Pandora's box #124 - 125 "Hannah O'Driscoll. Yes, daughter of."


<Transporter room, USS Pegasus>

given to the chief "G'morning Ma'am !" he'd tell her. "Mornin' Ensign." she'd reply. She just came from sickbay where she had received the antidote to what has been called the 'blabbermouth disease' so she could finally keep her thoughts to herself. <That will be very useful when meeting new crew .. > she quietly mused, marveling at the fact that the transporter chief didn't hear it. Then the trademark blue field started to form .. The new crewmember was arriving.

Hannah kept her eyes tight closed until she was sure she had fully materialised. It was a stupid habit she knew, but her dislike of transporters was something she had never been able to shake. While she wasn't afraid of them, she just wasn't comfortable with the idea of having her entire body atomised and flung across space. It was just plain weird. She opened her eyes to see a woman in red wearing Lieutenant Commander's pips standing by the transporter desk. She adjusted the strap of her travelbag, and stepped off the platform.

"Lieutenant Junior Grade Hannah O'Driscoll reporting for duty, Ma'am." She said, saluting just for good measure. <Might as well make every effort before they dismiss me out of hand>

"At ease, Lieutenant." was the auburn-haired, older woman's first reply, as she saluted briefly. Then offering a hand in greet, along with a soft smile " .. and welcome aboard. I'm Lieutenant Commander Kristiana Petrova, ship's XO. You're lucky we managed to stop the epidemic when we did, or you wouldn't have been able to come on board at all." Kristiana motioned towards the door, indicating Hannah to follow, before she made her way out of the transporter room.

"Yes Ma'am." Hannah said, as they walked. "I heard a little about the epidemic - it seemed rather serious."

"More annoying than serious .. We could still function as a crew - for the most part. " The russian woman would offer to take one of Hannah's bags, as they walked towards a turbo-lift. "I admit I've not yet found the time to read your profile, Lieutenant .. Why did you choose the Peggy ? I'm sure there are other, more prestigious ships around .. " <Tag>

<Oh, it's very simple, Ma'am - no one else would have me, as they think I'd follow in my father's footsteps, and sell them out to the enemy> Hannah thought sarcastically. She decided to go with something a little more politically correct. "Well, ma'am, there weren't many openings, and the Pegasus just seemed...right."

She paused in her steps, looking at Hannah for a moment. " .. Just seemed right ? Well, that's fair enough, I suppose. I couldn't help but notice your family name, though .. O'Driscoll .. That name rings a bell." Kristiana started walking again. She glanced at Hannah, to gauge her response. She knew full well who that other O'Driscoll was, and she was testing Hannah.

<And the world record for shortest time served on a starship goes to...> "My father was Rear Admiral Andrew O'Driscoll, ma'am - he was court-martialled and imprisoned for Gross Corruption and Treason seven years ago."

"Yes. Yes, that would be why that name rang a bell." Kristiana replied. "Would this have anything to do with there not being many openings onboard more prestigious ships ?" she moved into a turbolift and called out the deck number .. the lift started moving when Hannah was inside.

Hannah admitted defeat. "Yes Ma'am - they seem to think that hiring the offspring of a disgraced ex-Admiral is an unwise decision." She frowned. "Not that serving on your ship is in any way a step down for me." she hurried to cover over the fact that she had agreed that serving on the Pegasus was not a prestigious position. "I'm thrilled to be here."

"Oh I know that the Peggy isn't as big as a Galaxy, powerful as a Sovereign, fast as an Intrepid or pretty as an Akira .. But she's proven, reliable and true. Besides - " Kris would add with a soft smirk " - being small and insignificant meant that we don't get the real dangerous missions, which is good for morale as well as our stress-levels." She looked at Hannah for a moment before continuing. "On this ship, we judge a person by their actions, Lieutenant. Not their name. Who your father is doesn't matter, on this ship. And any crewman who disagrees with this, will have to answer to Me, personally."

"Thank you, Ma'am." Hannah said, somewhat touched. "That...means a lot to me. If there's anything you need, I'm your man...uh...woman." <Nice one. Now she thinks you're gender -confused.> "If I could be so bold, Ma'am - why are you taking a risk on me? It's all very well to say that you're judging me on results, but I'm still a liability to have on your ship - you've done your reputation no good by bringing me onboard."

"As I said earlier, I didn't yet have a chance to properly read through your profile. But your record shows good work, you're experienced, and you've shown an ability and a desire to work hard and pull long hours." The turbolift stopped, Kristiana stepped out, expecting Hannah to follow her. "We can always use a hardworking crewmember which doesn't complain." Especially on a ship like the Peggy, which still needs hard work to operate, compared to those modern, fully computerised ships that can fly themselves."

"My last posting was onboard a Steamrunner, Ma'am - I'll well used to kicking antiquated systems into line." Hannah grinned. "As long as your engineers can get it working, I'll be able to work with it."

Kristiana would smirk in reply. "You'll find our chief very capable, I'm sure." as she rounded a corner and halted in front of a door. "These are your quarters. I'd apologise for their cramped-ness and lack of luxury, but after that pregnant shuttlecraft Steamrunner I'm sure you'll find them copious and extravagant." she smirked as she unlocked and opened the door for Hannah.

Hannah walked into the middle of the room, and stratched out her arms. "I can't touch both walls." She grinnned. "This is definitely a step up. Thank you, ma'am."

"You're welcome. Now .. I should head back to work, got a lot of paperwork to work through." The Russian woman would nod "If there's anything you need, just call, and someone might actually come to help." she'd joke.

"It'd make a change" Hannah grinned. As the superior officer left, she collapsed onto the bed. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all.


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