• Position: Chief Operations Officer
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 24
  • Height: 6'0"
  • Weight: 170 lbs
  • Hair Colour: Brown
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Place of Birth: Stoke, Earth
  • Date of Birth: June 14th, 2359
  • Family:
    Father - John Evans (deceased, Heart attack)
    Mother - Anne Evans-Brooks
  • Languages: Federation Standard, Very Basic Klingon
  • Interests and Hobbies: Science, especially plasma science and restoring old cars


Ronald is remarkable only for being totally unremarkable. Basically, Ronald Evans can be described as mister John 'Average' Doe, with only a few tweaks: An absolute wizard with most things that have to do with Plasma, EPS-systems and energy distribution, yet mediocre at best at anything else.

He doesnt smile a lot, except for special occasions, like photographs or meeting small (thus cute) children. There is actually nothing special about this guy. He is so regular, that it bugs the hell out of him, and it shows. Acting grumpy and cynical, and because he is so ordinary, he often gets away with it.

He knows that impressions are important, and first impressions even more so, and as such he will never arrive unwashed or unshaven at his station (except of course, in an emergency). He is quite cynical by nature, but can usually keep it to himself. However, when stressed, surprised and/or aggravated, he fully concentrates at the problem at hand, and everything around him falls victim to his unchecked cynisism and overall grumpyness. He also tends to think things out loud. Especially those things that noone is suposed to hear.

Both these personal trades may result in quarrels with his shipmates and trouble with his superiors. Evans usually realises when he has said the wrong thing at the wrong time, to the wrong person, but by then the damage is already done...

People who actualy make the effort to get to know him, may be able to puncture the outside surface, and take a peek at the insecure softy that is the inner Ronald Evans, and actually grow to like him. Those people can see tiny differences in expressions, to see if Ronald is actually happy, sad or angry. After all, noone can hide their true feelings for their true friends...


Ronald lived a regular life as a single kid with both parents John Evans and Anne Evans-Brooks. As a child, he always wanted to become a veterenarian (or animal-docter, as he called it), but when he got older, the science-bug got a hold of him. When he was old enough to decide, he chose to specialise in plasma theory, the stuff that lightning is made of...

He applied to the starfleet academy, because he knew that the bleeding edge of science lay in starfleet, on the fly, in the field and ad hoc. During his academy-time, he had some girlfriends, but nothing serious. His longest intimate relationship, was with his best friend Susanna Levy, which lasted for a whopping three weeks. They broke up in the middle of a vacation, which as a result, was of course completely ruined... It took them the better part of a year to restore their friendship, but it has lasted to present day, and doesn't show any signs of cracking. They still regularly write and call each other...

Excellent ratings for Plasma Theory, and sheer luck, pulled him through the academy, barely graduating. After finishing the academy he decided to apply for Operations officer on the USS Darlington, a miranda class research vessel. nothing really out of the ordinary happened in his time as an Operations Officer, other then being booted up to Assistant Chief of Ops on the ship. After another half year as Assistant Chief he applied for an open position on the USS Pegasus, as Chief Operations Officer.

A few months ago, he lost his father to a heart-attack, of all reasons. How average can you get? He is still quite angry about that, and as such, he really doesn't think much of medical or emergency personell, as Russell D. Floyd has experienced first hand...


Crew's Choice Award Dec. 2005

Tour of Duty: Romulan

Horizon Fleet Three Month Service Cross

Humour Award

Horizon Fleet Six Month Service Cross

Crew's Choice Award Jun. 2006

Relationship Ribbon

Obsidian Fleet Silver Star

Horizon Fleet One Year Service Cross
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