Pandora's Box- #102,103, 104: Lose Lose situations...

ON: <<USS Pegasus, Corridor outside of the Lounge>>

Ryylar knew he had to face the music sooner or later, so he tapped his comm badge.

=/\= Ryylar to Commander LaBrie... =/\=

=/\= LaBrie here, what seems to be the problem? =/\= he sighed a bit =/\= since it's always a problem they wouldn't contact me to say thank you or give me shoulder pad... =/\= he muttered just loud enough for the comm to pick up.

=/\= Well sssssirrrrrrr I prrrrresssssume that you've rrrrrrread Commanderrrrrrr Petrrrrrrova'sssss incccccident rrrrrrreporrrrrrt. I am on my way to the Brrrrrridge now to ssssspeak with you about it.=/ \= He said.

=/\= I have yet to recieve any report from Petrova, but don't let that hold you back... I'll contact her to meet us in my ready Room, LaBrie out =/\= he closed the channel just in time to avoid speaking "and what the hell did you do now..." over the comm, now only the walls had heard his remark. He tapped his badge =/\= LaBrie to Commander Petrova, please report to my ready room =/\=

=/\= On my way, Sir. =/\= and approximately 1.86 seconds later, she'd waltz into the readyroom. Well, that's what you get for putting your readyroom just off the bridge and asking a bridge officer to report. "You rang, Sir ?"

"Warrant Officer Ryylar is on his way here... and I want to know why" Caelen was all business, no sign of a smile that normally decorated his face, this virus had taken the better of him and everybody could see now he really wasn't Mister Nice Guy.

"Ah .. That would be the bar room brawl incident. I just finished typing up my report, Sir. Here it is." She'd hand him the PADD, with her report on it. She quietly started counting again. She found that that worked remarkably well to keep her thoughts where they belonged.

He stepped through the corridors and hopped in a turbolift, taking it all the way up to the bridge. Quickly jogging across the deck, he chirped the door chime of Commander LaBrie's Ready Room.

Caelen almost snatched the PADD from her hands "A Brawl?!" he just managed to keep his voice down a bit. He quickly read through the report before the chime rang, he was almost furious "Enter!" he shouted at the sound of the chime.

"Yes Sir. A brawl. Several security officers started it. I finished it." She resumed counting .. Giving Ryylar a nod, as the feline entered.

He walked in and stood there just as he heard the word enter, standing at perfect attention, eyes staring straight ahead. The way his rigid body stood it led one to believe that even a horomonally imbalanced overaggressive Klingon Drill Instructor couldn't have phased him.

"Sit..." Caelen order both his officers before he stood up from his chair, he strolled around a bit looking at the stars, he muttered something under his breath which not even he himself could hear.

She continued to quietly count as she sat down, leaning back a bit, crossing her legs, folding her hands in her lap. She just watched Caelen, waiting for him to read the PADD. That would save her a Lot of explaining.

He sat down quickly and watched Commander LaBrie with a blank face. He wasn't scared. He wasn't upset. He wasn't even slightly nervous.

"So if I understand this correctly..." Caelen started before turning around to Ryylar " hit not one but Five superior officers?" he was angry, not even a Tellarite would want a conversation with him now.

"Ranking .. Not Superior. 'Superior' people don't go insulting, using racist remarks and almost raping crewmen." She couldn't help it. Atleast she had an excuse. The virus made her say that.

Caelen leaned forward and looked at Kristiana "I don't recall asking for your opinion Commander" he bit at her before turning to Ryylar "Answer my question Warrant Officer"

"Fourrrrr ssssirrrrr... Therrrrrre werrrrrre only fourrrrrrr." He said in answer to LaBries questions.

Caelen sighed "You hit them, yes or no?" he tried to make it a bit easier for them to answer his questions, as they always found some kind of fault in his questioning.

"That issssss corrrrrect. Afterrrrrrr they called me a cowarrrrrd, pusssssssy cat, and trrrrrrripped one of my waittrrrrressssesssss and began sssssssexxxually harrrrrasssssing herrrrrr while she bent overrrrrrr to pick up the glassssssesssss that she brrrrrrroke." He said with a nod.

She sighs, still counting, quietly. Just watching Caelen, eyes narrowed a bit. She had to count, or she'd say several things that would cause her to be tossed into the brig.

"I don't care about your pride or those glasses, you hit Four superior officers..." Caelen sat back in his chair and sighed heavily "...what do you expect from me? foregiveness? pity? confirmation that you did the right thing?"

"I expect you to do yourrrrrrr duty sssssirrrrrr." He said simply with a quiet determination on his face. He could see that the Commanding Officer wasn't going to be nearly so understanding as the others who had heard about it. It seemed the only ones on his side were Karzai, Mason, and unofficially his girlfriend Kristiana. Everyone else seemed content to hang him.

"You're lucky that I don't strip you of your Commission Ryylar..." Caelen shook his head, he knew that his intentions were good and that he still felt he had done the right thing "...How can I run a ship with people telling each other Exactly how they feel and think about each other with a Chief Morale Officer who starts kicking the Shit out of my officers the moment they trip a waitress" he rubbed his temples

"With all due respect, Sir .." She narrowed her eyes and spoke up. "He attacked after they had insulted him, several times over, after they insulted the waitress, harassed her sexually and made her feel unsafe. Yes, he attacked when he should have called for help. But he attacked after due provocation, And in the direct defense of one of his staff."

Ryylar sat there and just accepted the judgement. He wasn't going to contest it. He had made his mind up about that. He loved Kris too much to put her through the pain of the months of appeals.

"I would have called ssssssecurrrrrrity Commanderrrrrr. But assssss you can ssssssee frrrrrrrom Commanderrrrrr Petrrrrrrova'ssssss rrrrrrreporrrrrrt, they werrrrrrre allrrrrrready therrrrrre." He said.

"I DID NOT ASK YOUR OPINION COMMANDER" Caelen just exploded, a heavy sigh followed "You're dismissed" he told her before turning to Ryylar "as for you... you will wait here for some real Starfleet security officers to arrive here and escort you to the brig, you will remain there for four days, that's one for every officer you've hit, not to mention it fits nicely with my plans to take some leave when we arrive on Earth... you will be out of the brig after those four days but you will remain grounded to your quarters for two more weeks, in which you will visit the counselor and fix whatever mental problems you have"

"Then don't call me in when you don't want or need me, _SIR_ ! Kristiana snapped back, as she rose, turned sharply and stalked out of the ready-room, furious, steaming.

"You will rrrrreceive my appeal to a boarrrrrrd of inquirrrrry on yourrrrrr desssssk within the hourrrrrr." He said back. he wasn't going to be disciplined like this. One day, two, that's one thing, but two and a half weeks? That was ludicrous. He'd make sure Caelan knew just how wrong this entire situation was.

"If you'rrrre thrrrrrrough with me ssssssirrrrr, the pussssssy cat will leave yourrrrrr quarrrrrterrrrrrsssss.... " He said with a hard stare. Caelan wanted to throw him out of Starfleet? Fine. It wasn't his lifestyle anyways. He'd be much happier on something like the USS Majestic, a cruise ship throwing wild parties. And damned sure Caelan wouldn't keep him away from Petrova.

"You can appeal all you want Warrant Officer but know this, the moment this comes in front of a board of appeal I will add the request to strip you off your duties and give them the advice to never let you come near a starfleet vessel or instalation anymore as you are a danger to the society..." Caelen seemed serious enough but you could hear that he didn't want to do this "...dammit Ryylar... why do you make it this hard on yourself and me? just accept the punishment... then go sit four days in the brig, which seems a lot more reasonable then the three months you will be incarcerated when you appeal, then you can go back to your Bar and serve your drinks as long as you're in your quarters or in the counselors office while off duty"

"Becausssssse ssssssirrrrr, by punisssshing me like thisssssss, you'rrrrrrre sssssaying that it'sssssssss unaccccceptable to defend you arrrrrre sssssaying that it isssssss unacccccceptable forrrrrrr ssssssomeone to defend themsssssselvesssss againsssssst a sssssssuperrrrriorrrrrr officcccerrrrr... And I know you'rrrrrre sssssmarrrrrterrrrr and betterrrrrrr than that." He said, standing up at attention.

"Perrrrrrmisssssion to leave ssssssirrrrrr." He asked, saluting and staring straight ahead.

"Denied..." Caelen bit at him " sit back down"

He nodded sharply and sat down.

"I am not saying it is unacceptable to Defend yourself but what you did was Attack him... you threw the first punch, or am I so mentally twisted that all the letters on this PADD are telling me lies?" Caelen threw the PADD on the table for Ryylar to read through.

"Sssssssirrrr, if you werrrrrre in my ssssshoessssss. Being called pusssssssy cat. Being told you werrrrrre a cowarrrrrd. Being told that you arrrrrre all of the thingssssss yourrrrrr rrrrraccce called you when you were expelled frrrrrrrom it. If you werrrrre called thosssssse thingsssss by the new family that took you in and made overrrrrrturrrrressssss of tolerrrrrance and acccccceptanccccce, then tell me what you would have done...." He said, staring straight at LaBrie.

Caelen sighed, this was an unfair question, he fell back in the chair "I would have done exactly the same..." he shook his head slightly "...but it doesn't make it right"

"I may not be much of an officcccerrrrrr, hell, I neverrrrrr grrrrraduated frrrrrrrom Ssssstarrrrrrrfleet Academy, but one thing I do know isssss that thosssssse officcccerrrrrrsssss werrrrrre wrrrrrrong. I did what anyone would have done, and that wassssss defend sssssssomeone who felt sssssso threatened that sssssshe could not defend herrrrrssssself." He said.

"And I can't punish you for that but I can't let you go free either..." Caelen sighed " see why I only gave you four days... do you actually know the penalty for hitting a superior officer? Let alone Four?"

"I don't rrrrrreally carrrrre much about the punissssshment... I jusssst know that I couldn't live with mysssssself if I hadn't acted the way I did. You know what the penalty issssss forrrrrr attacking an alien sssssspeciesssss aboarrrrrrd a diplomatic vesssssssel?" He asked Caelen.

"Officially they were defending themselves, not attacking... although they are going to be stripped of their rank and be dishonorably discharged fro racism and sexual harrasment, I'll make sure of that" Caelen sighed again "now just accept the punishment and leave it at that... you and I know you did the right thing, heck half the ship knows, but what I also know is that if I let you go we're going to have a Klingon vessel with everybody defending someones honor every day" he was not completely rid of his anger towards him and Kris but he knew they did the right thing, unfortunately his job wouldn't allow him to publicly admit it.

"Ssssssirrrrr, I'll accccccept the fourrrrr daysssss in the brrrrrrig, but I'm appealing yourrrrrrr decisssssion to confine me to quarrrrrterrrrsssss for two weeksssss, and I am going to put in my appeal that the matterrrrrrr be sssssstrrrrrricken frrrrrrom my perrrrrssssssonell jacket. I esssssspeccccially don't want the two weeksssss." He said to Caelen. He didn't like the injustice of being punished, but he'd accept it if it meant that officially it never happened.

"I will think it over... you're dismissed" Caelen would just love to turn back time now and prevent it all, "maybe one of the artifacts could help me with that" He smirked a bit at that thought and didn't bother trying to cover it up.

He stood and nodded.

"I'm sssssorrrrrrry to be a disssssappointment Commanderrrrrr." He said, leaving and escorting himself to the brig. When the Security guards came for him he offered no struggle and they just calmly walked with him, bringing him to the brig.

Caelen rose from his chair and walked to the window, his blood still boiling over the whole conversation. He picked up the miniature of a Centaur Class ship, he sighed heavily and then yelled loudly "DAMMIT!" he pitched the miniature with all his power against the wall and it shattered into pieces.


A JP by:

Cmdr Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer USS Pegasus "It's going from Bad to Worse..."


Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer USS Pegasus "New and improved, now With bathingsuit !"


Warrant Officer Ryylar Morale Officer Lounge Manager USS Pegasus "It'sssss not like I needed to call Sssssecurrrrrity. They werrrrre allrrrrready therrrrre."