Pandora's Box #52&53 - "Uninvited Visitor" V2


Melina woke up in the cooridor outside cargo bay one, she stood up and shook her head. "Hmm I wonder what happened there, well whatever I think I'll get a drink with the end of shift just passing" she said to herself. She made her way to the Bellerophon's Den and looked around, she slipped into one of the seats near the bar.

Ryylar worked at the bar, laughing with one of the Andorians on the ship who promptly laughed at some silly little joke Ryylar had told and clapped the Caitian male on the shoulder. A white rag over one shoulder, Ryylar looked like a perfect bartender. The lounge was decorated in a Greco-Roman theme, including pieces of ivy and olive branches dotting accents in certain places.

Melina knew what she wanted already,she liked her lips "Gods your fit why don't you come to my quaters sometime bar tender". Melina's eyes went wide and she clapped her handpaws over her mouth with suprise. That was suppose to come out in the open like that. She wen red under her fur and hoped he hadn't heard her.

As luck would have it he hadn't. The raucous laughter of two or three Starfleet officers laughing at his joke had covered up what she had said easily and even the more sensitive ears of a full Caitian leonal couldn't hear her.

"Excuse me tender can I have an Altairian spring please?" she asked softly. She felt rather relieved that no one had heard her give voice to her thoughts. She was a little confused about it and wondered what was wrong. She brushed it off as she guessed it could have just slipped out.

He smiled and nodded, turning to her. He walked over to the replicator and ordered what she wanted, walking back to her and placing it on a bar napkin in front of her. "Therrrrre you arrrrrre, one Altairrrrrian sssssprrrrrring forrrrr you." He said with a nod.

Melina smiled as she took the drink, her fingers touched Ryylar's their skin touching. She sipped at the pink liquid, she murred softly and looked to Ryylar. "Hmmm you know you wouldn't go to badly with this drink you know" she commented. She blushed brightly and blinked as she looked up. "I...I..I'm sorry I don't know what made me say that!" she exclaimed.

Ryylar blinked and his mind flashed. "It'sssss perrrrrfectly allrrrrright." He said with a wink. He turned and filled another order from another newcomer who sat down nearby.

Melina, sighed it seemed something very odd was going on. "As soon as I finish this drink I'm gonna go to sickbay..." Melina looked up and chewed her purple lower lip. She watched as Ryylar padded to fetch the new customer a drink "Goddess that one fine tail and ass he has there" Melina blushed brightly gulped down her drink and quickly headed for sickbay.

He turned, whipping his head about in surprise. Because of the proximity, he HAD heard that one. He shook his head as he watched her jog out of the bay.

"I wonder what that was all about." Said Ensign Reynolds, one of the regulars.

"I don't quite know Rrrrrrob, but I intend to find out..." He said as he walked out, tossing the rag down on the bar and jogging out after her.

"Miss! Wait! Miss!" He called after her.

Melina had made it just out of the exit of the lounge and was studying the deck layout plan when she heard Ryylar call after her. "Yes?" she asked softly trying to hide her pink cheeks.

"What wasssss all that about in the lounge therrrrre?" He asked her, a bit concerned.

Melina blushed brightly "I..don't know whatever I'm thinking I seem to..blurt out" she replied softly and and tried to keep from looking at him. "Goddess you could come and play with my yarn anytime"

"Maybe you need to sssssee the ssssship'sssss counssssselorrrrr." He suggested, his eyes widening a bit. It wasn't that he was repulsed by the idea or that she was unattractive in any way, it was just that this brutal blunt honesty was a bit disturbing to say the least.

Melina wipped her eyes, she was rather upset all this was coming out of her mouth and it seemed she had no control over it. "I.. sorry really.. I am so.. sorry" she said loudly and ran off towards the turbolift.

He followed her. He couldn't help but feel sorry. She was obviously distressed, and far be it for him to let anyone be distressed and upset. It was his job as Morale officer to make people happy. quickly moving after her, he gently placed a hand on her back. "Hey, it'ssss all rrrrright. I'm not angrrrrrry." He said softly.

"Please..please just let me go I have to get to sickbay I..before I.. say someething else I'm thinking" she called softly. Melina looked to the turbolift the doors open and inside was salvation. "I'm Melina...Bradbury" she commented and quickly looked away from the male Caitian again. She whimpered as having him so close was setting her hormones off.

"Well I think I'll go with you to ensssssurrrrrre that you'rrrrre all rrrrright." He said with a nod. He truthfully felt bad almost as if he was the source of her problems, and if that was the case, it was his duty to rectify anything he had done, even if it was just by ensuring that she was delivered into sickbay.

Melina closed her eyes and tried not to think of anything, she was between to bad places. Her need for a male as she was mid way in her cycle and whatever she'd caught when Nalash "She quite cute as well" she said and bit down on her teeth before she said anything else. She felt her cheeks were burning with embarrassment from what she had been saying

He said nothing and comfortingly reached out to rub her back in a friendly manner. It was obvious he only wanted to make her feel better. The turbolift sped through the ship towards sickbay.

Melina couldn't help herself, it had been better if Ryylar had stayed in the lounge. She gently pinned him aginst the turbolift side and kissed his lips deeply.

He was surprised at the kiss, but he kissed her back in slight surprise. He mainly froze there in her arms as he was pressed against the turbolift wall.

Melina pulled back as the turbolift stopped on the deck where sickbay was located. She looked to Ryylan and blushed "I shouldn't have done that" she said lightly as she started walking. "Maybe I should have done some more he didn't seem to like it" Melina closed her mouth as she went bright red and started running to sickbay. She slipped inside and looked around "Is there a doctor around I have a problem"

Ryylar shook his head at the shock of the situation, taking the turbolilft back down to the lounge deck and sighed. He suddenly felt very tired and a bit woozy. Long days and late nights obviously weren't agreeing with him. He shook his head. He'd get back to work and that would make him feel better. "I hope." He said aloud...

A JP Between

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