Ensign Nazomi Nyoko

  • Position: Security Officer
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 25
  • Height: 4'11" (165 cm)
  • Weight: 110 lbs (50 Kg)
  • Hair Colour: Black
  • Eye Colour: Expressive Dark Brown
  • Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan, Earth
  • Date of Birth: 10th of November, 2351
  • Family:
    Father: Sasuke University professor, 55
    Mother: Ryoko, housewife, 54
    Brother: Yoshi, teacher, 30
    Sister: Mitsumi, nurse, 28
    Cousins: Mayumi, student, 19
    unnamed: Naruto, 15
  • Languages: Federation Standard, Japanese and Romulan
  • Interests and Hobbies: ...


Nazomi has a strong personality; quick to respond in times of crises; level headed; can easily blend in with others. Her biggest weakness tends to be her size; and the fact that she's tender hearted. She also cries easily in private after a bad work day. She is also late for work on occasions. She likes quiet times away from everyone or with friends; quiet music; plants and flowers (has a green thumb); cats. And strongly dislikes men; loud mouths and braggerts; smelly people who could do something about it (better known as ol' biddies) and dogs.


Nazomi's name means hope and treasure. Her nickname, Taka, means honorable. Nazomi earned her nickname in her second year of school when her teacher, under extreme pressure by the school district, was giving a mandated test and was giving the answers to the class. Nazomi refused to do this and did the exam on her own, telling her parents what had happened that particular day. After her father told the superintendent what Nazomi had told him, the class's exams were graded that night and then the class, under the supervision of the school prinicpal, retook the exams. Nazomi had been excused from retaking the exam because she refused to follow the others and her scores reflected her true knowledge.

The family name, Nyoko, means treasure. After the Axis defeat in World War II, the family became invaluable in the rebuilding of Japan. The entire family of 70 people left the family home in Tokyo and worked with the Hiroshima refugees doing things from holding the hands of the dying to rebuilding homes and lives to designing factories so that the country could become self-sufficient again. The emperor renamed the family himself based on the family's work. He considered htem to be a true treasure to the Japanese people.

Nazomi was the third child of Sasuke and Ryoko Nyoko. All of the children were adored by expected to do the chores and their homework. Family was emphasized, and her grandparents lived next door to her family. The family always had a cat to teach the kids responsibility, including budgeting for food and vet bills, money management when buying cat food, cleaning out the litterbox and teaching them to take care of the cat's needs.

Nazomi had a normal childhood. She fought with her siblings. She hated her parents from time to time when she didn't get her own way. She got into trouble at school. She kicked the cats a couple of times. She broke her dominate arm once in a fist fight against a boy who was bigger and older than she was.

When she was 14, her cousins came to live with the Nyoko clan. Her aunt could not deal with the baby who was found to be mentally retarded. Her parents agreed to adopt him only on the condition that his older sister was adopted as well. Everyone felt that just because Naruto was disabled, he was not any different from the rest of the kids. He was expected to do things to the best of his abilities.

At 17, Nazomi graduated from the Tokyo International School. The school was created for children who were not native Japanese with 50 Japanese students who had been invited. Nazomi started the school when she was in the third grade. There, she had been exposed to lots of cultures and races, complete with holidays, religious sevices and ideas, and customs.

At 16, she went out on her first date with a guy who happened to be an American. It seemed to go ok, but it ended rather badly when he propositioned her. She gave her answer with her fist. When she told her friend about it and her feelings about guys in general the next day, the friend pointed out that maybe she would be happier with woemn while making the guys eat her dust. She never looked back after that moment.

Immediately after graduation, she joined the Academy. Upon her arrival at the academy, she had no idea where she wanted to serve. She tried the diplomatic corps but left after the instructor had to remind her for the fifth time during one exercise that her fists were not always the solution to problems. From there, she tried intel but left after she decided that she did not like secrets or having to keep them. She did not have the mathematical abilities for engineering. She did not have the patience for science and got sick at the sight of blood for medical. She almost didn't try security because of her size. In some things, her size was an advantage but in others, it was a huge problem. People often underestimate her abilities but she often changed their minds rather quickly.

She floated from ship to ship, never fitting in. On ship, she was told, "We don't want you or your kind on this ship." For once, she kept her cool and left the CO deal with the remarks. The security NCO was transferred somewhere else, but the damage had been done. Nazomi asked for a transfer two weeks later to a station or a colony. Her self-confidence had hit rock bottom. Her self-esteem was at an all time low when the transfer to SB185 came through.

The first thing she did when she got the paperwork was to look over the roster. She felt, upon seeing the CO's family, that here was a place she wanted finally be accepted. FINALLY!


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