[USS Iwo Jima] Docking Procedures - Meeting the Boss ["That's my Q"

A Post By Lieutenant Commander Marshall Lee Location: Starbase 47 Op's Timeline: Shortly after Arrival to Sb47 Tag:

Marshall Lee swallowed nervously as he stepped out onto the deck of Op's. The Iwo Jima was now safely docked, and already her first crew had begun to arrive. He stepped aside as an Engineer hurriedly passed by him, as he approached a command officer, "Excuse me, could you point me in the direction of the Station Commander?" he asked polietly.

Naru looked up from her work and was immediately penalised in the form of a low amp shock "AU!" she shouted stepping away from the open console "I'm sorry, sir" she stated before straightening out and putting out a hand "Lieutenant junior grade Mayik Naru..." she introduced herself, "...I am in temporary command of the Starbase"

Lee smiles and takes her hand, "Lt. Commander Marshall Lee, Captain of the Iwo Jima. A pleasure to meet you Lieutenant," he replies, "I'm here to discuss the berthing of my vessel."

Naru frowned a bit "Iwo Jima you said?" she asked a bit confused "I am sorry to ask sir, but are you sure it has been docked here?"

Lee smiles, "We commed ahead about three hours ago, and was told to to standby due to incoming traffic. We docked about 30 minutes ago."

"Ok..." Naru responded a bit hessitantly. "...if you would please follow me" she then stated motioning him to the CO's Ready Room attached to Main Operations. She stepped inside and sat down on the other end of the desk and motioned the Commander to sit down opposite her.

Lee nods and follows the young Bajoran into the Ready Room, taking a seat. "Quite a facility you have here Lieutenant," he says, settling into his chair.

"Tell me about it..." Naru commented a bit sarcastically "...don't get me wrong, it's a great base..." she shook her head "...but I wonder if Captain LaBrie finds it worth the hassle of all the paperwork" she sifted through the pile of PADDs on her table only to conclude that Docking request for the USS Iwo Jima was not in there, she then proceeded to call up the console and try to find it there.

Marshall grunts, watching the young officer dig through the pile of PADD's on her desk, "All part of the job Lieutenant, although, I would imagine the amount of work required for a garrison posting. I'm glad I'm I get to be mobile," he replied.

"Ah here it is..." Naru concluded before looking at the Commander, not having fully heard what he had said "...well I am sure each has its own challenges..." she responded with a polite smile "...Well at least you are legally docked here' she continued, pressing a few buttons. She sighed and put her elbows on the desk, now came the hard part "The reason I am in temporary command of this vessel is that the Captain is missing..." there was no easy way to say it so she just blurted it out "...as well as the Senior Staff and a vast number of other personell"

Marshall raises an eyebrow, "Missing Lieutenant?" he asks, "Please...uh, explain. I was not made aware of this en route here."

"I know... we should've made you aware..." Naru leaned back in the chair "...but as you can see it's quite chaotic here... we're doing the best I can and I've send out a request to Starfleet Command to let the vessels dock somewhere else but of course there are only so many spots elsewhere" she took a few breaths to calm down "last thing we heard of them is when they were on a costumed ball... and rumours have it that Q came round for a visit and made everybody vanish... who knows where they are..."

Lee grunts, leaning forward in his chair, "Ahh, the Q, I've read numerous reports of the Encounters with them on the Enterprise," he replied, sighing a bit. What could the Q possibly be up to on a Starbase he wondered. "Well, know that the Iwo Jima will assist in any way possible Lieutenant," he continued, "And I still have crew arriving. Perhaps it would be wise to keep my crew aboard ship for now?"

Naru shook her head "I don't think the merchants on the promenade would like that very much... it's just the Starbase operations that have suffered... as long as they don't go around blowing up consoles and replicators then we should be fine"

Lee nods, coming to his feet, "I can assure you Lieutenant, some of my crew may be a bit green around the gills, but they are all professionals. Is there anything specifically we could help you with, additional Security or Engineering?"

Naru stood up as well "I'll have to sort everything out first, I will contact you about that offer as soon as possible..." she walked around the desk "...in the meanwhile would you like to have quarters assigned on the Starbase or will you be staying on your own vessel?"

Lee smiles, "With all due respect, with the current events, I will be requiring myself and my Senior Officers to stay aboard ship for now while on duty. However, I will grant shoreleave for the rest of the crew, as a precautionary measure of course."

Naru nodded "Fair enough" she put out her hand "have a pleasant stay aboard Starbase Ronin, sir" she said with a, somewhat relieved, smiled.

Lee takes her hand, "We'll be standing by Lieutenant, let me know what you need and you'll have it pronto," he replied, his southern accent drawling a bit.

Naru smiled and saluted the man before leading the way out of the Captain's ready room, hoping that sooner rather then later the Captain would be doing these talks. Immediately when she stepped out another PADD was forced into her hands, she sighed "Can't you guys do anything without having to ask permission?!" she asked a bit aggitated.

"It's protocol, ma'am" the petty officer said, a bit startled at the sudden response by the Bajoran woman.

Naru signed the PADD and handed it back, walking back to her console, doing what she was good at, fixing broken things.

Lt. Commander Marshall Lee

Commanding Officer

USS Iwo Jima


Lt (jg) Mayik Naru (NPC)

Operations Officer

Starbase Ronin (SB47)

I accept chaos, I'm not sure whether it accepts me.

(as played by Captain LaBrie)