That's my Q #68, 69 - Wherefore art we?

-={On}=- [Xavier's School for the Gifted]

Wolverine walked back into the institute, looking around, he heard that something was wrong with Storm. Obviously he trusted nobody else's information so he figured he would go check up on her himself.

Storm was working at a computer termial she sighed softly unsure of what to do next. Perhaps if she could find Xavier, maybe he'd understand what she had to say he or Beast. Beast seemed kind enough and she was understanding about the X gene. Perhaps she wondered this was all just mixed up things caused by Q. She sighed softly and stood up. As she did so a young woman appeared through the wall, Storm blinked. Hank had told her about Shadow cat and her ability. She wondered why it was the girl hadn't turned to crime. She could have done anything, anything at all.

"Storm" Wolverine called her, giving shadowcat a nod and a smirk. He walked closer to Storm "I heard something was wrong... are you alright?" he asked in his gruff voice.

"I.. I think so..I just can't remeber much at all I'm afraid..your..Wolverine..right Hank told me about you" she replied.

Wolverine frowned "You don't remember me?" he shook his head, normally he made a lasting impression, especially on people he has worked with for almost two years now.

"No..there was an energy discharge Hank's looking into it..I was knocked about a bit. Charles says it's just from the fall and I should be alright soon" Storm replied.

What she knew of Wolverine she had learned, he'd been experimanted on and Storm or Melina was sick to the stomach from just the idea of it. It went against all of her ethics. Then there were these powers she was supposed to have. Everything was a little confusing. If she remembered correctly Q was always teaching some sort of lesson exactly waht she was supposed to learn she was not sure. Storm was a fictional charater right?

Wolverine was a bit confused, he might not be an empath but he could surely notice that she was confused "the Prof will take care of it, I'm sure..." he remarked. Not only was he not an empath he was also not a people's person.

"Is there something I can help you with Wolverine?" questioned Storm.

Wolverine shook his head "No... I just wanted to make sure you're alright" he stated before giving a friendly nod before wanting to walk off.

At that moment Rogue walked closer, a warm smile on her face "Hey Storm, Hey Logan" she said cheerily, completely oblivious to what was going on with Storm.

"Hello Rogue" Melina was glad, she'd just been reading about Rouge, she was the one you where not to touch. Bare skin contact for a limited time could rob you of your powers. Long exposure to her could kill. Of all the X-men and heir files she was from the file the most alone.

To Melina that was more than sad it was a shame, not to be able to touch another to feel the closeness of another being. She wasn't sure what she would do with such a sentance.

Rogue looked at both the 'X-Men' and wondered "What's wrong? What's going on?" she asked, noticing something different about Storm and a bit of tension with Wolverine.

"Storm had an accident, she doesn't remember anything..." Wolverine shrugged, of course that was her story. The Paranoid brain could easily jump to conclusions, conclusions that the real Storm might very well be miles away while Mystique was here filling her place "...the Prof says it will be alright... in due time"

Storm looked to Wolverine, for some reason she was getting signs he didn't trust her, she sighed softly and rose as Xavier entered the room. She looked to him.

"Proffesor...may I have a word witrh you in..privet please?" she asked.

Xavier frowned a bit at the entire ordeal, getting a lot of different signals from the people in the room "Of course Storm, follow me" he said, turning the chair around and making way to his office, knowing Storm would follow him.

Wolverine let them walk off for a second before following them, "What are you doing?" Rogue immediately asked, trying to stop him. "I have to protect the Professor" he stated emotionlessly.

Storm followed Xavier, she sighed inwardly. In her time people like Xavier had been treated and were able to walk. It just seemed strange to her, as they entered the office Storm smild to see Hank waiting for them.

The door closed behind them but Wolverine had seen Hank as well, it made him feel a bit more secure. He stood outside the door, he could still hear a bit muffled talks but he would notice when it got nasty.

Xavier took place behind his desk and leaned on his arms a bit "Tell me, what is it you wanted to talk about?"

"After reading the files I read that you gave me...I know you can read my mind. I..I know I'm not who you think I am. My real name is Melina.. Bradbury Science officer from a Starbase in the United Federation of Planets..." she commented.

Hank frowned a bit and looked at the Professor "You are correct, I can read your mind... I have never heard of the United Federation of Planets though..." Xavier concentrated a bit more "...and who is this 'Q' figure that you are angry with?"

"The Federation was set up in the Earth year twenty-one-sixty-one just after the Romulan wars. Q...Q is a very very powerful being..with what you might call god like powers. He was first encountered by the Starship Enterprise D, where he put the ships command crew on trial for Humanities barbaric ways"

Xavier folded his hand on his desk "And now Q has come back to?" he asked, not really seeing the connection.

"Q has..bothered most of the more famous Federation Starship and Starbase Captains more than once. He..plays games..makes you run around in his mazes, to see if you...change or..die. He is..a monster in many ways thought few would call him that to his face. I don't know how to put this ..kindly my existance your all comic book charaters brought to life because Q wants to mess with me for some reason. You can..tell I'm telling the truth right?" asked Melina.

Xavier got confused now "A comic book?" he shook his head a bit "I don't think I can believe that, even if I wanted to..." Xavier sighed and looked at Hank for his opinion.

"I think Storm is just as confused..." he then turned to Storm "...are you sure that this is the truth? perhaps you're trying to make sense of something that makes none... you had a blow on the head and perhaps it screwed with your memories"

Melina smiled softly "That's just it...with Q you never know what's real and what isn't. It's how he works after all...I'm suprised he has taken some sort of umbridge at what I called him."

"You know this Q person personally then?" Xavier then asked, "what did you call him?"

"Know him...most of Stafleet knows of Q. It's standing orders not to co-operate with whatever he's upto. He's a monster, making people play his games even if you don't want to. His so called creations can kill and he's know to bring people back from death just so he can have them playing his games again" explained Melina.

Xavier repeated his last question "What did you call him then?"

"A monster...that's what he is, there are many others names as well, on one world he's know as 'The Lord Of Lies'" replied Melina.

Xavier shook his head "I'll have to think this all over, Storm, so far I think Hank is right... maybe the blow to your head screwed something up... even now we don't even know the full workings of the human brain"

Hank walked closer to Storm "Come, I'll take you to your room... so you can rest a bit"

Melina sighed softly and nodded. Perhaps she needed to rest. All this information she had red, she needed to go over it. She followed Hank to her room, and lay down on the bed.

"Good night Storm..." Hank said before walking to the door again "...I hope you'll get everything sorted out soon" he said before closing the door behind him



"Storm" Lt. Melina Brandbury Chief Science Officer SB-47


Prof. Charles Xavier (NPC)

Dr. Hank McCoy a.k.a. Beast (NPC)

Logan a.k.a. Wolverine (NPC)


Anna Marie a.k.a. Rogue (NPC)

(All NPCs are played by Caelen LaBrie)