That's my Q # 67 - "Beldar arrives home"


[Planet Earth - DeCicco Residence - 2330 hrs]

It was late in the evening when a taxi pulled into the suburban neighborhood. The taxi stopped in front of a residence whose mailbox read DeCicco. "Thanks," Beldar said and paid the taxi driver.

One of the keys in his pocket was to the front door but he could not guess which one. The door opened to his spouse. Beldar had recognized the female from a picture on his desk at work. "Prymatt, good evening," Beldar said and entered the home.

The door closed behind Beldar and she watched him. Her eyes were hot. "Where have you been, my mate? And not so much of as a greeting."

Beldar stopped in the living room, dropped a paper bag, and turned back to her. <If a kiss and hug is what she wants, I could oblige her.> Zorach thought. As he walked into range, Prymatt bowed her conehead at his and for an instant there was a glowing spark between them. The spark swept through Zorach like a tingling charge of current and he felt elated. "I love you, Prymatt. I'm sorry for being so late. I was afraid to come home," he said honestly.

She tilted her head slightly. "What? Because you failed to get the groceries? Really, we've survived all kinds of blunt skull challenges and we've done it together. You are my mate and I am yours."

Beldar smiled. "You are truly the best. I'm not certain how to tell you, but there is a very powerful group of beings known as Q. He or rather they are weld great powers."

"Have you been drinking?" Prymatt looked into the paper bag that Beldar brought home. She pulled out the white robe and sensor rings. "What have you been doing, Beldar?"

"It's not what you think. I was several centuries in the future and Q zapped me here," Zorach said. <Man, does that sound like an obvious shack of .>

"How could you, Beldar? What is Connie going to think?" Prymatt said with tears.

"Think about what?" Zorach didn't have a clue. He just spent some time and cash from DeCicoo's wallet at a bar near his business, then he caught a taxi home.

Prymatt sniffed and her eyes widened. "You've been drinking and smoking, haven't you? You are a heel. Sleep on the couch tonight. What am I going to tell Connie?"

"Now just wait a darn minute. I haven't done anything wrong. You've got to trust me on this."

"We haven't honed in some time. You take your sensor rings to work and don't come home at the prescribed time without calling. Drinking and smoking in mass quantities. The most logical conclusion is that you're having an affair with a blunt skull."

"That's not logical and I know some Vulcans who could prove it."

"Vulcans? Blunt skull Roman mythology. You make me sick." And she slammed the door to the sleeping chamber.

<Darn it. Female aliens are just like women. Jumping to conclusions, going on irrational rants of vengeance. At least, I didn't tell her who I really was. She would have gone ballistic.> Zorach thought. Beldar took off his suit jacket, loosened his tie, and stood next to the door of the sleeping chamber. In a few moments, he closed his eyes and slept standing next to the door. He could hear the snoring of Prymatt through the door and though he was not with her, he cherished the sound.

[Planet Earth - DeCicco Residence - 0532 hrs]

"MIP! MIP!" Prymatt cried. "Beldar, get up here!" Her voice, her cry instantly brought Beldar out of his slumber. He moved to the stairs leading to the second floor room and started up.

"What's wrong?" Beldar asked as he entered the room. A unit was glowing and sparking on a table under a sheet.

"The transmitter became active again. It has been silence since Remulak contacted us a couple of years ago. What does it mean Beldar?" Prymatt asked.

Beldar took the edge of the sheet and tossed it off the unit. He put the sheet over his head and leaned into the conehead shaped headset. The unit automatically connected with the originator of the signal. "This is Remulak Fuel Survey vessel delta one. Who is on this channel? Your image is Where is your face, I can not see your face?" asked a Commander of vessel delta one.

"I am a spirit of the world of blunt skulls. State your intentions?" Beldar stated.

"I am Commander Strumtar of Remulak. It has been several years since our first invasion fleet was recalled after the loss of an attack cruiser. My vessel has been ordered to evaluate this world for eventually colonization. Spirit, how is it that you can communicate on this channel?" Strumtar said. "Blunt skulls, I will land at coordinates sigma 25 yam 3. Have your leaders in attendance at my landing and I may spare them."

Beldar disconnected from the transmitter, pulled off the sheet, and relayed the news to Prymatt. "Mip! They've found us again," she said.

"They don't know who I was. Arrogant Strumtar. Those coordinates, do you know where they will land?"

Prymatt stared at Beldar. "A child would know that answer. Are you feeling okay?"

"No, Prymatt. I'm afraid my cone is failing me. I would not wish that you and Connie were placed in danger. So, tell me the landing coordinates and I will meet the Commander."

She was impressed at Beldar's courage even if he was having an affair with a blunt skull, a weakness of males everywhere. "So strange. I can not guess what you will do next."


Beldar of Remulak Lieutenant Charles Zorach Chief Intelligence Officer Starbase Ronin (SB 47)