Pandora's Box #56- "Uninvited Visitor"

[USS Pegasus Corridors]


Even though she looked alert as she walked the corridors toward the medical bay, Sulan was lost in thought. She didn't mind the stares of the crew toawrd her shredded and blood Romulan uniform, she'd been getting stared at ever since she been scarred. No, the human's morbid curiousity didn't concern her. What concerned her, was her was her mission.

Why was she sent here? Why this vessel, and this crew? Her controlers at Section 31 were enigmatic to say the least, pulling her from her assignment at the Romulan base, and forcing her to redevous with a centaur class starship? If she would have been allowed, her face would have showed distain. All of those months of work, gone. She'd had to kill half of the command staff of the base, and several of her Romulan contacts to cover her tracks. It would take years to reestablish those kind of contacts again.

She dismissed the thought. It was irrelevent for now. Section 31 hd gotten her here. Now all she had to do was wait for orders. Simple. Who or what was her target? A crewmember? The vessel itself?

Perhaps LaBrie himself? She concidered that for a moment. LaBrie was cunning, and perceptive. Ha had the markins of a skilled tactition and warrior. A skilled warrior such as he would undoubtedly surround himself with equilly skilled subordinates. Stil, whatever the reason, she was here now, and her duty was to Section 31, and by extention, the federation.

Just as a parent sacrifices for a child, she, and her Section 31 controlers sacrified for the federation. Dirtying their hands so others' hands could stay clean. Let these high-minded, naive humans have their ideals about the federation... It was people like her that really secured the federations borders. Not by diplomacy, ideals, and polotics, but by the garrote, phaser, and bomb. Someone like Labrie would calmly negotiate with the enemys of the federation at diplomatic "peace talks", giving up Federation resources for the sake of peace. Really dilomacy involved dragging the blade of a dagger across an enemy's throat while he slept, then blaming it on members of his own government, and watching as it erupted in cival war...

Yes, her's was the face of the true federation: Victory through dominance. She walked into the sickbay with her head held high.