Reprieve #23 - " I don't recall it going like that..."


[Starbase 343]

Andrew had finally gotten off the Pegasus, after the last little "detour" caused by Kathleen.

"Ah, finally. Some R&R. No blaring alert noises, no burnt faces of security guards. I sure could use this."

Andrew walked around the Starbase, passed by the sickbay, noticing Kristiana and Kathleen talking with each other. He considered joining in, but decided against it. <No, talking is all well and good, but what's the point if I don't get paid for it? Now, where are those holodecks?>

Andrew located the holodecks, and entered an unoccupied one. "World War II, Invasion of Normandy, Omaha Beach" And instantly he was transported to the battlefield.

<Here we go! Tactical battles, this is just what I need.> "Alright men, here's the plan. Alpha team, storm the bunkers. Bravo, I want you to sneak around the outskirts of the encampment and come in from behind. We'll shell the place before we drop, so resistance shoyuld be lowered. If they see you, shoot first, ask questions later. I'll be in Bravo team, so highest ranking officer takes command of Alpha. Understood?"

A hearty "Sir yes sir!" rose from the ranks as the men checked and rechecked their weapons. Andrew looked over his Garand. Such a primitive weapon. Honestly, gunpowder and projectiles? So 20th century... But everything was in order. Andrew grabbed his radio.

"Battleships, I want artillery fire on the bunkers at location..."He checked his military map, "location 101090 and 101097. Bomber Unit, I want airstrikes on the village behinsd the beach. Fighters, backup the bombers. I want artilleryt first, then the bombers and fighters to follow. Only two salvoes each, then my men will enter. Rolling fusillade tactics after that." <Hopefully that'll work, or else I'll have to try again.> "Acknowledged Commander. Over and out."

His men got into the landers, waiting for the battleships to start firing. That was their cue to start moving out. Then it came. A thunderous blast, followed by an explosion right at the targets. <Excellent> Andrew thought. Phase one was complete. The lander began moving in the turbulent water, and several men were sick.

Shortly after, they landed on the beach area. The hatch at the end of the lander went down. Andrew was in the corner, luckily. Machine gun fire opened up on the lander, and several men were cut to ribbons by the full metal jackets. Andrew glanced up, had a bullet ping his helmet off his head, and ducked back down. He looked at his helmet. A nice dent was in it. "Men, target the bunker. A mac gunner remains! Beware of snipers at the top of the beachhead!" He glanced out again, getting a bearing on where the gunner was. Ducking back in, he put his gun out without exposing himself and fired a couple of rounds. The gunner stopped momentarily, then opened fire again. Andrew reloaded. <At this rate, I'm never gonna get off this damn boat!> He tried again, and without realizing, got a sniper instead. On his last shot of the round, he got the gunner in the shoulder, knocking him off balance long enough. "Men, MOVE!" They ran across the beach, some getting caught by mines laued in the beach.

Quietness ensued as they got out of the fire. Pulling out a mirror on a stick, Andrew looke around a corner. He signalled his men there were two guards around the corner. Another signal told one other man to pull out his knife. Andrew and the other man crept quietly, knives out. Andrew got behind the first one before his teammate did. A twig snapped under the other man's boot. <Great> And the battle was on. Andrew quickly stabbed the enemy in the back, piercing the ribcae and getting his heart. The other enemy wheeled around, fired from the hip, and got Andrew in the arm. "AH!" He flung his knife at the enemy. Unfortunately, it hit him with the handle in the forehead. He was stunned momentarily, and Andrew was on him, whacking the side of his head with the butt of the Garand. <Useful for something, I guess.> Another guard came out of the bunker and fired his MP40.

Andrew dived, and the shots missed. He couldn't get up in time, however, and the German was standing over him, gun aimed at his face. He was about to fire, when a crack came from the west, and the enemy went down. Andrew's units came, pulled him up and looked ready for more. "Anyone a medic?" Andrew inquired. One stepped forward and put a bandage on Andrew's arm. "Thanks, let's clear the bunker." They entered the room. Empty.

"What's going on here!?" One man yelled, only to be silenced by an unseen man. Andrew spun quickly on the spot, saw the enemy, but it was too late. They were surrounded. Hidden by the entrance, the Germans waited until they entered before slowly circling Andrew's forces. <Damn... I got outthought by 20th century fools...>"Arch" Andrew said, he knew he had no chance. Instantly, the battle vanished, and the arch reappeared. <Hmm, not entirely what it was like in the history notes I've read...Don't recall it going like that. Wrong force to pick I guess.> Andrew left the holodeck to go find some food, or failing that, some alcohol.


Horribly recreated battle by

Andrew Kennedy Chief Counselor USS Pegasus