That's My Q #100-101 - "Escaping the Villa"


[The Capulet Home]

Juliet/Hannah sat on the bed, scheming. She had managed to get one of her maids to take a note to Romeo/Jesse, letting him know what had happened. She hoped he could come up with a plan soon - they had to get out of here.

The courtyard of the Venetian villa was small, dark, and crowded with shrubs and bushes, perfect for sneaking up on the far side where Juliet's room was. He whistled in one of the best bird calls he could perform, trying to get her attention through the open window.

Juliet moved over to the window, cautious not to get too close and alert the guards below that something was up. She twitched her curtains, a prearranged signal to let him know that she was there.

Seeing the guards, Jesse frowned a bit. He needed to get to her, but couldn't just waltz on up. He whistled once more to let her know he was going to work on getting up.

Hannah frowned. How could she help him out?

Then she had an idea. "Uh...Carmelo?" She called down to one of the guards, one she knew was rather attracted to her. "Could you possibly get me a drink of water?"

Carmelo looked at the other man with him. One of them leaving couldn't hurt, could it?

One of the guards left. That left the remaining one for Jesse. he crept forward through the hedges while the other guard was gone and snuck up the trellis on the far side, out of view of the remaining guard. It was dangerous enough as it was and Jesse hazarded a look down where he gulped a bit and saw the remaining guard as he stood on the ledge above him, just outside of Juliet's balcony.

Hannah heard a noise above her, and careful to move almost silently, went to the window and looked up. "What the Hell are you doing up there?" she hissed. "You'll break your neck!"

"It's either that or you jump down..." He hissed back at her as he edged closer along the narrow ledge towards her room and a knock came from her bedroom door. The guard with her water!

" moment? Hannah called.

The guard stood there and Jesse gave her a screwed up look and nodded with his head, nearly knocking his skull on the stucco wall to gesture that she needed to get rid of him.

Hannah rushed to the door, opening it just enough to grab the cup of water. "Thank you!" she said, to the rather confused guard, and then rushed back to the window.

esse waited for her and sighed a bit, moving along the ledge as carefully and quietly as he could, slipping into the room through the window. "Never let it be said I never scaled a balcony when we have kids damnit." Grumbled Jesse.

Hannah laughed, and kissed him full on the lips. "How heroic of you." She said, only half-mockingly.

Hannah laughed, and kissed him full on the lips. "How heroic of you." She said, only half-mockingly.

Jesse smirked and kissed her. "Our grandkids will never believe us..." He joked and smiled at her. "I got your note." He said.

"So I see." Hannah said. "What's the next step, o heroic rescuer?"

"We need to somehow disrupt the story. Or complete it. And since we both die in the story, I suggest strongly that we disrupt it." Jesse said.

"OK." Hannah nodded. "Would running away together be enough? Or would it have to be something more concrete - like faking our deaths?"

"I don't know... but anything with death we should steer clear of." Said Jesse.

"Tell me about it, studly." Hannah said. "So do we leave here tonight?"

"I think staying here will only hurt our chances of survival." He said with a nod.

"Right then." Hannah said. "If I can get the guards in here, can take them out?"

"I can try... but I don't have any weapons on me." He said with a grimace.

"There's bound to be something heavy around here somewhere." Hannah said, looking around. "And I'll keep them distracted. Trust me, I'm very good at that."

"Yeah I know..." Said Jesse with a slight groan.

"You disapprove?" Hannah said, with a slight pout.

"No no..." Jesse said, holding his hands up in surrender.

"Good." Hannah smiled happily. "Now you want to go hide, so's I can properly seduce these fine gentlemen?"

"Do I have a choice?" He muttered as he found a rather heavy looking marble bust and decided that that would certainly deliver a nasty concussion.

"You always did like watching." Hannah smiled cheekily, as she walked over to the window.

He rolled his eyes and stood behind a tapestry.

Hannah checked herself, undid a couple more buttons of her nightshirt, and opened the window. "Gentlemen?" She called down to the guards below, as she put on her most alluring face. "I'm having difficulty reaching something on top of one of my cupboards. I wonder if you two could come up here and help me out?"

He rolled his eyes once more behind the tapestry and lifted the bust of some Italian ancestor of Juliet's.

The two guards looked at each other hurriedly, before rushing into the house. Juliet giggled, and then walked over to the door, shaking her but provocatively as she walked past Jesse.

If Jesse rolled his eyes once more they'd have unscrewed from their sockets so he just grumbled softly and waited.

Hannah waited until she heard footsteps outside the door. She opened it, and let the two men in. She smiled at them. "It's just over here." She walked over to the cupbooard, and streeeeetched up, very aware of how the two men's gaze was fixated upon her curves.

While they watched her curves, he lifted the left guard's helmet and let the marble bust fall on his skull with a clunk. When he collapsed, his friend turned and caught the metal helm straight to the face.

"Very nice, dear." Hannah said, smiling. "Shall we get out of here, or would like me to stretch some more?"

"As much as I would like to see more of you, sweetheart, this isn't the time or the place." Jesse said reluctantly.

Hannah put on her fake pout again. "No indeed. Now, help me look for some trousers. I don't really feel like climbing walls in a dress."

The only trousers were the ones on the guards and 'Romeo' quickly helped her procure a set.

Hannah pulled them on over her nightdress, and used a curtain tie to secure them. "Right then, now what?" She smiled.

"Now... we find a way to beat a god at his own game." Said Jesse with a nod and a sigh.