Captain Bayushi Kachiko

  • Position: Marine Commanding Officer
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 29
  • Height: 5'1"
  • Weight: 102 lbs
  • Hair Colour: Black
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Place of Birth: Japan
  • Date of Birth: ... 18th of March 2342
  • Family:
    Father - Bayushi Gohei
    Mother - Bayushi Oneko
  • Languages: Federation Standard
  • Interests and Hobbies: ...




Kachiko was born is a small suburb of Japan, to Bayushi Gohei, her father, and her mother Oneko. As an only child, she was given the heavy burden of tradition. The Bayushi family is descendent of a proud Samurai family, and has maintained their honor bound traditions since the 1300's. Since she was the sole child, her parents were also extremely protective of their daughter. During her teen years, she excelled a sports, primarily soccer and softball. She went as far as to make the High School teams, but her father forbade it, saying that sport was not a practical use of her time or ability. In doing this, he caused Kachiko to be ostracized from many of her friends, and her later teen years were not entirely pleasant. At age seventeen, Kachiko applied to Starfleet Academy, gaining entry after her second exam. When discovered, her father was disappointed, and her mother upset. He told her that the Bayushi family was a family of warriors, and she was choosing the life of a diplomat and scientist. He did not try to stop her. Her mother, however, did anything in her power to keep Kachiko from attending, short of violence.

From the day she left to the Academy, they did not speak with Kachiko, even refusing her calls. She was refused entry to her own home during vacations, which broke her heart. Partway during her second year at the Academy, her parents left earth, and she felt as if a part of her had been ripped away, and that she would never see them again.

At the Academy, Kachiko excelled at Tactics and Strategy, gaining the unwelcome nickname of 'Napoleon' for her skill at tactics and short stature. She was considered rather well trained in the martial arts as well. Using these two abilities, Kachiko was able to get into the Security field, despite her small stature.During her training as a Security officer, she became a target of many jokes and pranks, mainly due to her lack of height and cold demeanor. Soon, when their pranks were mostly ignored, they became rather cruel. On a summer evening, another Cadet placed a string of firecrackers in her locker, set to go off when she opened her locker door. When she did open her locker, instead of exploding in succession, the firecrackers detonated all at once. The door was blown off, badly injuring Kachiko and killing another Cadet. The following investigation turned up nothing.

Twelve days before she graduated from the Academy, Kachiko's studies were interrupted by a comm from her parents. They informed her that they were coming to Earth to see her graduate. She rejoiced with the news, feeling the warmth that she had been missing for four years.Her joy was short lived, however, when a morning jog the day before graduation was unwelcomely interrupted with horrid news: Her parents were killed in a Dominion Ambush on the convoy of ship's they'd been travelling with. After receiving the news, Kachiko attempted suicide, but was stopped by her Academy Commanding Officer and a Counselor.

Kachiko graduated the next day, moving directly from the Academy to Advanced Tactical Training. She kept all her personal affairs secret, and all others at an arm's length.

Once she finished training, she was posted to the USS Mercury, her first assignment. Here, she maintained her cool and detached demeanor, keeping others away. After meeting a few outstanding individuals, who soon became her friends, she loosened up somewhat. After receiving the position of CSTO, the Mercury underwent a series of gruesome battles, and was retired from fleet service. Kachiko has spent the last seven months on Terra, taking all of her shore leave as she recovered from the injuries gained from the Mercury’s last battle.

She was then assigned to the USS Proxima under Captain Samantha Lee, which barely endured three missions before being destroyed. During that time, 'Kachi' was greeted by a gruesome revelation that nobody should ever have to handle: She wasn't who she thought she was. Most of her memories prior to entering Starfleet Academy were entirely false, implanted into her brain by skilled telepath's.

Kachiko is a clone, created from the human half of the DNA belonging to a young woman named Alahna, a child of a Cardassian and a Japanese terran, who had become the 'guinea pig' for one Doctor Johnannas. 'Kachi' was originally created by Johnannas to track down and terminate another one of his runaway 'guinea pigs', Doctor Krysteena Meyhienfeldt. Once that task be completed, Alahna would live again, in another's body.

But Krysteena broke the programming, allowing Alahna's and Kachiko's personalities to merge, and Kachi became a new person. She was blessed and cursed with a strong telepathic sense, at first uncontrollable. But under the tutelage of a pair of Betazoids and a Vulcan, Kachi has learned to refine her telepathy into a useful tool.

Kachiko's service history after this point in time is largely classified.


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