Pandora's Box- #105,106: Folsom Prison Blues

ON: <<USS Pegasus, Brig, Cell Four B>>

Ryylar sat in his cell, his head leaning back against the wall. He had cried all the tears he cared to cry about this and now just waited for time to pass.

The guard was friends with the other four guards down the cell block that he had fought with, so there was certainly no sympathy to be had here.

Alyson walked in the brig in a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers, spoke briefly with a guard and walked past him, glancing back as she made her way to Ryylar's holding cell. "Hey, heard about the brawl. You okay, boss?"

"I'm alive and in betterrrrrrr ssssshape than the otherrrrrrr fourrrrrr, but I'm confined herrrrrre forrrrrr the next thrrrrrrree dayssssss." he said solemnly to her as he looked up at her.

"So whoever is doing the day shift will be boss until you get out," she assumed, since she usually worked the graveyard shift, from midnight until about breakfast time.

"Yeah..." he said with a slow nod. It was as if the life had been sucked out of him. He felt like it was Cait all over again. Rules and laws were one thing, but when they punished the innocent for defending those who couldn't defend themselves, the laws needed to be changed.

"If you want, I can probably switch shifts with Virginia until you get back. Besides, the bouncers are more ferocious during the graveyard shift than they are in the afternoon. So, she'll get a bit more cover that way," she suggested, looking back at the other cell, where four security officers were sitting, looking just as, if not more, pitiful than her employer.

"No, Virrrrginia ssssshould prrrrrrrobably be off worrrrrrk for a few dayssssss. Karrrrrrrzai can manage." He said with a slow nod. He looked at her.

Alyson shrugged. It didn't make much of a difference. Either way, the girls would still get harassed at one point or another. It was just a matter of time. She just counted herself lucky it hasn't happened to her yet. She stretched and yawned. "Anything you want done in the meantime?"

"Yeah, tell the ssssstaff I'm sssssorrrrrry, and jussssst to rrrrrrrelax and forrrrrrget the whole thing." He said with a nod.

"Hey, don't be sorry. Was their fault if the ruckus started in the first place," she replied, smiling a bit, and pointing her thumb over her shoulder towards the other officers in the brig. "They should know better than to be little SOBs."

"And yet while everrrrrryone keepssssss ssssaying that I've done the rrrrrrrright thing, I'm ssssssstill sssssssitting herrrrrrre." He said.

"Shut up you stupid feline. This is your damn fault." yelled one of the officers next door.

Alyson whirled her head around, then walked over to the other cell. "You're lucky I wasn't there, you would have gotten your ugly eyes poked out by my stilettos," she snarled. "Unlike other people, I don't give a damn about your rank."

"Oooooo feisty little sweetheart. You're cute when you're angry." The large one that sported the most bruises and wore a Lieutenant's rank insignia said. "I'm out of your league, old man. Don't push it." She turned around and went back to the object of her visit. "So, yeah, where were we? Keep business up as usual, okay. I'll pass by the Den before I take a nap."

"Thankssssss Cooperrrrrr. Glad you'rrrrrre not upssssset with me." He said.

"Hey honey you should try a real man instead of a pussy cat." Called one of the other security officers.

"No problem, boss," she said, tipping her imaginary hat, then turned to leave. "Last I checked, one of you was a pussy, and it most certainly wasn't the cat. Now eat the bird," she called out, lifting her middle finger behind her back, before vanishing through the door. Low call, she knew, but still efficient.


A JP by:

Warrant Officer Ryylar Jailcat USS Pegasus


Crewman Recruit Alyson Cooper Yeoman/Barwench USS Pegasus