Reflections #62, 63 - Friendship

ON: <<Starbase 47, Promenade>>

Ryylar sat in the replimat, drinking his coffee and looking over a few small reports, mostly Federation news, catching up on the time that they had been incommunicado during their last two missions. God it felt good to have shoreleave, even if it was just for a moment. He took a sip of the coffee as his eyes scanned a few headlines here and there.

Melina had been back to Cait, it had been an unpleasant experiance, the few days at high warp to get to her new posting had been long and rather boring. The last thing she wanted to was head for science at all for a little while. Finding shoreleave had been granted she stretched, the runabout USS Trent had been sent to SB 47. Melina had chosen to give some intreast in taking the ship there herself She had docked about half an hour ago and was wandering the observation level above the Promenade. She spotted Ryylar below her and wonder if he was still sore at her. She vaulted the railing and landed nearby with a slight noise of her padded feet hitting the deck.

"Hello Ryylar" she said softly.

He looked up and nearly spilled his coffee at the sound of his name being said.

"Oh.. hello therrrrrre Melina... How arrrrre you?" He asked her, mustering a smile as he looked at her.

Melina smiled softly.

"I didn't scare you did I..was hoping we could you..know talk. We didn't get off the Pegasus in the best of..terms"

"Have a sssssseat." Ryylar offered her, pulling the chair out from the table for her as any gentleman should.

Melina blushed a little and took the offered seat. She pursed her lips togher a little, and wondered how to approch the subject, she still didn't like the fact he'd entered Security under that psyhcotic Vulcan. If anyone needed a long stay in a rehabitlation colony it was Sulan. Melina never trusted her, she was the type to get people killed on a whim.

"Has...Sulan been delt with?"

"I'm not sssssssurrrrrrre. I know that the matterrrrrr wasssss brrrrrrrrought to the Commanderrrrrrrr'sssss attention though. I haven't poked my whisssskerrrrrrsssss arrrrrround any morrrrrrre than that." He said with a purr as he sat opposite of her with a soft smile on his face, glad for her company.

"Hmmm well she never seemed a follower of Surak anyway. Very definatly emotional and very dangerous. I went home for a few days..things didn't go very well..." Melina commented with a long sigh.

"I'm ssssssssorrrrrrrry." Ryylar said, reaching for her hand.

"Hmm well you can't get more exiled than I am anyway. The Elders didn't see things my way you could say. So Calen got a starbase I'm quite still..with you know...?" Melina questioned.

Things had not gone well at all, with Melina stating that her sexuality was non of the Elders 'Goddess damned business' it had not gone down well at all. Granted she had moved on to being Bisexual but it had not impressed the council at all. In fact she was told no to return to Cait or any of it's colonies until she had thought about what she had done and how she had 'offended' the goddess.

"Krrrrrissss? Yesssss we'rrrrrre sssssstill togetherrrrrr." He nodded to her. He gave her hand a squeeze.

"I'm glad you'rrrrrre back. I wanted to apologize forrrrrrr avoiding you beforrrrrrre. I didn't mean to hurrrrrrrt yourrrrrrr feelingsssss if I did." Ryylar said.

"I see..thought she might have been given her own command by now. It was..just a misunderstanding Ryylar. I do care for you..maybe more than I should at times. I just hope you can understand that" Melina said gently.

"I do underrrrrssssstand that. And I like it." He said with a smile, squeezing her hand.

"I like you too Melina, and I don't want to ssssssee anything bad happen to you. That'sssss why I wanted you to know what wassssss going on, ssssssso you didn't get hurrrrrrt." Ryylar said.

"I just wanted...well I'll settle for being friends I guess..with no one talking to me from home. I just needed someone near I guess. So how's is it going Ryylar?"

"Rrrrrrough. But I'll ssssssurrrrrrvive." He said with a soft smile.

Melina smiled and giggled softly, she smirked. "Hmm I'm sure you will Ryylar"

He chuckled and nodded as he stood and got a second cup of coffee for her, returning moments later so the two friends could enjoy their reunion over coffee.


Lt. Melina Brandbury Chief Science Officer SB-47

Warrant Officer Ryylar Chief Security Officer SB-47