Breen. So he acted to save his own life and that of others. I'm sending a sub-space package to my Mother. We...don't speak as often as we should mostly because of fathers death. I have earned my right of statement, I have recorded a message speaking out against the unwothy treatment of Ryylar and what many consider to be..of mixed heritage and how our present system is failing our world. Ryylar speaks of doing the right thing but does not seem to hold on to it.

I guess Ryylar needs to know that we, our generation that is will not go gently into the night. We will fight at ever step, change or die someone once said. Our genetic mix is fine but the warrior spirit that was forged into us by the Goddess is weakening. This above all, to thine own self be true an Eath poet once said. We are not being ture to ourselves or our race. We are perdetors to weaken our spirit is just as well as commiting suicide which is very much so against our ways. perhaps the Klingons know and understand us better than humans. They still hold the warrior spirit if a Klingon dies in battle it as seen as a good thing, they have brought honor to their family, house and themselves.

Why do we Caitians see it the other way, why do we cry and lament. I've never really understood it. Honor....or the lack of it...that's another thing. I mean Ryylar seems to be the only other Caitian on bord the ship. I would not want to make him feel like every Caitian has deserted him. Lets be nice about it some of the Clan leaders and a few of the older families detest me. Mostly because I'm of mixed heritage not pure in my Cait genes. I'm gonna go see if he's been released really soon.

End log.

Ensign Melina Bradbury Acting Chief Science Officer USS Pegasus NCC 49885