Pandora's Box #74 - "Pick Up the Pieces..."

-={On}=- [Captain's Ready Room, Deck One, USS Pegasus]

"We need to find a solution for this…" Caelen was pacing around his ready room, trying to keep his mind off anything embarrassing "…you should get the box from the Cargo bay and put it inside a forcefield in one of the Science Labs" he used his finger to perhaps clarify his order.

"Yes Sir… I will get the box from the Cargo bay and examine it in the Science lab" Nalash was a bit nervous, after this was over she would probably be the one who got the blame "I didn't do anything wrong" she thought out loud.

"I am not blaming you" Caelen immediately reacted to this remark "what's up with her feeling of guilt anyway" he turned on his heels and looked at Nalash "you were just curious… we'll live"

Nalash was on the brink of crying "But T'Rell might not!" she snapped back at the Commander, "I am sorry sir, I am not myself lately" she sighed as she looked down to the ground.

Caelen nodded slowly "We all aren't ourselves lately" he sighed, then he snapped back from his train of thought "Well you have your orders Chief…" he said with a friendly smile.

"Yes Sir" she shot up from her chair and saluted "Let's hope I get them right this time" she noticed that she said it out loud but waved it off as if it was nothing"

"I'm sure you'll do fine" Caelen sat down on his chair and sighed "let's hope that wasn't a lie…" eyes widened as he looked up "…I'm sorry… I do trust you with this… now Go before we embarrass each other even more"

Nalash didn't exactly know what to think of him but she followed his orders. She ran out of the Ready Room and to the turbo lift. The sooner this was over the better, she liked everyone a lot more when they lied to her a little more.

The turbo lift doors opened before the sensors could've picked her up. Inside the lift were a Woman in red holding a little girl by the hand. "I thought Civillians weren't allowed on this vessel?" Nalash thought a little to outloud.

"No they're not but this is the Captain's Daughter… he made an exception" Jennifer smiled gently at the Orion female. She had heard rumor on the vessel about some kind of virus and she wanted to know if Caelen was alright.

"Hello Green lady!" Alexandra greeted Nalash, she didn't care a lot about the color but she never met her and therefore just called her Green lady "You're very pretty" she added with a smile.

"Thanks…" that really lightened her spirit, she brushed her hand through the hair of the little girl before continuing her way into the turbolift and ordering it to the Cargobay.

Alexandra felt a bit cold but disregarded it as she stepped into the ready room and ran to her father to jump on his lap.

"No Don't!" he shouted but it was to late, Alex had already wrapped her arms around his neck, he sighed heavily "let's hope your thoughts are cleaner then mine"

"What's wrong Caelen? Normally you would be happy to see Alex again" Jennifer knew something was wrong, Alexandra was his all and now he didn't want her on his lap. Jennifer Yawned a bit "It wasn't that late last night was it?" she asked.

"Only Eleven Thirty" Caelen remarked back "but you probably have it to…" he rubbed his temples "…this has got to stop"

"What's wrong daddy?" Alexandra asked kissing her dad on his temples, "you'll be alright won't you?" she brushed a strain of hair out of his face.

[Cargobay One, Deck Twelve]

Nalash almost sprinted into the cargobay, squeezing herself through the narrow paths made to the central area they had used to examine all the cargo. "Now where did I put that box…" she spoke softly as she looked around. She spotted the crate where the box was in before the brown stuff hit the rotary device. But it wasn't there, she remembered Russell holding it for a short moment as well. She looked on the place where T'Rell had collapsed.

"Ah There you are you rotten piece of crap thing…" she said as she walked to the shimmering stone on top of the Box. "…if only you hadn't opened… if only I could've controlled myself…" another heavy sigh. As she made way to the turbo lift again, this time to head to the Science Lab.

[Ready Room, Deck One]

"So you see how annoying this is…" Caelen leaned back in his chair "… I just hope they find a solution to this all quickly"

"You and me both…" Jennifer admitted "…I shouldn't have eaten that pie…" another thought that went into the public "…Who would've put that stuff in that box anyway?"

Caelen shook his head "I'm as puzzled as you are…" he looked at Alexandra who was looking closely at the miniature Centaur Class near his window. "…I still can't believe you Thought –"

"Let's forget about it shall we…" Jennifer interrupted him "…it's bad enough as is…" she sighed and looked around the room a bit "…you need some flowers in here"

Caelen smirked "I have flowers…" he pointed at the vase of half dead flowers in the corner. Flowers every Officer got when first arriving on a starship "…well at least they were flowers once…" he thought out loud "…and I don't really like flowers anyway"

[Science Labs, Deck Seven]

Nalash had gotten to the science labs and put the box inside a forcefield. Not all she needed to do was waiting for her superiors to report in. Even though she probably had more experience then both the Chief Science officer and Assistant Chief she still was only a Scientist's Mate, and she was not to undertake anything on her own.

Nalash hit her combadge =/\= Lieutenant Koso and Ensign Bradbury please report to the Science Labs =/\= she closed the channel again and started preliminary tests and start up procedures. She might as well get everything ready so that could finish this as soon as possible.


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Chief Petty Officer 2nd Class Nalash Scientist's Mate USS Pegasus

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