Warrant Officer 2nd Class Ryylar (pronounced Re-uh-lar)

"Do or do not, there is no try..."

  • Position: Chief Security Officer
  • Species: Caitian
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 32
  • Height: 5'11"
  • Weight: 240 lbs
  • Fur Colour: Tan
  • Eye Colour: Yellow
  • Place of Birth: Kit’s Bundle, Cait
  • Date of Birth: 10th of November, 2351
  • Family:
    Ryylar was disowned by his entire race, tribe, and family
  • Languages: Federation Standard, Caitian and Klingon
  • Interests and Hobbies: Terran Irish, Scottish, and other 'Barbaric' cultures


He’s a happy go lucky officer that acts as though the sun shines every single day and finds a reason to be happy in just about everything, even simple things such as waking up, getting dressed, and being able to stand and move about. (To which he firmly states that Three out of Four is never bad). In private or around those he trusts, he can be rather despondent, depressed, and otherwise anti-social. This stems from a very painful part of his past that wound up with his abandonment by the Caitian race.


Third Born of the Fourth litter of Sekar and Hysa, Ryylar was never one to have expectations thrust on him. He was just one of a dozen or so children, and was nowhere near being the first born cub, so he wasn't given any special treatment as his much older siblings were. This freedom to choose his own fate came at the price of listlessness and apathy on the part of himself and his parents respectively.

Growing up on Cait was easy enough, and Ryylar's life was a fairly standard one to be sure. The mandatory military training took a hard toll on the relatively undisciplined Ryylar, and he was kicked out of the Caitian Pride Guard, an elite body of Caitian "Marines" (for lack of a better term) who were always at the forefront of battle. His dishonor from the Pride Guard left Ryylar despondent and depressed. He sank further and further into despair as he completed his course work for the Caitian Academy. In order to try and break from the downward spiral, he threw himself into music, trying to learn to play different instruments, including the Caitian version of a Piano.

Have no real future with the Caitian military, Ryylar took up any odd job he could and his family after a while was forced to kick him out of their home during a six month dry spell where he was unemployed. When this happened, he moved in with several sympathetic friends, one of whom, a female Caitian named Oraya, found him a job working as a bartender at a local bar. One night when cleaning up and bussing tables after the bar had closed, he saw the Caitian Piano in the corner and he set his work aside to sit down and play. He had found several Terran composers from the Romantic period of Earth's past to be inspiring, including Liszt, Chopin, and Gottschalk, so he picked the best of the best that he could think of out of Terran music, and played the wonderful melody of "Great Balls of Fire" by Jerry Lee. The bar owner, wondering if someone was strangling a Cait out in the lounge as Ryylar began to sing off key, offered Ryylar the position of entertainment manager for the nightclub so long as Ryylar promised to never sing, hum, or even so much as whistle again when music was being played.

For quite a while he was the most successful manager that the small time bar had ever had, at least that was until he left and found an even bigger bar to manage. Working his way through the entertainment scene in Cait's busy nocturnal life, he quickly became a name associated with the best parties, the greatest entertainment, and when working in the capitol city of the planet Cait, he was tapped to organize the entertainment for a Starfleet delegation that was attending the planet as part of a seminar on morale and improving general well being through the incorporation of morale officers. Unbeknownst to Ryylar, he was to be Cait's representative of what a good morale officer should organize for a ship.

Ryylar worked his hardest to organize everything from social games, to music, to even researching and studying each admiral, general, and officer's general favorite foods to ensure that everyone would be happy. It wasn't easy, but given the time he had to plan, he pulled it off admirably. One Captain in particular was so impressed with the gala affair, he demanded to know who was responsible for pulling it off. When introduced to Ryylar, he offered him the position of Morale Officer aboard the USS Rhode Island, a massive galaxy class vessel assigned to Starfleet's diplomatic corps. Before long he was entertaining heads of state, planetary officials, and diplomats from around the cosmos.

During a fateful mission, the USS Rhode Island came under attack from a group of Breen terrorists on a mission to the Breen homeworld when the Rhode Island was to attend a peace conference there after the Dominion War. Ryylar's fate as a Caitian was sealed and he was forced to use his claws and teeth to defend his life and the lives of several civilians, his military training coming back to him as he tore through the Breen captors. While many of the Starfleet and Federation personnel and citizens lauded his actions as selfless and heroic, Ryylar had still fought using his teeth and claws, a forbidden practice after the Caitian civil war that had destroyed the 13th tribe. When the Rhode Island put back to dock, he gave up his Starfleet commission and left to wander the galaxy.

It was not until some time later that he was found again (by one of his signature wild parties). A Starfleet Admiral reinstated his commission and he was reassigned to Obsidian Fleet.


Crew's Choice Award March 2006

Humour Award

Relationship Ribbon

Purple Heart

Action Award

Horizon Fleet Three Month Service Cross

Horizon Fleet Six Month Service Cross
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